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Home for the holidays, Scully is haunted by dreams which hint at a strange connection to a murdered woman's daughter.

Part one of two

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Scully: [to Tara Scully] You're huge!

Bill Scully Jr: Well let's get you two settled. Sorry about the digs, Mom. I know you hoped like hell you'd never have to spend another night in Base housing.

Margaret Scully: Are you kidding. This is wonderful.

Scully: It's the exact same layout as our old house.

Bill Scully Jr: That's the Navy for you.

[Scully answers her brother's phone]

Scully: Scully residence.

Unknown Caller: Dana.

Scully: Yes. I'm sorry. Who is this?

Unknown Caller: Dana. She needs your help. She needs you, Dana. Go to her.

Scully: Who... who is this?

[Scully enters the crime scene at the Sim residence and Detective Kresge ushers her out]

Detective Kresge: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who are you?

Scully: Scully. FBI. [flashing badge] Can you tell me what's going on here?

Detective Kresge: Well, no offence Scully FBI, what's it to you?

Scully: I received a phone call... from this address. It was a woman's voice. She said that somebody here needed help.

Detective Kresge: When was this?

Scully: About 20 minutes ago.

Detective Kresge: I've been here 30 minutes. I guarantee you no one's called out, to you or anyone else. The phone's off the hook.

Scully: Please can you tell me what happened here?

[Detective Kresge takes Scully through to the bathroom]

Detective Kresge: This is Mrs Roberta Sim. Age 40. Suicide. She's been dead at least three hours. You got a call from her, she must've dialled 1-800-THE-GREAT-BEYOND.

Bill Scully Jr: What's going on? They're... they're joking about you getting a call from a dead woman.

Scully: I thought it was a dead woman, just not the one in there.

Bill Scully Jr: What are you talking about?

Scully: I know it's not possible, Bill. But it sounded just like her.

Bill Scully Jr: Who?

Scully: Our sister. Melissa.

Tara Scully: Oh! Oh, that was a good one!

Bill Scully Jr: What? Is he kicking?

Tara Scully: Oh, he's kicking! He's kick-boxing! Well you had boys and girls, so which one kicked more?

Margaret Scully: Oh I had some pretty tough little girls.

Scully: [answering mobile phone] Scully.

Unknown Caller: She needs your help.

Scully: Who is this? Why are you doing this?

Unknown Caller: Go to her.

Detective Kresge: Scully FBI. What can I do for you at this ungodly hour?

Scully: I'd like to see everything you have on the Roberta Sim case.

Detective Kresge: The Roberta Sim case? [Scully nods] There is no Roberta Sim case, it's a simple suicide. We sort of went through this before, you and I, didn't we?

Scully: Whatever you wish to call it, I'd appreciate seeing everything that you have. In the spirit of the season?

Scully: Says here that your precinct visited the Sim's before, two weeks ago. A domestic disturbance.

Detective Kresge: We sent a unit cause the neighbours were complaining. They were screaming at each other. Wasn't a happy household. Happy people don't kill themselves.

Bill Scully Jr: Is this where you stayed the night? [Asleep at her computer]

Scully: Yeah... Some of it.

[Scully walks into Detective Kresge's office to order an autopsy on Roberta Sim]

Detective Kresge: Agent Scully. It's been — what? — four hours. I was getting worried.

Margaret Scully: Dana! Are you all right? It's 2 o'clock in the morning. Where have you been all day? We were expecting you for lunch.

Scully: Mom. Sit down. The woman who committed suicide has an adopted daughter, a three year old named Emily. I got a sample of Emily's blood and I had the lab run a test on her DNA. It's called a PCR test. This is Emily's, [slides Emily's PCR results across] this is Melissa's, [slides Melissa's PCR results across] which we ran during her murder investigation. They match.

Margaret Scully: What does it mean they match?

Scully: It means... that this little girl Emily... is Melissa's daughter.


[A young Dana and Melissa Scully rush down to the Christmas tree before anyone else is up and inspect the presents]

Scully: This has got to be it! It's got to be Hotel California!

Bill Scully Jr: You really think Melissa had a baby?

Scully: Yes. I do.

Bill Scully Jr: She called you from beyond the grave to tell you that? Sounds like something that partner of yours would say.


Melissa Scully: So, you worried about Quantico or... who gets the most presents this year?


Melissa Scully: There is no right or wrong. Life is just a path. You follow your heart and it'll take you where you're supposed to go.

Scully: God, you sound like a greeting card.

[Scully has fallen asleep on the couch]

Tara Scully: Hey! Good morning. Hey, sleepyhead! Merry Christmas!

Bill Scully Jr: Did Santa come?

Tara Scully: Santa's still here.

Bill Scully Jr: She always had to be the first up on Christmas. Couldn't wait to open those presents.

Margaret Scully: What is it?

Scully: It's the DNA test on Emily Sim's blood.

Bill Scully Jr: What does it say?

Scully: It says definitively that Melissa is not Emily's mother. But that they found striking genetic similarities between Emily and Melissa. So many that they... ran a test against another sample that they already had.

Margaret Scully: What sample?

Bill Scully Jr: What are you trying to say?

Scully: According to this... I am Emily's mother.