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While forces inside the establishment attempt to stifle them, the Agents find a connection to their case with suspicious murders relating to water.

Part one of two

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Shannon McMahon: [to bartender] Vodka rocks, please.

Carl Wormus: Hi. How are you?

Shannon McMahon: Thirsty.

Carl Wormus: [to bartender] Straight up. And no ice this time. [to Shannon McMahon] I tell this guy about the ice and then he pours me a scotch rocks.

Shannon McMahon: About the ice?

Carl Wormus: The water actually, in the ice. I'm kind of an expert on it.

Shannon McMahon: Well, what's wrong with it?

Carl Wormus: No big secret. It's been in the news. Government additive. Something they call chloramine.

Shannon McMahon: Yeah, they said it's good for us, it's like fluoride or something.

Carl Wormus: Well, that's what they say. Look, I didn't sit down here to scare you. On the contrary.

Shannon McMahon: Would you like to get some air?

Reyes: [answering phone] Hello?

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica, it's me. Did I wake you?

Reyes: Brad? No. No, I'm awake.

Assistant Director Follmer: You're in town?

Reyes: Yeah, I came in on short notice.

Assistant Director Follmer: Listen, if you're coming to the Hoover Building can you stop by my office on your way in?

Reyes: Yeah. Sure. I can do that.

Assistant Director Follmer: Good. Looking forward to it.

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica?

Reyes: Hi.

Assistant Director Follmer: What are you doing?

Reyes: I was leaving you a note. Your assistant was out and I didn't want to knock. I was going to call you... Hi, Brad.

Assistant Director Follmer: Come on in. [As Reyes enters the office, Assistant Director Follmer kisses her] What?

Reyes: We're at work.

Assistant Director Follmer: You used to ask me to close the door at work back in New York.

Reyes: Is that all you called me here for, Assistant Director?

Assistant Director Follmer: I probably shouldn't tell you how hot you look either, because you do. How long's it been? Two years?

Reyes: Yeah. We should catch up, Brad. Really. I've got to get downstairs.

Assistant Director Follmer: I've got something for you. [He takes a pair of video tapes out of his desk drawer] Forgive me, but... it didn't take a whole lot of digging to figure out why you're here in DC, Monica.

Reyes: What are those?

Assistant Director Follmer: Something you're going to see, but... I wanted to show you first. They were taken from the security cameras in the FBI parking garage. One of them... shows you arriving in a cab meeting John Doggett.

Reyes: Yeah, I'm working with him. He called me up here on a case.

Assistant Director Follmer: I heard. Believe me, this whole thing about a... chase and a crash and a fire. And now Doggett's internal investigation of Deputy Director Kersh, it's... big news.

Reyes: What's so important to show me? What's on the other tape?

Deputy Director Kersh: How's your investigation going, John? Have you turned up any incriminating evidence on me yet?

Doggett: It's only Monday morning, Sir. It's nothing personal, Deputy Director. I hope you know that.

Deputy Director Kersh: I know John. I think we've pretty much always seen eye-to-eye. I'm sure if you can't find anything on me, John, nobody can.

[Reyes is watching the video tapes as Doggett enters]

Reyes: Hi. How you doing? [He doesn't answer] That good?

Doggett: I didn't ask to be put down on the X-Files. Deputy Director Kersh put me down here. I'm just doing my job. What did he think? That I'd be thankful? That I'd do anything less?

Reyes: It's not going to be easy, John.

Doggett: Hell no, it isn't. I'm going after a Deputy Director, one man removed from the head of the FBI.

Reyes: No, I mean it may be impossible.

Doggett: What's this?

Reyes: A security tape two nights ago from the FBI garage. You're not on it.

Doggett: What are you talking about? [He scans the tape, it shows that the garage is empty] No. This is the wrong damn tape.

Reyes: I've been backwards and forwards on it. There's nothing there.

Doggett: We were chased. AD Skinner and I were attacked and chased. This man Knowle Rohrer drove his car into the garage wall and it blew up in a ball of flames.

Reyes: Not on this tape.

Doggett: Where'd you get this?

Reyes: From someone who wanted to give me a heads-up.

