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Doggett and Scully look for answers that will save Reyes' life after she is injured in a horrible car accident. Yet Reyes is also fighting to stay alive in the netherworld between life and death.

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Reyes: Thanks for the beer.

Doggett: Thanks for the lift.

Reyes: So, big plans for the weekend?

Doggett: Oh, huge. Microwave pizza, satellite TV.

Reyes: Wow. Thanks for making my life sound exciting. Maybe we both need pets. They say people with pets live longer.

Doggett: I was thinking about getting a cat.

Reyes: There's dog people, and there's cat people. You are a dog person, John.

Doggett: How do you figure?

Reyes: You're faithful, you're dependable, you're without guile, you're very comfortable to be around. So why a cat?

Doggett: Low maintenance. They don't expect much from you, so you can't disappoint them.

Reyes: I don't see you ever disappointing anyone, John.

Doggett: See you Monday?

Reyes: Yeah. See you. [Doggett gets out of the car and Reyes drives off] John, John, John. [She's drving through an intersection when another car speeds through a stop sign and hits her on the driver's side]

[The EMTs wheel Reyes to the Emergency Room on a gurney]

ER Nurse: One, two and three. [They lift Reyes onto the table]

Dr Preijers: Miss...?

ER Nurse: Reyes.

Dr Preijers: How you feeling tonight? You with us?

Stephen Murdoch: Hello. It's okay. I was a little freaked out, too... at first.

Reyes: Who are you?

Stephen Murdoch: Stephen Murdoch. I don't even know if that matters any more but... my name is Stephen. Did you just look outside? [Reyes nods] Yeah. Don't do that.

Reyes: Where did everybody go?

Stephen Murdoch: I think the question is; Where did we go? Were you in an accident?

Reyes: I think I was hit by a car, on my way home.

Stephen Murdoch: I came in with chest pains. Mr Barriero, someone new. I found Mr Barriero wandering around here, same as you. He fell at a construction site where he used to work.

Reyes: You think we're dead. [Stephen Murdoch nods] No. No, I don't believe that.

Val Barriero: Have you ever been dead? So how do you know you're not?

Doggett: Hell of a thing to wake up to, huh? We stopped after work. She had a beer.

Scully: Well, the man who hit her had fifteen. Don't do this to yourself, John.

Scully: It's true, John. She's gone. [She looking through Reyes medical chart]

Doggett: I don't accept that. Look at her breathing. Her heart's still beating. There's got to be hope.

Scully: There's no measurable electrical activity in her brain. Brain death is... indeed death, John. I'm sorry.

Stephen Murdoch: The thing is, it's not that bad, once you get used to the idea.

Reyes: Have you seen this? [The hospital forms] It's nonsense, all of it. There's not a single sign on any of the walls here. Why is that? You say we're dead. This seem like heaven to you? A big, deserted Catholic hospital?

Stephen Murdoch: I didn't say this was heaven. For all I know, it's... it's hell. I don't know anything for sure. Maybe this place is a way station; a stop on the road to what comes next. Where are you going?

Reyes: I'm finding a way out.

Dr Preijers: Jack Preijers. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Doggett: Look, you two are the experts, but there's got to be something more that can be done.

Dr Preijers: Well, I wish there were. And I don't mean to make this any harder, but I do have information you both need to hear. Your partner had a living will. She signed an organ donor card.

Doggett: Uh uh. No way.

Scully: John...

Doggett: Just slow down, all right? She's lying there in one piece. There's no fractures, no damage to her skull. Does that add up to you?

Scully: John, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. It doesn't change the diagnosis or her prognosis.

Dr Preijers: In these situations time is always of the essence. There is a woman in Minnesota who can be saved by your friend's heart. In a real sense, she will live on.

Stephen Murdoch: Monica! Monica! What's happening to him?

[Val Barriero screams in pain, crackling as an electrical force consumes him and he disappears from sight]

Reyes: Oh, my god.

Doggett: They're burning up the phone lines down there. Arranging with all these other hospitals how to divvy up Monica. They say they could do it as early as tomorrow. Is there anything... anything at all?

Scully: I did note some minor swelling in the left anterior which is consistent with sub-dural haematoma.

Doggett: Minor swelling?

Scully: I don't know if that means anything. It's not like there's an exact formula for how much damage equals death.

Doggett: What about this? This was monitoring her brain activity, right? Electrical impulses.

Scully: Yeah. She had EEG monitoring after the point that she coded.

Doggett: Suddenly they just stop here. Right here. And if we can learn what this is, maybe we can reverse it.

Scully: Agent Doggett.

Stephen Murdoch: Okay, so this woman you saw — she went through the wall?

