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A vicious murderer threatens Doggett and Reyes, or does he? The only thing certain is that he's one step ahead of everyone else.

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[Reyes is tailing Erwin Lukesh. Doggett and Assistant Director Follmer are watching them from a surveillance van]

Doggett: He's looking right at us. Fifty bucks says that's Lukesh and that he knows we're here. Okay, let's take him.

Assistant Director Follmer: Let him get to the mailbox.

Doggett: It's Lukesh. I don't need him opening his mailbox to prove it.

Assistant Director Follmer: Patience, Agent Doggett.

Doggett: We got an agent alone with a sicko who likes cutting out women's tongues, a guy known for his vanishing act.

Assistant Director Follmer: We've got the block surrounded. He isn't vanishing anywhere. And your partner volunteered. Now, open 4-D. [on radio] Agent Reyes, stand by. [Erwin Lukesh walks off]

Doggett: What the hell is this? [Reyes takes out her gun and follows Erwin Lukesh] Monica, don't.

Assistant Director Follmer: [on radio] Agent Reyes — keep your distance. Don't let him see you following.

Doggett: Monica, where are you?

Reyes: Back stairwell. I lost sight of him. I think he might be here — [Erwin Lukesh appears and slaps her gun from her hands] Argh!

[Doggett and Assistant Director Follmer exit the surveillance van and run into the apartment block. They find Reyes lying slumped against the stairs holding her bloody throat]

Assistant Director Follmer: Agent down, back stairwell, get EMS here now! [Doggett goes in search of Erwin Lukesh] Doggett! He's got her gun!

Doggett: Erwin Lukesh! Federal Agent! Turn around, you son of a bitch. Back here! [Doggett turns his head for an instant, when he turns back Erwin Lukesh is gone. He reappears behind Doggett and prepares to fire Reyes' gun. Doggett suddenly turns, but Erwin Lukesh gets off the first shot]

Reyes: Hey!

Doggett: So, this is how the uptown crowd lives, huh?

Reyes: This is it! Moving on up.

Doggett: So is there anything really heavy that I can move for you, a dresser, a fridge.

Reyes: No, but thank you, John, you just missed movers.

Doggett: You don't say? I brought you a housewarming gift. [Reyes unwraps it to find a white bag, she sniffs it]

Reyes: Hot dogs?

Doggett: Polish sausage! It's the best in the city. There's a little stand a couple of blocks over on M Street. You'll be able to walk to it.

Reyes: Wow.

Doggett: Try one.

Reyes: Mmm. I'm back in Gdansk. Let me get some plates.

Doggett: Plates? For crying out loud... who eats Polish sausage with plates?

Reyes: [answering mobile] Hello?

Skinner: Agent Reyes, it's AD Skinner.

Reyes: Yes, Sir?

Skinner: There's no easy way to say this, I'm sorry to do it over the phone.

Reyes: What is it?

Skinner: It's Doggett. He's been found in an alley off Dillon Park. He's been shot.

Reyes: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Skinner: They're taking him in the Washington Memorial. Agent?

Reyes: Sir, what you're saying is... [Her apartment is empty. Doggett is nowhere to be seen]

Skinner: Agent Reyes? Agent Reyes?

Reyes: [to Desk Clerk] Excuse me?

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica?

Reyes: Brad? Skinner called you, too?

Assistant Director Follmer: He's staying at the crime scene. I'm sorry. I've been put in charge of the investigation. I promise you, it's my top priority. I will find the person who did this. I just need to find out why your partner was in that alley this morning.

Reyes: He wasn't. He was with me, at my apartment. He was with me when Skinner called me.

Assistant Director Follmer: I'm not sure I'm following.

Scully: Monica, I'm so sorry. Agent Doggett is just coming out of surgery, they're moving him to the ICU.

Assistant Director Follmer: How's it look?

Scully: If he pulls through this, it's likely that he'll be paralysed for life.

