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After learning that Mulder might be dead, Scully's fears are heightened when William is kidnapped by the alien cult.

Part two of two

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Lieutenant Colonel Josepho: [voiceover] The bible says god appeared to Moses in a burning bush. He came to Jesus on a mountaintop. For Buddha, god came while he sat under a tree. God came to me in a vision in the desert, February 26, 1991. My recon squad had engaged Saddam's army in a small Bedouin encampment. We'd been ambushed, taken all by surprise and there were casualties. We were holding our perimeter, and we might've held up, but on this day I had a terrible sense of foreboding, I saw the future of those brave men, and they were about to die. Death came to take my men... but not me. I was left as a witness to a vision. Angels... from heaven. Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, and a brightness was about it. And out of the midst, came the likeness of four living creatures, and they had the likeness of a man. [Ezekiel 1:4-5] I knew why my life had been spared. That I was to deliver the message of these angels, of these sons of god, to deliver the message of the god who came before all other gods.

Assistant Director Follmer: At 7 o'clock this evening, in a Washington DC alley, a vehicle carrying the son of Agent Dana Scully was forced to a violent stop by a female shooter who proceeded to kidnap the child at gunpoint. The van was being driven by three men asked by Agent Scully to protect the child. The three men are currently working to ID the assailant. John Doggett was seriously injured, by the same female shooter, as he tried to halt her vehicle. Agent Doggett remains in a coma, under close watch at St Mary's Hospital. This kidnapping follows on the heels of a failed attack on Scully's child by another FBI agent, Robert Comer. He remains in critical condition, also at St Mary's. Now, this man's motives, and the motives of the female kidnapper, are still unknown. Let me emphasise that the FBI has no reason to believe that it cannot affect the safe return of Agent Scully's child.

Skinner: Agent Scully! What are you doing? I thought I told you you didn't need to be here.

Scully: I just had to see this for myself.

Skinner: Go home.

Scully: To what?

Skinner: I'm just saying, you don't need to put yourself through this, Dana. We've got every stop pulled; every available agent working to find your son.

Scully: And AD Brad Follmer leading the charge.

Skinner: Deputy Director Kersh asked him to take the lead. He knows how to run a task force. I think you see that in there.

Scully: I see a man who withholds information for Kersh. A man who not once, but twice, failed to prevent an attack on my son. You see a task force in there. I see a whitewash.

Skinner: I know you're upset but you can't possibly accuse Follmer or Kersh of having any part in this.

Scully: What is it going to take for you? How many people have to be taken out for you to open your eyes to it? My son... Agent Doggett... Mulder.

Skinner: Kersh protected you by not telling you reports of Mulder's death. As did Follmer. As did I.

Scully: You call it protection. I call it a systematic effort inside the FBI to eliminate us.

Skinner: You accuse anyone of anything in the FBI you have to accuse me along with them. [Scully walks away] Scully, where are you going?

Scully: To find my son.

[Skinner enters Doggett's hospital room]

Skinner: Hi.

Reyes: Hi. His hands are so cold.

Skinner: Have you talked to the doctors yet?

Reyes: They say the good news is that there's no swelling of the brain, but they were very frank, that he could just never wake up. I wonder if he can hear us.

Skinner: There'd be soldiers in Vietnam... bodies turned inside out... I'd hold their hands just like you're doing. Tell them it was going to be okay.

Reyes: Do you think it helped? Talking to them?

Skinner: I always thought it was like praying. Even if they can't hear maybe... god can.

Reyes: [answering phone] Hello.

Scully: How's he doing?

Reyes: No change.

Scully: I need to see you right away, Monica. Are you alone right now?

Reyes: Skinner's here with me.

Scully: I'd prefer if Skinner didn't know.

Scully: We found her.

Reyes: Who?

Scully: The woman that took William. She's a wanted felon, and a part of the UFO cult that the FBI was investigating. I need anything that you can find on her, Monica, but I need you to get it quietly.

Langly: [in background] Access denied? Yeah, we'll see about that.

Reyes: If they IDed the woman then why isn't the FBI investigating it?

Scully: I asked them not to tell the FBI.

Reyes: What are you doing, Dana?

Scully: I'm trying to get my son back.

