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After spotting the enigmatic Susanne Modeski at a Las Vegas convention, the Lone Gunmen trick Scully into coming to their assistance.

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Byers: [voiceover] My name is John Fitzgerald Byers. I was named after our 35th president, and I keep having this beautiful dream. In my dream, the events of November 22nd, 1963, never happened. In it, my namesake was never assassinated. Other things are different, too, in my dream. My country is hopeful and innocent; young again. Young in spirit. My fellow citizens trust their elect officials, never once having been betrayed by them. My government is truly of the people, by the people, for the people. All my hopes for my country, for myself... all are fulfilled. I have everything a person could want; home and family... and love. Everything that counts for anything in life... I have it. But the dream ends the same way every time. I lose it all. [Byers is left standing alone in the desert holding a wedding ring]

Langly: Three thousand dollars... I told you to fold. It should have been me in there playing, why does Byers get to do the undercover?

Frohike: 'Cause this ain't Woodstock.

Byers: Did we at least get some usable prints off the drink glasses?

Frohike: What, are you kidding? I had to leave them all behind. How we going to salvage this?

Langly: We're not. This convention's a bust. Five days and three grand invested and we got bupkis to show for it.

Byers: Who was that player, anyway? The guy who made us, he wasn't wearing a convention badge.

Langly: Nobody ever said his name.

Byers: I think he's worth looking into.

James Bellmont: Ah, we got bupkis. Bunch of tight-lipped defence contractors.

Frohike: Yeah, well I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say, it's the t-shirt. [James Bellmont is wearing a t-shirt that reads Government Patsy]

Langly: Yeah, maybe both of you could wear one that says I'm with stupid.

James Bellmont: You just don't get it, man. This says that I'm on to them. This says that I comprehend the military industrial power dynamic. That's what this whole thing is about; wetworks, political assassination. That's their theme for this year.

Byers: Where did you hear that?

James Bellmont: Oh yeah, like I'm going to reveal my sources. Suffice it to say, there's some big new stealth assassination technology that's supposed to be unveiled here. And I will be there, front row.

Timothy Landau: In the meantime, we're hitting the restaurant.

James Bellmont: Yeah, all you can eat lobster buffet.

Timothy Landau: Free floor show... plenty of boobage. You guys down?

Byers: You go ahead. [Langly leaves with Timothy Landau and James Bellmont]

Frohike: I'll catch up. You're one hell of a sad-sack, Byers.

Byers: Lay off about the poker game.

Frohike: No, that's not what I'm talking about. You're the one who pushes the hardest for us to come to these conventions, then you get all squirly once we get here. You're still looking for her, aren't you? Susanne Modeski.

Byers: We met her at a convention.

Frohike: Ten years ago. In Baltimore. And we both know what happened to her. Most likely, she's dead.

Byers: No. She was a brilliant scientist, too important to the government.

Frohike: Buddy, either way, I know we're both hoping she's in a better place than Las Vegas. Come on. All you can eat lobster.

Scully: [answering mobile] Yeah, Scully.

Mulder: Hey, Scully, it's me.

Scully: Mulder, what time is it?

Mulder: 2:34 am. Listen, Scully, I need you on the next flight to Las Vegas.

Scully: Las Vegas? Why?

Mulder: It's the Lone Gunmen. They're onto something big.

Scully: What, exactly?

Mulder: It's really important. Trust me. [Byers is synthesising Mulder's voice via a computer]

Scully: Yeah, I trust you, Mulder, it's the Three Stooges I'm not so sure about.

Mulder: Look, I can't talk over an unsecured line. Please just get here. It's an emergency.

Scully: Okay. Okay, okay, okay. [Scully hangs up]

Langly: What if she calls him back?

Byers: I trapped her cell number. If she calls him, it rings here.

Frohike: She's going to kick our ass. What do you need Scully for, anyway?

Byers: We're up against agents of the government. We need our own government agent.

Langly: And that would be Mulder. Why do you want just Scully?

Frohike: She's going to kick our ass.

Byers: Mulder's too high profile. He's virtually a household name to the black ops who kidnapped Susanne in Baltimore.

Langly: Byers, I've hacked into the hotel computers, Susanne Modeski's not registered here. Are you sure you saw her; are you absolutely, positively sure?

Byers: It was her. She's here. I've got to find her!

