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Scully fights to protect a small girl from the men responsible for her adoptive parent's deaths, while Mulder's investigation into where the girl came from draws him into a deadly confrontation.

Part two of two

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Scully: [voiceover] It begins where it ends... in nothingness. A nightmare borne from deepest fears, coming to the unguarded. Whispering images unlocked from time and distance. A soul unbound, touched by others but never held. On a course charted by some unseen hand. The journey ahead promising no more than my past reflected back upon me. Until at last I reached the end. Facing a truth I could no longer deny. Alone, as ever.

Mulder: What are you colouring?

Emily Sim: A potato.

Mulder: Have you ever seen Mr Potato-head? [Emily nods] He looks like this... [Mulder blows his cheeks out and crosses his eyes] Doesn't he?

Mulder: I found Emily's surrogate mother. I had Frohike hack into the California Social Services adoption database.

Scully: You got a name?

Mulder: Yeah. Her mother of record is one Anna Fugazzi.

Scully: Fugazzi?

Mulder: Yeah, as in slang term for fake.

Scully: I don't understand. Why create a false record?

Mulder: Because there are no true records. Emily didn't come into this world through any system that keeps them.

Scully: Well how did she come into this world?

Mulder: Have you asked yourself that?

Mulder: No matter how much you love this little girl, she is a miracle that was never meant to be, Scully.

Judge Maibaum: Agent Mulder, help me out here. Does FBI stand for Federal Bureau of Imagination? Am I to understand that your partner, along with a dozen other women in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was abducted by employees of our federal government?

Mulder: She was missing for four weeks. That's documented in the file.

Judge Maibaum: And you found evidence that, during this time, she was subjected to a series of experiments where — you say — they extracted her ova.

Mulder: Yes. All of them.

Judge Maibaum: Can that be done?

Mulder: I believe it can. And was. And that Emily Sim was conceived as a result of those experiments.

Judge Maibaum: And that can be done as well?

Mulder: I don't know how else to explain it. A medical exam of Miss Scully would show that she hasn't given birth.

Judge Maibaum: You know, under normal circumstances this petition would be fairly simple. But I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this... Michael Crichton bit.

Mulder: I included this information in anticipation of you reaction and how it might look if you received this information without any explanation.

Judge Maibaum: Can you give me an explanation? Why anyone would kidnap Miss Scully to... to conceive this child, then put it up for adoption,

Mulder: No. But the fact remains that Miss Scully is the mother of this child.

Judge Maibaum: Not in any legal definition.

Mulder: Well if you can show me a legal precedent for this case I'd like to see it.

Scully: Takes two of us just to get my sister-in-law into bed these days.

Mulder: When's she due?

Scully: Two weeks ago.

Mulder: So I'm... wasting your time. This is not worth the life of a three year old girl.

Dr Calderon: I wouldn't frame it like that — that's not it at all. Look, I'm... I'm truly sorry, but there's really nothing I can do. However, uh... I do wish you... the very best.

Mulder: [taking Dr Calderon's hand to shake] Okay, then. [Throws Dr Calderon onto the table, yanks him up, slapping him hard on the face] How you feeling now? [Slap] Little more helpful? [Slaps Dr Calderon again and throws him to the ground] Condescending little liar! [Kicks Dr Calderon in the back]

Dr Calderon: Help!

Mulder: Why don't you tell me what your company is really in business for? [Throws Dr Calderon against a bookshelf] Huh? Abducting women and stealing their unborn children! Medical rapists, that's all you are! Now, are you gonna let that little girl die? She's just a lab rat to you! [Holds gun in Dr Calderon's face] Why don't you tell me who's life is worth saving, yours or hers? I want everything to help that little girl! [Guards appear at office door, Mulder throws Dr Calderon to the ground] I'll be back.

Scully: Detective...

Detective Kresge: Happy New Year...

Scully: Thanks for coming down.

Detective Kresge: I'm posting two cops outside her room.

Scully: That may not be necessary.

Detective Kresge: What if this guy Calderon is thinking about coming back?

Scully: Well there seems to be some indication that he came here to help her.

Detective Kresge: I don't understand. You said on the phone that he was some how connected to the death of Emily's parents.

Scully: Because Emily's mother wanted to stop the tests, just like I did. Because as much as they'll do anything to remove that gets in their way, it seems that they need Emily to continue the tests.

Anna Fugazzi: Hello.

Mulder: Anna Fugazzi?

Anna Fugazzi: Yes.

Mulder: Your name is Anna Fugazzi?

Anna Fugazzi: Yes. Are you the new doctor?

Mulder: No. No I'm not. Is that your real name?

Anna Fugazzi: Yes. For the last 71 years. Were you looking for me?

Mulder: Not until now.

Mulder: That makes eight for eight.

Frohike: Are you in adoption services, Mulder?

Mulder: No, I'm at the maternity ward.

Frohike: Any... fetching young mothers in there?

Mulder: Yeah, I think you might have a shot here, Frohike. You know anything about pharmaceuticals?

Frohike: Medicinal or... recreational?

[Mulder asks about Dr Calderon]

Anna Fugazzi: He's supposed to be here. I was going to start my beauty sleep.

Mulder: Your beauty sleep? What is that?

Anna Fugazzi: He says it's taken years off of my appearance.

Scully: I'm okay, Mulder. It's what's meant to be.

Mulder: But if you could treat her?

Scully: I wouldn't. I wouldn't do it to her.

Mulder: Are you sure?

Scully: Mulder, whoever brought this child into this world... didn't intend to love her.

Mulder: I think she was... she was born to serve an agenda.

Scully: I have a chance to stop that. You were right. This child was not meant to be.

Scully: Who were the men who would create a life whose only hope is to die?

Mulder: I don't know... but that you found her. And you had a chance to love her. Maybe she was meant for that too.

Scully: She found me.

Mulder: So you could save her.