Frohike: We're locked on.

Langly: Like there was ever a doubt.

Byers: Which beings us that much closer to finding William. Langly's inside the system.

Langly: I'm hacked inside the phone company. Going to use their mainframe to scan the map for a locator signal.

Scully: Before William was kidnapped, Byers was able to tuck a cell phone under the padding of the baby's car seat.

Frohike: Call the phone, and Langly can use the signal to find its location. Find the phone, find the baby.

Reyes: You mean, assuming the kidnapper hasn't found the phone.

Byers: We'll keep trying. [He's getting a No Signal message]

[Scully leaves the room to check her gun, Reyes follows]

Reyes: This is madness, and you know it. They failed you once with your child. They're going to fail you again.

Scully: Then I'll find him myself.

Reyes: You can't do this alone.

Scully: Look, what alternative do I have... when the FBI is all but telling me they think that my son is already dead?

Byers: We've got a signal... in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania, off the interstate.

Scully: You coming with me? Or am I going alone?

[Reyes is in the hospital chapel]

Reyes: What?

Assistant Director Follmer: Nothing. I've known you a long time and this just seems... a little traditional for you.

Reyes: Maybe when you're lost you knock at the door with the porch light on.

Assistant Director Follmer: Hey... hey... I want you to know, I'm doing all I can to find the woman who did this. Even though we got people inside the FBI working against us. It was foolish going after her by yourselves. We could have been there long before you, Monica. Could have even captured the suspect. Instead, she got away.

Reyes: This is complicated, Brad. If you came in here to bust me...

Assistant Director Follmer: No. No. I came here to ask for your co-operation. Not sharing information creates an atmosphere of distrust and then I'm less apt to share my information with you.

Reyes: What haven't you shared with me?

Assistant Director Follmer: This FBI agent who tried to kill Scully's baby has come around. He's got something he wants to tell us.

Reyes: What?

Assistant Director Follmer: I need your co-operation.

Reyes: You said he tried to tell you something. How is that possible?

Assistant Director Follmer: He didn't tell me exactly. He wrote it down. [Agent Comer wrote Jacket]

Reyes: I don't know what this means.

Assistant Director Follmer: I don't know, either. But it means something. And I want to know what.

Scully: Just tell me where you got this. [Agent Comer's note]

Reyes: You know what it means?

Scully: Robert Comer wrote this, didn't he? The FBI Agent who tried to kill my son, and how did you get it?

Reyes: I got it under the condition that I share what I learn from you.

Scully: Take it.

Reyes: What is it? What does it mean?

Scully: If I don't tell you you're good on your word, right? That means that you learned absolutely nothing from me.

Reyes: Where are you going?

Scully: To the hospital.

Reyes: Hey, it doesn't work that way.

Scully: Look, this began when the agent lying in that hospital crashed his motorcycle running the border from Canada. Somehow, he got to Washington without a scratch and he tried to kill my son. Now tell me, how did he do that, Monica? With something I found in his jacket pocket, in a jacket that he wore to my house, that I put three shots in.

Reyes: The artefact... the piece of the ship.

[Scully and Reyes enter Agent Comer's hospital room, he is unconscious and connected to a lot of equipment. Scully hold the artefact over Agent Comer's heart, he starts to react and grabs Scully's hand]

Scully: Let go.

Reyes: Oh my god.

Scully: Let go of my hand. [to Reyes] Turn off the monitors, or they're going to alert somebody. [Reyes turns off the monitors and Scully extubates Agent Comer] Now, tell me, who sent you to kill my son, or I will take that pillow from under your head and make them the last breaths that you take.

Agent Comer: Your son has to die. I'm not what you think. Please... please... The FBI sent me uncover on a man named Josepho, to get inside his cult whose followers believe an alien race will rule the world. One day god told Josepho to lead us a thousand miles north to find a ship buried in the ground. You have a piece of that ship in your hand. Josepho believes that that ship is a temple which houses the physical manifestation of god.

Scully: Are you saying that god asked you to kill my child?

Agent Comer: No. Josepho said god spoke to him of a miracle child. A future saviour coveted by forces of good and evil. Josepho believes your son is this child.