Reyes: I haven't understood one single word I've heard since I got here. Whoever you're talking about, it's not John Doggett.

Assistant Director Follmer: You found the bullet?

Skinner: 9mm slug. Found it in the alley lodged in a wall. Most likely from the Sig Sauer P226 or 228.

Assistant Director Follmer: Possibly FBI issue.

Skinner: I know what you're thinking, but this didn't come from Doggett's weapon. Ballistics don't match and his gun was never fired.

Assistant Director Follmer: Assistant Director. I'd appreciate case updates in a timely fashion. For instance, this bullet... how long have you have it? An hour? Two?

Skinner: Thereabouts.

Assistant Director Follmer: It's just we need to keep the lines of communication open, that's all I'm asking. I want this slug run through our database of FBI-issued pistols.

Skinner: Like I told you, the round didn't come from Doggett's weapon. You're not saying another agent could have done this.

Assistant Director Follmer: Just run it, please.

Reyes: I just... I don't understand how any of this is possible. He was with me, Dana, in my apartment. How can this be?

Scully: I saw something once. It's only been the last couple of years that I've... fully come to terms with it. In 94 my father passed away... and that night... I think... the very moment that it happened... he came to me. I like to believe that he came to say goodbye.

Reyes: A visitation. I think that's wonderful. A blessing. But that's not what happened to me.

Scully: [answering mobile] Scully.

Skinner: It's me, is Reyes with you?

Scully: Yeah, she's here, we're still both at the hospital.

Skinner: I need you to bring her to the Sixth District Police Station. I'm on my way there myself.

Scully: What's this about?

Skinner: I'll tell you when you get there.

Reyes: What's going on?

Skinner: Agent Reyes, would you mind stepping inside, please?

Assistant Director Follmer: Hi, Monica. Have a seat. I wanted you and I to have a chance to talk alone to clear a few things up. A few details of your story.

Reyes: My story?

Assistant Director Follmer: Well, your ascertain that you were with Agent Doggett when he was shot?

Scully: What is this?

Skinner: Just wait.

Assistant Director Follmer: Is that a true statement?

Reyes: Yes. I mean, no, I wasn't with Agent Doggett when he was shot, but I was with him at the time AD Skinner called to tell me he'd been shot.

Assistant Director Follmer: Look, Monica, you know how I feel. You know I'm on your side, but give me something here. Give me some mitigating reason for what you're trying to cover up.

Scully: I'm going to put a stop to this.

Reyes: What are you saying to me, Brad? Why are you saying these things?

Assistant Director Follmer: We've checked and rechecked the ballistics tests. The bullet that hit Doggett came from your gun. And furthermore we have an eyewitness... one who has placed you at the scene.

Reyes: Is that why I'm here? In this room? So you can make an ID?

Assistant Director Follmer: Agent Reyes... I'm going to have to ask you for your FBI identification.

Reyes: Who's there? Who's back there?

Police Officer: We appreciate your co-operation, Sir.

Erwin Lukesh: Anything I can do to help.

Reyes: Smart touch. Posting a guard to make sure I don't finish the job. Do you really believe I did this?

Skinner: No, but it doesn't matter what I believe. You may still be arrested.

Reyes: So what are they waiting for?

Scully: Follmer's case has a couple potential holes. For starters, there's the fact that when I called you, you were at home. Fourteen miles from the crime scene. Plus there's the condition of your gun.

Reyes: It hadn't been fired.

Scully: However, the bullet does match your gun. Perfectly.

Reyes: It doesn't make any sense. None of it. What about the eyewitness? What can you tell me about him?

Skinner: You know we can't discuss that. Look... [Doggett's fingers twitch and his eyes open briefly]

Reyes: My god, John.

Skinner: Is he conscious?

Scully: I don't know. It could just be a muscle spasm. It's not uncommon with this type of spinal injury. [Doggett's fingers continue to twitch, but with a familiar regularity]

Skinner: That's not a spasm.

Reyes: What is it?

Skinner: It's Morse code.