Doggett: They can't just make this all go away. There's evidence down in that parking garage, there were victims.

Reyes: I went down to that garage, John. Whatever happened, they've had 48 hours now to clean it up.

Doggett: There were witnesses.

Reyes: Witnesses who are going to stand up to this tape?

Scully: What? What's the matter?

Doggett: What's the matter? I've been trying to call you.

Scully: Yeah, the phone's off the hook, because of the baby.

Doggett: I got panicked that you're not going to be here, that you left, too.

Scully: Come in.

Doggett: I've been looking for Mulder. I went to his apartment.

Scully: I know.

Doggett: Where did he go? Dana... where'd he go?

Scully: He's gone. He's just gone.

Skinner: I don't know where Mulder is. I don't know that I'd tell you if I did.

Reyes: [to Doggett] I checked with movers, airlines, car rental agencies... No Mulder.

Doggett: Somebody get to him, that it? Doesn't seem possible, does it? [to Skinner] Okay, so where's that leave us? It's just me and you, our word against Kersh and the FBI.

Reyes: You'd better sit down, John. It's more complicated than that.

Doggett: What's more complicated?

Reyes: This investigation.

Doggett: What about it?

Skinner: I want to ask you to drop it.

Doggett: No, not from you. Not from you. Not after what we've been through. I mean, we barely escaped with our lives.

Skinner: That's something worth thinking about.

Doggett: I'm sorry, you're not that reasonable. What, did they get to you, too?

Skinner: No one got to me, John, they didn't have to. That's the point.

Doggett: You're afraid of them.

Skinner: I'm not afraid of them.

Doggett: Well, you're afraid of something. What? The real tape showing up? Them calling you a killer for you having to shoot Alex Krycek?

Skinner: No, I'll stand by my actions, Agent Doggett, but I won't stand by yours if you're going to continue to push and push until you get somebody killed. You want to know what I fear? I fear for Mulder and Scully. I fear for the life of that child if you don't stop pushing, John.

Doggett: You don't think I fear for those things, same as you?

Skinner: If you did, you'd let it go.

Doggett: So what I'm hearing is... if I don't drop it, I'm alone on this.

Reyes: John. You're not.

Assistant Director Follmer: Hi. I hope it wasn't presumptuous of me. I've ordered you a Martini.

Reyes: No, the presumption's all mine. Anyway, I called and asked you out, didn't I?

Assistant Director Follmer: You... actually had me confused a little this morning in my office. I had this crazy notion that... you're avoiding me.

Reyes: Maybe I was trying to avoid myself. And those tapes you pulled out of your desk drawer weren't exactly Pamela and Tommy Lee now, were they?

Assistant Director Follmer: And I'd heard... that you and John Doggett were tight.

Reyes: You make it sound like I go home from work with Post-Its on my ass. It's nothing like that.

Assistant Director Follmer: Then I don't get it. Why risk your name and your career getting caught up in this... rabid investigation of his?

Reyes: There isn't going to be an investigation. Not any more.

Assistant Director Follmer: I wouldn't have thought Agent Doggett would be thrown off so easy. Not what I've heard about him.

Reyes: Whatever you may think about him, Brad, he's not a fool, you know.

Assistant Director Follmer: Now you're pissed off at me.

Reyes: No, I'm pissed off, because this means I'll be shipping back to the New Orleans field office.

Assistant Director Follmer: What are you talking about? The way I heard it you're with the X-Files?

Reyes: This investigation drops, they're going to drop the X-Files right along with it. You know me, where my interests lie, this was my dream assignment. Not to mention how excited I was to be up here in DC.

Assistant Director Follmer: But you just got here.

Reyes: Yeah, I know.

Doggett: I'm really sorry. I... Dana, I need your help.

Scully: I don't know how to find him.

Doggett: It just doesn't make any sense. Mulder leaving you here all alone. Just walking out on you, not telling you where and why.

Scully: It makes sense in its own way. That's all I can tell you.

Doggett: Then tell me why you can't trust me. Everything I did to try to protect you when you thought your baby was in danger. What changed? Why is it suddenly I'm now the enemy?

Scully: Let it go, John. Drop it. Please.