Frohike: You've go to find some ice, you need a drink.

Langly: Byers is trying to kill himself. [In the ice bucket]

Frohike: Stop trying to kill yourself, Byers, it's not deep enough. Come see what we got. Room 1066, registered to our mystery poker player, one Grant Ellis. New Mexico plates on his car.

Langly: Which come back listed DoD motor pool. Signed out from...

Byers: Whitestone, New Mexico.

Frohike: The advanced army weapons facility. Where Susanne worked.

Langly: Ellis's credit cards get billed directly to the Administrative Offices. He's looking like he's some kind of shadow government poobah.

Byers: He brainwashed her. [Langly and Frohike exchanges looks] Well that's what they do there! The E-H gas she developed. Call it psychological warfare, behaviour modification, but it's all about mind control. And undoubtedly, the process has been refined in the last decade. She ran from them, refused to take part in their tests, their crimes against the American people, there's no way she would choose to be working for them now, working for that guy... kissing him. Clearly he brainwashed her.

Frohike: I know a way to find out.

Byers: I can't get into the conference. The guard who threw me out is working the door.

Langly: Let me go.

James Bellmont: CIA, freeze. [James Bellmont, along with a Redhead Geek and a Bald Geek, sneak up behind Byers]

Langly: That just keeps getting funnier. Where's your girlfriend, Timmy?

James Bellmont: Ah, out in the desert. There's this naked chick who'll teach you how to shoot machine guns. It costs 200 beans though, I told him he was a putz. What's the matter, Byers? Your bestest dog die? What's up?

Langly: Trying to figure out how to get into the Saguaro Room.

Redhead Geek: Good luck. That's the Holy Grail. Bug sweeps...

Bald Geek: Casino security outside, government security inside. There's no way any of us are getting in.

James Bellmont: I can get in there. And I will, too. When the time is right.

Langly: Doo-doo, kaa-kaa, poo-poo.

James Bellmont: Oh, go brush your hair, Michael Bolton. There's a hole in their security, I've got it all figured out. But there's nothing worth hearing in there until tomorrow, when they unveil their new assassination technology.

Langly: Again with the assassination technology.

Byers: I need to get in there, Jimmy. I need to know what's happening in there today. If you can really get in there, prove it.

James Bellmont: You're one of them...

Timothy Landau: You really screwed things up, Jimmy. We had big plans for you.

James Bellmont: Big plans? [Timothy Landau points to the target on James Bellmont's Government Patsy on t-shirt] Political assassination. I was right. I was right about the whole thing!

Timothy Landau: Every good plan needs a patsy.

Byers: Agent Scully.

Scully: Where's Agent Mulder, I've been trying to call him.

Langly: He's, uh, I think that his, phone's messed up.

Byers: He may be hard to reach for the next few hours, he suggested we work with you, bring you up to speed.

Scully: By all means, bring me up to speed.

Bus Driver: He just jumped; no warning, no nothing. He just, dived right out in front of me.

Langly: Oh, god, it is Jimmy.

Bus Driver: It's not my fault. He was just standing there, and then he just dives under the bus.

Byers: This wasn't a suicide.

Scully: You know this man? What's going on here?

Byers: Susanne, do you remember me?

Susanne Modeski: John, what are you doing here?

Byers: I'm here to save you.

Susanne Modeski: From what?

Byers: I don't think... you are yourself. I think that, uh, you've been mistreated... and confused, and, and, I'm afraid that your, your beliefs, your opinions, are no longer your own.

Susanne Modeski: As in I've been brainwashed? I don't know what to tell you. I haven't been.

Byers: Your life may be in danger, Susanne. A friend of mine has just been killed. Murdered.

Susanne Modeski: What?

Byers: And that man that you're with...

Susanne Modeski: My fiancé? I'm sorry John, I think you better go.

Byers: No, wait. Wait. Ten years ago, I saw you thrown into a car. Kidnapped right in front of me. Did that not happen? Did I just dream all of that?

Susanne Modeski: It happened. But things got better.

Scully: You're absolutely sure you want to be here for this?

Langly: Oh yeah. I'm cool. Let's just find out what killed him.

Scully: Okay. [Langly looks a little freaked as she uncovers the body] James Bellmont, age 29. Visual exam reveals injuries consistent with massive trauma. Multiple rib fractures with concomgent haemoraging, both internal and external. His spine is fractured and partially exposed.

