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Mulder and Scully investigate a murder for which the suspect presents an incredible alibi — that the death was foretold by an old man able to see into the future.

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Scully: Says here in the police report that they'd been seen arguing earlier that evening. But Jason Nichols has refused to tell police about what.

Mulder: Hmm, sounds like a motive doesn't it?

Scully: That's his alibi? That some old man came and warned him that his colleague was going to die?

Mulder: Well he goes on to tell a pretty convincing story and to give a rather detailed description of the old man.

Scully: What was he wearing, a long black robe and carrying a scythe?

Mulder: Well not when campus security picked him up.

Scully: He was arrested?

Mulder: Minutes before the accident, according to Jason Nichols. Trying to warn Nichols even as he was being hauled away.

Scully: Has anybody talked to him?

Mulder: No.

Scully: Has anybody talked to the campus security officer?

Mulder: Can't.

Scully: Why not?

Mulder: He's dead.

Scully: Of what?

Coroner: I haven't been able to make a definitive determination as to cause or time of death. There's been some internal disagreement over how to proceed.

Scully: You mean with the autopsy?

Coroner: Yes, but mostly whether to cut or to saw. [Uncovers the frozen body of the campus security officer] You see why we didn't put him in refrigeration.

Mulder: You ever seen a body in such an advanced hypothermic state?

Scully: Hypothermic? Mulder, this man's an icicle.

Mulder: So what's your... medical opinion, Scully?

Scully: Well, my best guess would be that he's been exposed to some kind of chemical refrigerant like liquid nitrogen. Possibly even ingested it.

Mulder: Well, you see what happens when you drink and drive?

Mulder: Maybe we should ask Jason Nichols if he can explain this.

Scully: What if he can't?

Mulder: Lets just hope he keeps until thanksgiving.

Mulder: There are people out there looking for him.

Dr Jason Nichols: Who? Campus police?

Mulder: I'm sure you know that the man who allegedly detained the man you described is now dead.

Dr Jason Nichols: So are they going to try and blame me for that one too?

Mulder: Well not unless you're capable of killing a man by flash-freezing him.

Dr Jason Nichols: What?

Mulder: The security officer, who is now in the morgue, has a body temperature a little south of Frosty the Snowman.

Scully: I think the old man in this story is going to be Jason Nichols serving 25 to life in a federal prison?

Mulder: I just spoke with the bellman who brought up the luggage.

Scully: What did he say?

Mulder: The ice man cometh. Dr Yonechi was accompanied by a man in his 70s.

Scully: And a Dr Yonechi was also found frozen to death.

Dr Lisa Ianelli: What?

Mulder: In his heated hotel room.

[Scully argues that attempting to revive the frozen Dr Yonechi is a lost cause]

Mulder: Well, if he's already dead he's got nothing to lose.

Mulder: I think the real question is how somebody could have had access to a compound that doesn't exist.

Mulder: The hotel manager says he's been living here for five days.

Scully: I'm not sure if living is the word I'd use on this place.

Scully: When was this taken? [A photograph of Nichols, Ianelli and Yonechi]

Mulder: And what's the occasion?

Scully: A celebration. But of what?

Mulder: Of something that never happened.

Scully: What? Mulder, this is a photograph. It is a documented moment in time?

Mulder: In a future that somebody's trying like hell to prevent from happening.

Mulder: Although common sense may rule out the possibility of time travel, the laws of quantum physics certainly do not. In case you forgot, that's from your graduate thesis. You were a lot more open minded when you were a youngster.

Mulder: Look, Jason, I don't expect you to get your mind around this completely right now.

Dr Jason Nichols: What?

Mulder: The man we're looking for — the old man — he's you.

Mulder: Puts a whole new spin on being your own worst enemy, huh?

Older Jason Nichols: [to Dr Nichols] It's better that we never were.

Mulder: Never? Never is a very long time, Scully. You said that yourself. Although multidimensionality suggests infinite outcomes in an infinite number of universes, each universe can produce only one outcome.

Scully: I was 23 when I wrote that.

Mulder: Yeah, but I take that to mean you were suggesting that the future can't be altered. Which means that the elder Jason Nichols' attempts to stop his own research will fail and that eventually his compound — and time travel — will be discovered.