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Mulder and Scully check out the curious murder of a man in Connecticut. When they discover that another man in California was killed simultaneously in the same manner, the uncanny resemblance of the two men's daughters seems more than coincidental. So, when the first child disappears, the two decide to keep an eye on the remaining child. What they find isn't alien, but rather something much more familiar.

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Mulder: Two men died in that crash room Scully. One man came back. The question is... which one?

Professor Varnes: Well the pilot became increasingly disoriented, schizophrenic his doctor claims. Until one day, he strangled his wife... with an extension cord.

Mulder: It's a nice story.

Scully: I don't discount the near death experience, because it can be explained empirically by stimulation of the temporal lobe.

Mulder: I sense a big but coming.

Scully: Well it's still my best guess that Jack's disappearance could be explained in psychological not supernatural terms.

Mulder: For instance?

Scully: The stress of the case, the trauma of being shot... Jack's personality.

Mulder: How well do you know him?

Scully: We dated for almost a year. He was my instructor at the academy.

Mulder: The plot thickens...

Mulder: Do you believe he's predisposed to this type of psychotic episode?

Scully: I believe it's a long way from saying Jack had a near death experience to saying his body's been inhabited by Warren Dupre. A long way.

Agent Bruskin: Well there's not a lot of family resemblance left, between the rats and the .45 he took in the face.

Mulder: Can you at least accept the possibility that during his near death experience some kind of psychic transference occurred?

Scully: Can't you accept the possibility that this isn't an X-File?

Lula Phillips: Oh she's alive... she's not happy, but she's alive.

Mulder: You listen to me. You lay one hand on Scully and so help me god...

Agent Bruskin: Mulder says he's got something.

Agent: What? An alien virus, or new information on the Kennedy assassination?

Agent Bruskin: Hey, Mulder's all right. Just pay attention, you might learn something from the man.

Mulder: For those of you who don't know already, this one's important to me, so lets do it right.