Doggett: These people tried to kill me. They tried to kill AD Skinner. They would have killed Mulder, too. They're still out there, Dana.

Scully: Exactly right, and they are unstoppable, and they are inside the FBI.

Doggett: You know something you're not telling me. Mulder knows something. How long can you hide from it? Knowle Rohrer, this old military buddy of mine, he told me your pregnancy was a result of a Government cloning experiment to try to create what he called a Super Soldier.

Scully: I don't want to hear this. Look, there is nothing to any of this.

Doggett: Knowle Rohrer, my buddy, was one of the men that tried to kill us in the FBI garage.

Scully: My baby... my son... is fine.

Doggett: I hope to god that's true. I just don't want to pretend.

Scully: I'm going to ask you to leave. I'm going to ask you to leave and not come back here.

Operator: [answering phone] Directory assistance, may I help you?

Doggett: Let's try Maryland, Virginia.

Operator: What listing, please?

Doggett: Number for a Ryan Bracker. B-R-A-C-K-E-R.

[Doggett is working through a list of the members of his old unit. Ryan Bracker and Gary Elliot have been crossed off. Roger Erickson, Steve Maeda and Shannon McMahon remain]

Doggett: Yeah, hi, I was given this number for a Roger Erickson, formerly of the US Marine Corps.

Roger Erickson: Yeah, speaking.

Doggett: Roger? Hey, it's John Doggett, Bravo Company.

Roger Erickson: Hey, how you doing?

Doggett: I'm good. It's good to hear you. Listen, you remember Knowle Rohrer?

Roger Erickson: Yeah, sure I remember him.

Doggett: What's the story with him? Didn't he get involved with something when he got back Stateside? Special Ops?

Roger Erickson: I've no idea, man. I never heard of Knowle after he got back. Hey, we should get together, catch up.

Doggett: Yeah, let's... let's catch a beer sometime.

[Roger Erickson and Steve Maeda have now been crossed off his list. Only Shannon McMahon remains]

Shannon McMahon: [answering machine] This is Shannon. Leave a message and I'll return as soon as I can [beep]

Doggett: Yeah, hi, this is John Doggett. I'm trying to reach a Shannon McMahon who was with Bravo Company USMC. If this is she, could you please contact me through the FBI in Washington, DC as soon as possible?

[Reyes is in the X-Files office editing a report, when she breaks the tip of her pencil]

Reyes: Oh...

[She opens the desk drawer, no pencils, she looks around the table, still no pencils. She looks up at and sees ten of Mulder's old pencils that are still stuck in the false ceiling panel, surrounded by many holes. She takes off her shoes and climbs onto the desk and reaches for one of the pencils when she hears someone in the hallway]

Reyes: Hello?

[There's no response, so she climbs off the desk and checks the hallway — it's empty, but the lift doors are just closing. Not managing to see who was in the lift, she turns and notices an envelope lying on the hallway floor. It contains Carl Wormus' newspaper obituary]

Reyes: [answering phone] Monica Reyes.

Scully: Yeah. It's Scully.

Reyes: Dana, what wrong? Are you all right?

Scully: Is Agent Doggett there?

Reyes: Yeah, he's right here with me. [She hands the phone to Doggett]

Doggett: Dana. Something wrong?

Scully: Yeah. Yeah, something. [The mobile over William Scully's cot was spinning by inself] I think I might have been wrong, telling you to drop your investigation.

Doggett: Well, I didn't drop it. As a matter of fact, we found something, I'm not sure how it fits, but we're working on it.

Scully: What is it?

Doggett: A body.

Doggett: Thanks for coming. The deceased's name is Carl Wormus. Deputy Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Reyes: Drove though a barricade and off a bridge two nights ago.

Scully: And?

Doggett: And somebody at the FBI thought it was important enough to stick his obituary under our noses.

Scully: Who?

Reyes: We don't know.

Scully: Well, his blood alcohol level was upwards of 0.15. He was drunk, he crashed and drowned.

Doggett: There's got to be something more. [Doggett's mobile rings, he answers the call] John Doggett.

Skinner: What the hell are you doing?

Doggett: Excuse me?

Skinner: Do you know how many people are just waiting to see you screw up. To see you make a mistake like this.