Reyes: I don't know. She was here, and then she disappeared.

Stephen Murdoch: Disappeared? What do you mean, like Mr Barriero did?

Reyes: Different than Barriero.

Stephen Murdoch: Okay, okay, let's concentrate on one unexplainable event at a time here. What the hell happened to Mr Barriero?

Reyes: My opinion? I think he died. You can't die if you're already dead. Which backs up my belief that you and I are alive. I have no idea where she went.

Stephen Murdoch: Hold on. If he's dead... and we're not... then where the hell are we?

Doggett: Dr Preijers.

Dr Preijers: [to Nurse Whitney] I'll be there in one minute.

Doggett: I'm wondering about this moment on my partner's EEG tape — 8:11pm, when brain death apparently occurred.

Dr Preijers: You're reviewing our records?

Doggett: Well, no offence, but yeah. I just need to know if there was some change in Monica's condition leading up to this.

Dr Preijers: Agent Doggett, if you're trying to build a malpractice case against me or this hospital...

Doggett: I'm not. I just want the facts.

Dr Preijers: [to Nurse Whitney] Whitney, could you pull the code notes from earlier tonight, please?

Doggett: Look, Monica had a seat belt and an airbag protecting her through the crash. The ambulance crew said she was conscious at the scene. I just think there's something we're all missing.

Dr Preijers: Well, I don't think this will help you any but this describes what my team and I did to save your friend. You can take it, copy it, study it at your leisure.

Nurse Whitney: Dr Preijers?

[Doggett enters Reyes hospital room, Audrey Pauley is with her]

Doggett: Oh, it's all right. You work here?

Audrey Pauley: I'm a patient aide. I deliver the flowers mostly. Are you her husband? [Doggett shakes his head] You love her, though. She's not gone. Not her soul.

Doggett: I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could tell her... Guess I wish a lot of things.

Stephen Murdoch: Come on. You're not giving up, are you? Monica. [He spots Audrey Pauley]

Reyes: Please. Don't run. Who are you?

Audrey Pauley: I'm Audrey. I work at the hospital.

Reyes: Audrey, I'm Monica. Stephen and I just want to get out of here. Will you show us the way out?

Audrey Pauley: I can't. I can't help you.

Stephen Murdoch: Why not?

Audrey Pauley: I came to tell you, your friend... loves you very much.

Reyes: My friend? Did you talk to John? Does he know where I am?

Audrey Pauley: They all think you're dead.

Reyes: Wait! Give my friend a message. Tell him he's a dog person.

Dr Preijers: Hey, Whitney.

Nurse Whitney: Doctor, it's not my place to say, but you might want to review the code notes for tonight.

Dr Preijers: Why is that?

Nurse Whitney: Well, there was an injection you gave Miss Reyes that wasn't in the notes.

Dr Preijers: I don't think so.

Nurse Whitney: In trauma bay, I saw you administer an IV push. I assume it was epinephrine.

Dr Preijers: I have no memory of that. Anybody else see this?

Nurse Whitney: Just me. But it happened. My only point being, if there is an investigation that's the kind of inconsistency malpractice lawyers love to get a hold of.

Dr Preijers: Whitney, thank you so much for looking out for me. [Nurse Whitney turns to leave, Dr Preijers grabs her from behind, and injects her with in the neck]

[Nurse Whitney is lying on a table]

Scully: What exactly are you thinking?

Doggett: She helped work on Monica. I started asking questions about what happened in the trauma bay and she very inconveniently drops dead.

Scully: You're thinking that somebody murdered her to cover something up.

Doggett: Well, if it were you, how would you go about it, make it look like natural causes?

Scully: Well, I'd use a fast-acting barbiturate like pentobarbital. I'd use a small-bore needle to make it next to impossible to find an injection mark.

Doggett: Next to impossible... That's why you're perfect for the job. Should probably test her blood too, while you're at it, right?

Scully: Agent Doggett... I'm happy to do this for you. Just don't kid yourself that this is going to somehow bring her back.

Audrey Pauley: Your name is John, right? She has a message for you. She says you're a dog person.

Doggett: Wait. Where did you get that? Who said that to you?

Audrey Pauley: I told you. She's not gone.

Stephen Murdoch: Look, I went through every last page of that before you ever got here. It's just nonsense, just like you said. There's not a clue in it.

Reyes: Maybe in itself it's a clue. This place looks pretty complete at first glance, but really it's not. There's so much missing. Words, details. It's like a set. A movie set, but like it was built by someone who couldn't quite grasp what it was they were recreating. Stephen, are you okay? [He falls to the floor] Stephen, talk to me.

Stephen Murdoch: What's... what's happening to me?