Reyes: What'd he say? [Skinner holds up his notepad]

Scully: [reading] Lukesh.

Reyes: What? What does that mean?

Miriam Lukesh: Who's there? Is somebody there? Erwin, is that you?

Erwin Lukesh: Who else would it be, Mama?

Miriam Lukesh: I thought maybe robbers... My god, I thought something terrible had happened to you. You were gone so long.

Erwin Lukesh: I was gone two hours and six minutes I'm back at noon, just like I told you.

Miriam Lukesh: I was so scared. Could you bring me a glass of clemato with two squirts of Texas Pete and two ice cubes. God, I was all alone. And I heard the knob rattle. Somebody was rattling the knob. It was the robbers. I just know it was. I don't know how I got through it. I was so scared. [Days of our Lives is on the television] My show is on. Could you make me my hot sandwich so that I could eat my sandwich while I watch my show? [Erwin Lukesh goes to the kitchen]

Miriam Lukesh: What kind of sandwich is it?

Erwin Lukesh: Potted meat.

Miriam Lukesh: I don't think I like that. Have I had it before?

Erwin Lukesh: Many times. [He holds up a bag containing a severed human tongue] You love it.

Reyes: I should be at the hospital.

Skinner: Scully will call if he regains consciousness.

Reyes: Yeah, I should be there...

Skinner: Agent, you're still under investigation. Not to mention I will be too if it's ever fond out that I showed you this. [He hands her a file]

Reyes: [reading] Erwin Timothy Lukesh?

Skinner: Have you even seen him before?

Reyes: [reading] 1995. Patient at the State Psychiatric Hospital at Gaithersburg. Diagnosed with a delusional disorder anger sub-type which presented itself shortly after the suicide death of his father.

Skinner: After four months, he was deemed fit for release. He lives with his invalid mother in an apartment adjacent to the crime scene.

Reyes: What's the story he's telling?

Skinner: That he heard a bang, went downstairs to investigate, and that he saw you exit the alley.

Reyes: This is the one person we know was in the vicinity at the time of shooting. Why would Doggett say his name?

Skinner: You think Lukesh shot Doggett?

Reyes: What if... Doggett was investigating Lukesh. What if... Lukesh is somehow behind all this...

Skinner: [answering mobile] Skinner.

Assistant Director Follmer: It's Follmer. Do you recall our discussion of yesterday where I asked you to keep me up to date?

Skinner: I do.

Assistant Director Follmer: Really? And yet it's like we never even had it. I'm at Washington Memorial, I'm assuming you're with our prime suspect? Bring her. She's going to talk to Agent Doggett.

Assistant Director Follmer: Ah, the gang's all here.

Reyes: How is he?

Scully: Fully conscious. We set up a communication device designed for spinal injuriy victims. Speaking with him should be much easier.

Assistant Director Follmer: Just so we're clear, you'll ask only the questions I want asked. You're not to try and shade his testimony in any way.

Skinner: If you're so concerned, why let Reyes talk to him in the first place?

Assistant Director Follmer: Because... he says he won't talk to anyone but you. [to Skinner and Scully] He didn't mention you two.

[One of Doggett's fingers is attached to a Morse button, which is connected to a laptop that translates the code into text]

Reyes: John. Hey there.

Doggett: ALIVE.

Reyes: That's right. You're alive. As if there were ever any doubt.

Doggett: NO YOU. HOW OK.

Reyes: Why am I alive? Is that what you're asking? I'm fine, John. Why wouldn't I be?

Assistant Director Follmer: Have him say who shot him.


Reyes: My throat wasn't cut, John, what do you mean?


Dr Kim: Wiggle your finger if you feel anything. Any sensation at all. [He's probing Doggett's chest gently with an instrument] Pain. tingling. Okay, that's enough for today. We'll see if you can do any better tomorrow.


Reyes: You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Doggett: HOWS CASE?