Doggett: I didn't know I made a mistake.

Skinner: This EPA guy you checked out of the county morgue of Maryland, without any jurisdiction.

Doggett: Oh, come on.

Skinner: All your friends, John. All your former buddies at the FBI.

Doggett: What are you talking about?

Skinner: They're not your pals any more. Not since this investigation here, since you launched an attack on one of your own. Just watch your back, John. [Doggett hangs up]

Doggett: Definitive answer of how this guy died, what'll that take?

Scully: A careful autopsy.

Doggett: How fast can you do it?

Scully: That's not what I'm saying.

Doggett: I understand if you don't want to do this, Dana, but you're the only person we can trust.

Frohike: Collecting for the needy and unemployed. Open the door.

Doggett: Thanks for doing this, guys.

Byers: Yeah, like we got anything better to be doing these days.

Frohike: Just to let you know, we may need to hit you up for some coin.

Doggett: Why? What happened to you guys? [Langly turns to face Doggett, his face is blue]

Langly: Don't ask.

Byers: We were able to hack into the Department of Interior's mainframe and get the EPA files you wanted. On this man Carl Wormus...

Doggett: And?

Frohike: Hey, what are we mind readers? That's all that you asked us to do.

Byers: What exactly was it you were looking for, if we may ask?

Doggett: I don't know. I was hoping you'd find something.

Langly: Well, if he had any secrets he took them to his grave. Nothing hinky in these files except for some rabid obsession with water.

Doggett: With water?

Scully: Water. Asphyxiation induced by the inhalation of water. There's contusions on the forehead and on the chest but the impact isn't what killed him. This man drowned. You're looking at me like you hope that there's something more, but there isn't.

Reyes: I'm sorry, that's not it. I'm just impressed that you can do this.

Scully: This is what I do, Agent Reyes.

Reyes: But you're here doing it now. Something did happen, didn't it. I know what you're afraid of. That there's something wrong with your baby.

Scully: We can let our fears get the better of us. We can... imagine things, make connections with things that aren't there. Like with this man.

Reyes: If you ever feel the need to talk to someone, Dana, I'm here. I'd never betray a confidence.

Scully: There is something.

Reyes: What?

Scully: Right here on the ankle.

Reyes: Are those... fingerprints?

Scully: Yeah, that's what they look like.

Reyes: From someone holding him down?

Scully: I don't know how, or who.

Assistant Director Follmer: I don't know if you're aware where Agent Scully is. She's at Quantico. Called in by John Doggett to autopsy a body he's got not authority to touch. If I may be blunt, Sir. Doggett's put his tit in the wringer.

Deputy Director Kersh: Maybe. So what?

Assistant Director Follmer: A lot of us think he's lost all judgement. No one man's actions should affect the entire FBI. We feel he should be called out for this.

Deputy Director Kersh: Punished?

Assistant Director Follmer: Yes, Sir.

Deputy Director Kersh: Thank you, Assistant Director. It's a difficult situation to be in, I appreciate you doing this.

Assistant Director Follmer: It was a right thing to do.

Deputy Director Kersh: Let me know how it goes.

Assistant Director Follmer: Me? Oh no, I can't, Sir. There... there is a conflict. I can't do this myself.

Deputy Director Kersh: I can't very well do it. How would it look? I'm under investigation by Agent Doggett. You have no personal axe to grind.

Margaret Scully: Hello? Can I help you?

Shannon McMahon: Hi, I'm looking for Dana Scully.

Margaret Scully: I'm sorry, she's not here right now. Can I tell her who's calling?

Shannon McMahon: We work together. Do you know where I can find her?

Margaret Scully: No. Would you like to leave a message?

Shannon McMahon: I'll leave a note if you wouldn't mind opening the door.

Margaret Scully: Why don't you just leave your name and I'll have Dana call you. [There's no answer, Margaret Scully looks through the peephole before opening the door and checking the hallway — it's empty]

Scully: You need to get this body into refrigeration if you're going to preserve him as evidence. Whatever he's evidence of...

Reyes: Whatever it is I can't reach John to even tell him about it.

