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An attempted assassination draws Mulder and Scully into an investigation that strikes at the heart of the X-Files, bringing an important person from Mulder's past into direct conflict with Scully.

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Smoking Man: Go on. Take your shot Alex. [He turns away]

Krycek: Right there. [Smoking Man turns back] I was sent to bring you back.

Mulder: Ha, you know you're going places in the Bureau when the Assistant Director tidies up your office for you. What's up?

Skinner: I was just looking.

Mulder: For anything special?

Skinner: I came down to ask you something. I guess I was just nosing around, wondering about you, your long term plans.

Mulder: My long term plans? You got them right there in your hands.

Skinner: There's a case — nothing I'd send you normally — a murder, an assassination, of a Russian, a Chess player. The shooter is former National Security Agency, one of ours. Its got a lot of people upset. This kid Jeffrey Spender, Special Agent Spender, he's been given the case, he's running it.

Mulder: Did you give it to him?

Skinner: No. It came as an order from somewhere outside the Bureau. He's got his team assembled upstairs right now. He was very specific that you be excluded. [Mulder smiles]

Mulder: [to Spender] I don't... I don't... have any questions. No, I just think you're wrong.

Smoking Man: You look surprised. Is it that I'm here? Or that I'm alive?

First Elder: When we heard that you'd been shot, we assumed the worst.

Second Elder: There were reports you lost too much blood to have survived.

Smoking Man: Obviously you underestimated me. More obviously, you overestimated the man you sent to do the job. [He lights up] Well let's say all is forgiven. Now, you have a job for me.

Well-Manicured Man: There's been an incident. An unfortunate mistake.

Smoking Man: Yes, I've seen, I've heard, I've read.

Mulder: Gibson. Hi. My name is Fox, this is Dana and Diana. How you doing?

Gibson Praise: I don't mind it here. They get all the good TV shows. Where I live in the Philippines, all we get is Baywatch.

Mulder: What's wrong with Baywatch?

Gibson Praise: [studying Mulder] You've got a dirty mind. [Mulder looks at Scully, she smiles back in amusement]

Gibson Praise: I know what's on your mind. I know you're thinking about one of the girls you brought.

Mulder: Oh?

Gibson Praise: And one of them is thinking about you.

Fowley: Which one?

Gibson Praise: [studying Mulder] He doesn't want me to say.

Mulder: [to Spender] You know, when I first met you, I figured you were just ambitious. And this morning my opinion changed, and I thought you were arrogant. Now I'm beginning to wonder what you're protecting.

Shooter: I've got nothing to say.

Mulder: I read your bio. You've been trained, Special Forces. You were in Grenada, Zaire. You were inside Saddam's palace with a hit squad when they started raining bombs down over it — yet you failed to kill him as well.

Shooter: Like I said —

Mulder: — Yeah, yeah, I know. You got nothing to say. That's okay, I'm a pretty good guesser. The kid reads minds. How's that? Why not tell them you told me that and then let's see how safe and snug you feel in here.

Spender: What'd you get? Did you get anything?

Mulder: Just his attention.

[Frohike unlocks a multitude of locks to let Scully in and she finds him wearing pyjamas and a flak jacket]

Frohike: Sorry, caught me getting ready for bed. Come in, come in.

Scully: Thank you.

Frohike: To what do we owe the pleasure of this late hour?

Scully: I need your help.

Langly: With what?

Scully: You've all heard of Gibson Praise, the Chess wunderkind. These are a series of scans and neural electrical outputs of his brain and brain processes. There seems to be some suspicion that he's a fraud.

Byers: Dorf on Chess?

Scully: Well, apparently he wins by reading his opponents' minds.

Frohike: I'm loving it!

Langly: And you want us to what?

Scully: Analyze the data... with an eye to the parapsychological.

Frohike: Ooh, walk on the wild side?

Scully: But first... I want you guys to tell me who Diana Fowley is.

Byers: Diana Fowley. Geez, we haven't heard that name in a while.

Scully: Then you know her.

Byers: Well... yeah.

Frohike: She was... Mulder's chickadee when he just got out of the Academy. Good looking.

Scully: Well she claims to have worked closely with him for a while.

Langly: She was there when he discovered the X-Files. She has some kind of background in Parascience.

Byers: She got a legout appointment a while back in Berlin. I always wondered why they split up.

Mulder: How's little Karnac doing?

Fowley: Put a TV in front of him, he turns right into a normal kid.

Scully: An area of the temporal lobe the neurophysicists are calling the God Module.

Skinner: I hope I'm not going to hear that this kid is the next Christ child.

Scully: These talks included instructions from the Justice Department to close down the X-Files.

Mulder: This was all strategised, every move. I just couldn't see it. It all was part of a plan.

Scully: Mulder, whatever you may believe, this time they may have won.