Reyes: It's coming along. [Doggett's looks at her] It's nowhere, basically. There's so much that's impossible to reconcile. You say I was on the stakeout with you, I say you were at my apartment bringing me... John, do you know a little stand on M Street? Supposed to be really good hot dogs?


Reyes: John, what if we were both right? What if you were at my apartment, and I was on a stakeout with you at the exact same time. What would it take for that to be true?


Reyes: Except maybe we do. Maybe all of us do. You've heard of the idea of a parallel universe? One that's identical, or nearly identical, to our own. One in which we all have a double. It's theoretical physics but... what if it's real?


Reyes: You said yourself Erwin Lukesh was known for his impossible escapes. You said that in the alley you looked away only for an instant and he was gone. And then, somehow, he was behind you. And he shot you. With my gun. My gun, that never left my possession that entire afternoon. What if Lukesh can pass freely from one parallel world to the other? Like... like he's opening a door. And what if, somehow you followed him through that door. Without even knowing it. Maybe when you followed Lukesh into this world, my... my Doggett got forced out.

Doggett: WOW.

Reyes: My Doggett would have called that crazy, too... but give me another theory that fits.

Erwin Lukesh: I'm kind of confused as to why I'm back. I already told you everything I know.

Assistant Director Follmer: We just had a little few... inconsistencies that we needed to clear up.

Erwin Lukesh: Sure. Dot the I's, cross the T's.

Skinner: Yeah, here's an odd one, for starters. We have an eyewitness that says you shot Agent John Doggett.

Erwin Lukesh: That's surprising, I can't imagine who would have said that.

Skinner: Agent Doggett. Yeah, he's regained consciousness. He's very chatty. Among other things, he says that you're a murderer, that you enjoy killing women with a straight razor. And cutting out their tongues.

Erwin Lukesh: Yeah. Wow. What a corker.

Assistant Director Follmer: Mr Lukesh, would you consent to a GSR test.

Erwin Lukesh: GSR? What is that?

Assistant Director Follmer: To reveal whether someone recently fired a gun. You wouldn't mind indulging us, would you?

Erwin Lukesh: I don't know. I think I'd have to talk to my lawyer about that. Look, my heart goes out to your Agent Doggett. But he's confused. It's clear to me that your female agent, Miss Reyes, is responsible for this terrible tragedy.

Assistant Director Follmer: Is there someone who can corroborate your story?

Erwin Lukesh: No.

Skinner: What about your mother? I mean, you live with your mother, right?

Erwin Lukesh: She was sleeping, she wouldn't have heard anything.

Skinner: Well, still, maybe she can tell us something. Would she be willing to come down here and talk to us?

Erwin Lukesh: My mother is in poor health. She gets confused easily.

Skinner: Oh, we can go to her.

Erwin Lukesh: I won't have you harassing her just because you're afraid to admit that one of your people did this! If you're going to arrest me, do it. Otherwise, I'm going home.

Skinner: Say hi to Mama.

Erwin Lukesh: Agent Reyes, right? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Reyes: How do you do it? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? There's this world, and there's the world where you live out your sick fantasies. When did it start? Was it after your breakdown in 1995? All that anger, it's buttoned up so tight, it had nowhere else to go. It had to get released. Not here. But in a world just like this one.

Erwin Lukesh: God, I enjoyed you. You bled just like a pig. [Assistant Director Follmer and Skinner walk into the hall]

Skinner: Reyes?

Assistant Director Follmer: You all right?

Erwin Lukesh: Mama, I'm home. Mama, you want your clemato? [He checks the drawer where Reyes' gun is hidden, the gun is missing] Mama. Have you been out of bed? Mama? [The gun is on Miriam Lukesh's bed tray]

Miriam Lukesh: You don't tell me things, Erwin.

Erwin Lukesh: I tell you things.

Miriam Lukesh: You sneak out of house all night. You leave me alone all by myself. And then you think that I don't know, but I know. I know every time. What is it that you do, Erwin, that you don't tell me?

Erwin Lukesh: I don't... I don't do that. I don't know what you mean.