Scully: Monica, I don't know what to say, but good luck. I got to go. I got to get home. [They leave the room, Reyes notices Shannon McMahon behind them] Third floor they have a cooler for the teaching cadavers. You could temporarily put him up there.

Reyes: Behind us. Just keep walking.

Scully: Who is she?

Reyes: I've never seen her before this morning. Now I've seen her twice.

[When they reach the lift doors they both turn around, but Shannon McMahon is gone. The lift doors open to reveal Assistant Director Follmer and four of his minions, he grabs Reyes by the wrist]

Assistant Director Follmer: Excuse us. Where's Agent Doggett?

Reyes: What are you doing, Brad?

Assistant Director Follmer: What am I doing? I'm doing my best to cover your ass.

Reyes: What are you talking about?

Assistant Director Follmer: This... this ... I'm talking about these. [Polaroids]

Reyes: Let go of me.

Scully: What's going on here? [They reach the autopsy room, it's empty, the body is gone]

Assistant Director Follmer: Okay, where'd he go?

Reyes: Who? Where'd who go?

Assistant Director Follmer: Where did Doggett take the body?

Reyes: You're not making any sense, Brad. Agent Doggett didn't take any body anywhere. What? You're looking at me like you don't believe me. Ask Agent Scully.

Scully: I'm going to go now. I've got a child at home.

Assistant Director Follmer: Body or no body, you were here, doing an autopsy. Doggett was here, without authorisation.

Reyes: Without authorisation?

Assistant Director Follmer: He's out of control you know, Monica. Forget the X-Files, he'll take you down with him.

Reyes: This was you, wasn't it? You floated that obituary to me... to set Agent Doggett up, using me.

Assistant Director Follmer: What obituary? I don't know what you are talking about. You came to me for help, remember? I'm only trying to help you help yourself.

Reyes: I know exactly what you're doing, Brad. Don't forget to piss on all the corners before you leave.

Assistant Director Follmer: I didn't float any obituary! What is she talking about?

Frohike: Son of a... [He isn't tall enough to see through the peephole] Yeah? Oh, hello.

Reyes: Considering the recent violence attempted on Agent Doggett, you might want to want to know who's at the door before you actually open it.

Frohike: Next time I'll get a chair.

Byers: Agent Doggett's gone.

Reyes: What do you mean gone?

Langly: He and Assistant Director Skinner split for Maryland together.

Frohike: Show her what we found. Before she makes any nasty remarks.

Byers: It took some real hacking but... Carl Wormus, the man from Environmental Protection Agency who drowned in his car, he'd been receiving encrypted email data from a water reclamation plant in Maryland. From a worker there named Roland McFarland.

Reyes: Encrypted data on what?

Langly: Don't know. Whatever it is may have gotten both these men killed. [On the screen is an article from the Baltimore Chronicle with a photo of Carl Wormus and the headline: Worker's Death Ruled Accidental Drowning]

Skinner: There's no nameplates.

Doggett: Yeah, I see that.

Skinner: This is madness. Even if you're right and this guy connects to your investigation, we don't know we're in the right area.

Doggett: This has got to be McFarland's area.

Skinner: This might be his desk. [He finds a note of a desk with the email address; cwormus@epa.gov] Let's just grab the computer hard drive and get out of here.

Doggett: We're not sure if it's his.

Skinner: Someone going to come walking through one of these doors any minute and it's not going to matter.

Doggett: Just keep an eye out. [Skinner guards the door as Doggett rifles through a drawer. He finds several files marked Chloramine] What's chloramine?

Skinner: What? Why are you asking me about chloramine?

Doggett: 'Cause this is McFarland's desk and he's got tons of files on chloramine in it. I bet this figures into it somehow.

Skinner: Agent Doggett — grab the files and go. [Assistant Director Follmer and his agents are approaching. Doggett grabs the files and he and Skinner take off down the stairs.]

[Skinner's shirt gets caught and he catches himself]

Skinner: Argh!

[Assistant Director Follmer catches up with Skinner]

Assistant Director Follmer: Assistant Director. Looks like you and I are chasing the same man. Agent Doggett?

[Doggett is hiding in a tank of water. Suddenly, he is pulled down. He looks down and sees that a naked Shannon McMahon has grabbed him by his ankle]