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Agent Mulder discovers the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial life while Scully is forced to confront her own mortality.

Part one of three

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Scully: Four years ago Section Chief Blevins assigned me to a project you all know as the X-Files. As I am a medical doctor, with a background in hard science, my job was to provide an analytical perspective on the work of Special Agent Fox Mulder, whose investigations into the paranormal were fuelled by a personal belief that his sister had been abducted by aliens when he was twelve. I come here today, four years later, to report on the illegitimacy of Agent Mulder's work. That it is my scientific opinion... that he became, over the course of these years, a victim. A victim of his own false hopes, and of his belief in the biggest of lies.

Bill Scully Jr: I'm sorry I'm late. My ship got stuck in traffic. You get my birthday card?

Scully: Yes, I did. Thanks for remembering this year.

Bill Scully Jr: Well, once a decade.

Father McCue: I feel awkward sitting here. I'm sure you do too.

Scully: No. I'm sorry.

Father McCue: I've known your family for so many years. Your mother asked me to come, that I might have a word with you. I know its been some time since we've spoken ourselves, since you drifted from the church —

Scully: Father McCue.

Father McCue: — In this time of personal crisis, a threat to your health, turning back to your faith is important and essential.

Scully: Father McCue. I appreciate my mother's concern, and yours, but I'm being treated for my cancer and I'm taking every precaution —

Father McCue: Faith can make you stronger.

Scully: I haven't felt a need. I have strength... and I'm not going to come running back now, that's just not who I am. I'd be lying to myself and to you.

Mulder: Who else knows about this?

Arlinsky: No one. I know what your first thought was. But the St Elias range? That's a long way to go for a hoax.

Mulder: Well, if you're going to go, why not go all the way?

Mulder: You think its foolish?

Scully: I have no opinion actually.

Mulder: You have no opinion?

Scully: This is your holy grail, Mulder. Not mine.

Mulder: What is that supposed to mean?

Scully: It just means proving to the world the existence of alien life is not my last dying wish.

Mulder: How about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?

Mulder: Then you accept the possibility that belief in god is a lie?

Scully: I don't think about it actually, and I don't think that it can be proven.

Mulder: But what if it could be? Wouldn't that knowledge be worth seeking? Or is it just easier to go on believing the lie?

Dr Vitagliano: There's some cellular material within the matrix.

Scully: Plant or animal?

Dr Vitagliano: I don't know. It's what I'd have to classify, a chimera — a hybrid cell.

Scully: From what?

Dr Vitagliano: As I said, I don't know.

Scully: Is it capable of cell division?

Dr Vitagliano: I don't know that either. I just now found them. I'd like to get them under our electron microscope, if that's okay?

Scully: Yes. Please.

[Mulder and Arlinsky see a body lying in a snow bank]

Mulder: Funny place to take a nap.

Michael Kritschgau: Please don't shoot. I didn't mean to hurt you. I had no choice.


Michael Kritschgau: If you arrest me, they'll kill me.


Michael Kritschgau: The same people who are trying to kill you. The people who gave you your cancer.

Scott Ostelhoff: Where did Mulder go?

Babcock: He got a call.

Scott Ostelhoff: Is he a believer?

Babcock: Oh yeah.

Scott Ostelhoff: Then we're then only ones who know.

Babcock: Right.

Mulder: They would have known that the body would be carbon dated, that it would be proven a fake.

Michael Kritschgau: The body will never be tested, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: What do you mean?

Michael Kritschgau: You were only meant to see it, to make you believe the lie, so that you might finally commit and go public with the news.

Mulder: [to Scully] This man is a liar.

Michael Kritschgau: You can see for yourself, Agent Mulder. The body is all ready long gone.

Mulder: After all I've seen and experienced, I refuse to believe that it's not true?

Scully: Because it's easier to believe the lie, isn't it?

Mulder: What the hell did that guy say to you that you'd believe his story?

Scully: He said that the men behind this hoax, behind these lies, gave me this disease to make you believe.

Scully: Early this morning I got a call from the police asking me to come to Agent Mulder's apartment. The detective asked me, he needed me to identify a body...

Section Chief Blevins: Agent Scully...

Scully: Agent Mulder died late last night from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.