Langly: What if they did something to him? You know, to make him pancake himself?

Scully: Who's they?

Langly: You know, them.

Scully: I'll begin with the Y-incision.

Langly: Scully. Wake up. Are you okay?

Scully: What happened?

Langly: I'm thinking that you got a little queasy and took a header. You know blood and guts can bother some people.

Scully: Yeah, I guess.

Langly: You going to be alright?

Scully: Sure, cutie.

Byers: It's not her. They're making her do this somehow.

Frohike: Buddy, now, I know something about the fairer sex. Trust me, you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make her drink.

Byers: She would not marry that man.

Susanne Modeski: You don't know him like I do.

Langly: How'd you get in here?

Susanne Modeski: One of you left this in my room. [Frohike's keycard hacking unit] Grant Ellis saved my life. He's saved the lives of thousands.

Frohike: Hah.

Susanne Modeski: I need to talk to you, John, I need to try and explain everything.

Langly: [to Frohike] Come on, let's hit the slots.

Frohike: [to Byers] Watch your back. [to Susanne Modeski] Mata Hari. [He leaves with Langly]

Susanne Modeski: You said something about a friend being murdered.

Byers: Not that I can prove it. But I think he saw something he was not supposed to see at your conference. You may be in danger.

Susanne Modeski: I am. Always. So is Grant. I've thought about this moment so many times. All the things I would say to you if I ever saw you again. And then there you were, at my door, and I... They took me ten years ago. They did things to me. And it was like drowning every day; under water, struggling to breathe, and one day, a hand broke the surface, reached down and pulled me up. I wanted it to be you, John. It was Grant. He worked for them on The Project. I didn't trust him, not for years. Not until I realised that he was working against them in his own way; stalling them, sabotaging their tests. He reminded me of you.

Frohike: They're just lucky I got a conscience.

Langly: How's that?

Frohike: If I unleashed my true kung-fu on this casino, I could break the bank within a week.

Langly: Yeah, and find yourself buried under six feet of desert dirt.

Timothy Landau: Hey guys.

Frohike: Hey Timmy. I'm sorry about Jimmy.

Timothy Landau: Hey Langly, the guys are all up in my room for a round of Dungeons and Dragons, in honour of Jimmy.

Langly: Lord Manhammer will be in attendance. [to Frohike] I'm going to go play a little D&D, uh, in memoriam.

Frohike: That's touching, man.

Morris Fletcher: Cigarette? [Scully leans in and seductively removes a cigarette from the pack with her mouth]

Frohike: You don't smoke.

Scully: But who's got a match? [A dozen lighters appear in front of her] Well... I just can't decide who lights my fire.

Frohike: That's it. [He takes the cigarette from Scully's mouth] Alright, you dandies, back off. This is Special Agent Dana Scully of the FBI. If you so much as touch her, you may be committing a federal offence. [to Scully] Come on, come on.

Morris Fletcher: We could have been stardust.

Scully: Maybe next time. [She gives Morris Fletcher one good slap on the arse before Frohike finally pulls her away]

Morris Fletcher: Ooh.

Susanne Modeski: You didn't tape this?

Byers: No.

Susanne Modeski: Which means they surveilled us. They know our plans, they know everything.

Byers: What is your plan?

Susanne Modeski: To escape. This conference was our chance to slip out on the last day. Go public with our files, all our weapons research. We could finally make it happen this time. We'd gathered up enough proof. The public is ready to believe now more than ever. They know everything. They'll kill us, John; Grant and me both. [Frohike enters with a giggling, stumbling Scully]

Scully: Hi.

Frohike: Settle down, settle down.

Scully: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Frohike: I found Agent Scully-go-lightly holding court in the... [Scully grabs Frohike's arse] ...bar!

Byers: I've never seen her drunk before...

Susanne Modeski: God, this can't be.

Scully: Hi...

Susanne Modeski: She's not drunk, look at this. [Scully have a needle-puncture behind her ear] That was made by an injector gun.

Frohike: Well, what the hell was she injected with?!