[Dr Preijers has turned off the life-support for Stephen Murdoch]

Mrs Murdoch: Does he feel any pain?

Dr Preijers: Absolutely none. It's just a matter of time now.

Doggett: You live down here?

Audrey Pauley: The nuns let me stay. I wanted to be a nurse, only I can't do much, but they let me help out.

Doggett: This is this hospital. You made this? [A model of the hospital] Why?

Audrey Pauley: I like to visit it. I sort of go... inside my head.

Doggett: You go into the model?

Audrey Pauley: I like it there. It's quiet. I used to have it all to myself but then some people showed up. Hospital patients. Your friend.

Doggett: This is where you say you talked to her? Right inside here?

Audrey Pauley: Well... not so much like tiny people in a... in a model, but... inside my head? Up here, I guess. You don't believe me.

Doggett: Audrey... you said that you saw some other people besides my friend. Other patients? Can you tell me who they are?

Stephen Murdoch: There's so much... I'd do... differently.

Reyes: What?

Stephen Murdoch: Life.

Scully: [on phone] I'll call you back. [She hangs up] Monica's parents are on their way from Mexico City. They're coming to say goodbye.

Doggett: Well, they can say hello instead. Nobody's shutting off her life support system. Not with what I got.

Scully: What are these?

Doggett: Patient files. Both men were declared brain dead, same as her. All three have something else in common, too. Check out the attending physician.

Scully: [reading] Dr Jack Preijers.

Doggett: The guy is some kind of Dr Death. He gets off on pulling the plug on his own patients. He did it last night to this guy Barriero.

Scully: Well, at the request of the family.

Doggett: But what I'm saying is, what if he poisoned Barriero in the first place? Same as this guy Stephen Murdoch, same as Monica. Tox screen will prove it.

Scully: How did you come up with these two men's names?

Doggett: If I tell you that, you'll think I'm crazy. But Monica's alive, same as this guy Murdoch. And we got to help them both get back.

Doggett: Audrey, it's John Doggett! Audrey! I still need your help.

Audrey Pauley: I told you their names. Mr Barriero and Mr Murdoch.

Doggett: No, they're both dead now. Monica's the only one left. And inside an hour, the hospital plans to cut off her life support. Now, I'm not going to let that happen — no matter what it takes. But I'm losing here. Nobody else believes she's alive. Nobody — just you and me.

Audrey Pauley: I can't do anything. I only deliver the flowers is all I do. I can't help.

Doggett: You can talk to her, right? You can. Audrey, I need you to talk to her. I need you to tell her what's going on. I need you to tell her that they're going to pull the plug. I need her... I need you to tell her to fight. I need you to tell her to show us some sign — anything — that she's in there. I need her to understand. I don't know what the hell else to do.

Audrey Pauley: Monica? John wanted me to tell you something.

Reyes: You gave him my message?

Audrey Pauley: He says, you don't have very long. He says, you have to give them some kind of sign. I know... I'm sorry.

Reyes: Are you really going to leave me here to die?

Audrey Pauley: I can't... do... anything. There's... there's something wrong... you know, up here. And I can't help anyone. I deliver the flowers. It's all I do. And I have to even get help with that because I can't read what's on the little cards.

Reyes: You can't read?

Audrey Pauley: I see it all jumbled up.

Reyes: This is your hospital. It's you who created it. It's all you, Audrey. This place is all you. And that means you can make the rules work any damn way that you want them to. You can help me escape. Audrey? [Audrey Pauley has disappeared]

Dr Preijers: You know, I've always wondered what was down here. I'm being accused of things, Audrey. Terrible things regarding three patients of mine. Really, it's... it's beyond the pale. [He holds up a needle] You're not going to yell out, are you, Audrey?

Reyes: Audrey? [There's a low rumbling sound, the walls of the hospital shimmer] Audrey? Audrey? Audrey, what's happening?

Audrey Pauley: You have to go. This way.

Reyes: No. If I do that, I'll burn up. I'll die.

Audrey Pauley: No. Not now. But you have to hurry.

Reyes: What about you?

Audrey Pauley: I know now. I know who told me to build it. [Reyes falls into the void]

Scully: The transplant teams are in place.

Doggett: They're not cutting her up.

Scully: John... I'm still waiting for your argument. If you have something to convince me, to convince the doctors, that somehow she's alive.

Reyes: John... Audrey...

[Dr Preijers is pocketing the empty syringe when he is slammed up against the wall]

Doggett: Where're you going, doctor? [Audrey Pauley is lying on the floor, dead] Oh, god. Oh, no.

Doggett: Good night.

Reyes: Good night. [Doggett watches her enter her building]