Scully: Then why does he want to kill him?

Agent Comer: He doesn't. He wants to protect him. Josepho believes your son will follow in his father's paths and try and stop the aliens' return. Unless his father was to be killed. That is the prophesy.

Reyes: You came here to kill her son against this man and his cult? To stop them? Are you saying you believe this prophesy but acted alone?

Scully: What he's saying, is that Mulder is dead. That that's true. That they killed him to fulfil this prophesy.

Agent Comer: And that your son must die, too. Or everyone... all of mankind will perish from earth. Please... please... let me. Please. Please...

[A nurse, FBI agents and the Toothpick Man enter the room]

Nurse: What is going on here?

Toothpick Man: What are you doing in here?

Nurse: They turned off all the monitors. They removed his intubation.

Toothpick Man: What are you doing in here?

Scully: This patient does not need support. He's breathing on his own.

Toothpick Man: Step outside. Both of you. Let's go. [to FBI agents] Get me ADs Follmer and Skinner.

Assistant Director Follmer: Where are Scully and Reyes?

Toothpick Man: They were told to wait out here.

Assistant Director Follmer: [to Skinner] Assistant Director... we need Scully and Reyes. Now.

Scully: What are we going to tell them?

Reyes: Who?

Scully: The FBI, about Agent Comer. About what just happened. About how he was healed.

Reyes: Just tell them the truth.

Scully: They're not on our side. They will use the truth against us.

Reyes: Dana, you don't believe what you heard in there. You don't believe what that man was telling you.

Scully: How can you doubt him? I mean, after everything that you've just witnessed. After what you saw with my son. I mean, it's exactly what I feared. That there's something terribly wrong. From the very moment that he was conceived.

Reyes: Your child was a miracle, Dana. I don't doubt that the things I've witnessed are any less miraculous. But your son is not an abomination — a thing that should cease to exist. You tell me on that ship is written scripture, from the world's great religions. Tell me a religion that decrees the death of a child. Not just your child but any child. This is a man saying these things to us. How many religions warn of false prophets? Men sent to deceive us? The only thing that I believe is that your son may still be alive and we can find him and save him. And with that object in that room, we can save Agent Doggett, too. [Skinner enters the chapel]

Skinner: You two better get out here. Agent Comer's dead.

Reyes: What!

Reyes: This man was alive. [to the nurse] You saw him. [to Follmer] He was alive. Somebody was in here. Where did it go?

Assistant Director Follmer: Where did what go?

Reyes: This man had something in his hand. A small piece of metal. It's what revived him. It's why he could be taken off life support.

Nurse: A piece of metal? I don't know what she's talking about.

Reyes: Who else came into this room?

Nurse: Why are you questioning me?

Reyes: Did you leave the room?

Assistant Director Follmer: Agent Reyes...

Reyes: This woman came in here, and this man was alive. He was more than alive. He'd been healed. He'd been brought back to life. This man was murdered, but it wasn't by us.

Assistant Director Follmer: Agent... Reyes.

Reyes: Who else was in here? You were in here.

Toothpick Man: I came in and found you.

Reyes: Were you alone in here? [to nurse] Was he alone in here?

Toothpick Man: She went to get the doctors.

Reyes: Search this man.

Toothpick Man: For what?

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica!

Reyes: Scully saw it. Ask Agent Scully. Agent Scully... Where's Scully? Agent Scully!

[Scully is in Doggett's hospital room, he's still unconscious]

Scully: I never meant for this. All that's been lost. I never meant to put you at risk — to risk losing you, too. She's fighting for you. Monica's out there trying to find a way. And she's not going to let you go.

Doggett: Agent Scully.

Scully: Agent Doggett. Oh...

Doggett: I heard someone talking.

Scully: Yeah, that was me. That was me talking to you.

Doggett: No, it wasn't you. They're going to come to you, but you can't trust them. Do you understand that?

Reyes: Agent Scully. Oh, my god.

Scully: [answering mobile] Scully.

Lieutenant Josepho: Listen carefully, Agent Scully. You want to see your son? You come alone and you follow my instructions to the letter.

Lieutenant Josepho: Sorry to keep you waiting but I had to make sure you were alone. I only wish to protect the boy from those who'd harm him. He's a very special boy.