Susanne Modeski: It's derivative of E-H gas. A-H, anionic histamine, my latest creation. I could have developed it years ago, but I held off. I wasn't about to let those bastards I work for get their hands on it. Grant thought that if we secretly developed a small batch, and then destroyed the notes, that we would have the proof we needed to go public. We'd also have a weapon we could use against them.

Byers: Who else has access to this anionic histamine?

Susanne Modeski: Grant and I are the only two people that ha... that have the samples.

Susanne Modeski: This will counteract the anionic effect.

Scully: [to Langly] Hey cutie. [Susanne Modeski injects Scully] Oow... just a little prick... [Scully passes out]

Langly: Bad trip?

Susanne Modeski: Nah, she'll be fine. She just needs to sleep it off.

Frohike: I don't understand; why would the government want to turn Scully into a bimbo?

Susanne Modeski: That's just a potential side-effect. Anionic histamine impedes higher brain functions. It promotes suggestibility.

Byers: Mind control. Brainwashing.

Frohike: That explains Jimmy. They told him to commit suicide.

Byers: And Scully. They made her forget her autopsy findings. But what is their larger purpose? What are they planning?

Frohike: Well, whatever it is, we better find out fast.

Frohike: [to Scully] Good work, party girl.

Susanne Modeski: Big surprise, huh? Since you programmed my friend to kill me.

Grant Ellis: No, Susanne, it wasn't my idea.

Susanne Modeski: You knew about it. You gave it to them. The AH. If I hadn't thought to check Langly, if I hadn't given him the antidote... I don't understand. Why save me? Why save my life just to take it away?

Grant Ellis: You know why.

Susanne Modeski: You were done with me. You had what you wanted.

Grant Ellis: They had what they wanted. The project was over. Honest to God, it wasn't my idea.

Susanne Modeski: All those years you spent gaining my trust. You pretended that you loved me. What could they possibly give you for that? What was it worth to you, Grant? What was your price? What did you get?

Grant Ellis: Life. They'd kill me. [Timothy Landau enters the room and points a gun at Susanne Modeski]

Timothy Landau: Hello.

Grant Ellis: I'm so sorry, Susanne. [Timothy Landau turns the gun on Grant Ellis and kills him]

Byers: County death records first, then the state tax rolls, come on! Then the Clark County Morgue list that they misplaced the body.

Langly: Yeah, Voltaire commandant. Why don't you just zap me with the girlie sting there and brainwash me again.

Frohike: I say do it, then we can make him cut his hair.

Byers: Can you answer that? [The door]

Frohike: Why me, she's your little chickadee.

Byers: Hurry up, come on.

Frohike: Come on in, Mata Hari.

[Timothy Landau appears with a gun, pushing Susanne Modeski into the room]

Timothy Landau: CIA, freeze.

Byers: Let her go.

Timothy Landau: Sure...

Byers: No...

Timothy Landau: You know the best thing about killing you three... I won't have to dress like you any more... [He's cut off as Byers shoots him with the injector gun. He loses his balance and falls on Byers]

Byers: Oh, get him off me.

Timothy Landau: [to Langly] Hi cutie...

Frohike: What do you want to do with him?

News Anchor: [on television] Police confirm an arrest has been made, this man Timothy Landau of Aldonaberta, New Mexico, has confessed to the murders of Grant Ellis and Susanne Modeski. Both victims were government employees attending a conference in Las Vegas.

Scully: [on mobile] Hello, Mulder? Can you hear me? I'm at the hotel. Where are you? What do you mean, what hotel, Las Vegas. I'm in Las Vegas, aren't you? You called me. What do you mean you didn't call me? Oh man, I am going to kick their asses.

Byers: Susanne Modeski is dead. Every computer in every county, state, federal office knows it. This is who you are now.

Susanne Modeski: Come with me.

Byers: You'll be safer without me.

Susanne Modeski: It doesn't make a difference. I told you, I'm going public.

Byers: No, you're not. You've done more than enough. Leave it to us now, it's what we do. [Susanne Modeski opens Byers' hand and places a small object in it, closing it again]

Susanne Modeski: It was meant for Grant. I want you to have it. Some day. [Susanne Modeski gets in the cab and closes the door as Byers opens his hand to see his gift — a gold ring]

Frohike: So you want to hit the slots?

Langly: You know, Byers, growing old with us ain't so bad.

Frohike: Oh, shut up, Langly. You really want him to kill himself?

Langly: Got any quarters?