Miriam Lukesh: Why is that [the gun] in my house? I opened the drawer and it gave me a heart attack. I don't even know how I even picked it up without it going off and killing me. I was so scared.

Erwin Lukesh: Mama. I don't know how it got there.

Miriam Lukesh: If you won't tell me, you can tell the FBI, that's it. Yes, the FBI has left three messages. They want to talk to me? Can you imagine, Erwin? Why would the FBI want to talk to me? What are you doing? Aren't you even going to listen?

Erwin Lukesh: You're going to talk to them?

Miriam Lukesh: Well, of course I am. It's the FBI.

Erwin Lukesh: Mama.

Miriam Lukesh: Oh, don't turn on the waterworks, Mister, it's not going to wash. I'm the one who's been lied to. [Erwin Lukesh takes out a straight razor] Erwin. What are you doing? Erwin. What are you doing? Erwin. No... [Erwin Lukesh slashs his mother]

[Reyes is shaving Doggett]


Reyes: Did not. Anyway, that's what you get for hiring cheap help.


Reyes: Thinking about what?


Reyes: How?


Reyes: Bad joke.


Reyes: My theory is sound? You don't believe a word of it, John, never in a million years would you believe. This has nothing to do with my theory.

Doggett: DO U BELIEVE? [Reyes nods] PROVE IT.

Reyes: I would do anything for you. Anything but that. [answering mobile] Reyes.

Skinner: Skinner. Are you okay?

Reyes: Yes, Sir, I'm fine.

Skinner: I can't say the same for Miriam Lukesh.

Reyes: What happened?

Skinner: She's dead. It's the exact MO Doggett described. Most likely a straight razor was used.

Reyes: [to Doggett] Lukesh killed his mother. [to Skinner] Do you have any idea where he is?

Skinner: None. But if everything I've heard is true, he's not going to be easy to find.

Reyes: I think he'll find us.

[Scully, Skinner and Assistant Director Follmer are watching Reyes on a monitor from the surveillance van]

Scully: [on radio] You all right, Agent Reyes?

Reyes: Just a little jumpy, I guess.

Scully: It's understandable. I don't think you're the only one.

Assistant Director Follmer: Try and take it easy, Monica. We've got you covered, coming and going.

Reyes: Anything happening out front?

Skinner: No, you moved to a quiet neighbourhood. It's dead out there.

Reyes: I think I'll check around once more.

[Erwin Lukesh appears, grabs Reyes and holds a straight razor to her throat. He removes her ear piece and radio]

Erwin Lukesh: You want to scream right now, don't you?

Reyes: Lukesh.

Erwin Lukesh: To your friends outside. Parked in a van that might as well say FBI in big huge letters, in red. Try and scream out them. They can't hear you.

Scully: Where's she gone?

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica, do you copy?

Skinner: Reyes. Agent Reyes, do you read me?

Scully: He's in there. He's got to be.

Assistant Director Follmer: That's not possible.

Scully: What if it is? You want to stick around to find out?

Erwin Lukesh: You ruined everything, you bitch. You made me! You made me do it.

Reyes: Lukesh.

Erwin Lukesh: Shut up! Shut up! But you know what? This time, I get to bleed you slow.

[An FBI marksmen bursts through the door and shoots Erwin Lukesh in the centre of the forehead. Scully, Skinner and Assistant Director Follmer follow the marksman through the door]

Assistant Director Follmer: You all right? Monica, you all right? It's okay. It's okay. It's over.

[Reyes enters Doggett's hospital room, takes his hand in hers, and strokes it. She turns off the alarms, switches off the respirator and the machine becomes silent. Tears well up in her eyes as she lays Doggett's hand back down on the bed. Reyes closes her eyes, when she opens them she is in her apartment]

Doggett: Monica, forget about the plates, will you? What's wrong? [Reyes smiles and hugs Doggett tightly] Monica, what's wrong?

Reyes: I'm good. Good.