Scully: I came here to take him back.

Lieutenant Josepho: Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north and a brightness was about it. And out of the midst, came the likeness of four living creatures. And they had the likeness of a man. That's the bible. Did you know it?

Scully: Ephesians.

Lieutenant Josepho: The bible... describing giants who walk the earth. Who'd believe it? Only the faithful and we who have seen them. These... super soldiers. The true sons of god.

Scully: I want to see my son.

Lieutenant Josepho: You struggle to believe. It's so incredible but your son will lead this alien race. He was put here to lead. I'll bring you to him, to see your son. After you do something for me. After you bring something I need. Confirmation that Mulder's dead.

Scully: You killed Mulder.

Lieutenant Josepho: No. I believed he was dead... but now I have reason to doubt that. And if he's alive, he's the one thing preventing your son's true destiny.

Scully: You told me I could see my son. You lied.

Lieutenant Josepho: If you want to see the boy... you'll bring me the head of Fox Mulder. [He leaves]

Scully: [on mobile] Get ready, Monica.

Reyes: Hold on.

Frohike: His car is wired.

Reyes: Here we go. [She joins Scully and they follow Lieutenant Josepho's vehicle]

Reyes: They say he's about a mile ahead, turning off the highway.

Scully: What about these hills? Are we going to lose him in these hills?

Frohike: [on mobile] Yeah, yeah. [to Langly] How are we in terrain?

Langly: That transponder will track this guy driving under water to Brazil. [His laptop beeps and a message appears on screen: SIGNAL LOST — last known position 51.00 N 115.05 W]

Byers: Langly. What just happened?

Reyes: [on mobile] We're coming to a turn. Is this it?

Frohike: Uh... yeah. Turn.

Reyes: I think they lost the signal.

Scully: Well, they have to get it back.

Langly: Piece of crap! [Hitting the laptop]

Frohike: Hey, louder, why don't you?

Byers: Tell them we're working on it.

Frohike: Here, you be the messenger. [He hands the mobile to Byers]

Reyes: [on mobile] Hey, guys, we lost him. And we just ran out of road out here.

Scully: William? William!

Scully: William! [The alien ship rises from the tent and disappears in the distance] No... Oh, my god. [The excavation site is littered with the burnt bodies of the cult followers]

Reyes: Dana... [A baby's cry is heard over the sound of the winds, they follow the sound]

Scully: Oh, my god... William! [He is unhurt]

Reyes: I came to give you a ride home. They told me you were in here.

Doggett: Yeah.

Reyes: I came in here and prayed for you.

Doggett: Yeah, I know. This voice in my head, it... it was talking to me telling me to get up... telling me to warn Scully about this man. I mean... was it you talking to me?

Reyes: I only prayed for your life.

Assistant Director Follmer: Deputy Director?

Deputy Director Kersh: Mr Follmer.

Assistant Director Follmer: Sir, it's... it's about that report you have there. The investigation of Special Agent Robert Comer's death.

Deputy Director Kersh: Yes?

Assistant Director Follmer: As you know, AD Skinner refused to sign it, believing that Agent Comer was murdered in his hospital bed.

Deputy Director Kersh: But you did sign it, isn't that right, Mr Follmer? Finding nothing to support that allegation.

Assistant Director Follmer: Well... that's just it, Sir. I did find something. The monitors in Agent Comer's room, they recorded his condition moment by moment... showing that his vital signs did improve just before his equipment was unplugged. They did, in fact... return back to normal.

Deputy Director Kersh: And you have an explanation for that, yes?

Assistant Director Follmer: No, Sir, I don't.

Deputy Director Kersh: And you want what?

Assistant Director Follmer: I just want to take my name off it.

Deputy Director Kersh: Maybe if you weren't so busy back-pedalling, Mr Follmer, you might get me an explanation. Excuse me.

Deputy Director Kersh: I'm sure you heard all of that. Congratulations — it would appear now that everything is dead but this case. [He hands over a folder marked: Bureau File Number: X280911]

Toothpick Man: I'm sure I can take care of that, Deputy Director. Quite sure. [His neck displays the genetic mutation of a super soldier]