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Agents Mulder and Scully investigate the apparent downing of a commercial jetliner by a UFO.

Part one of two

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Scully: Mulder... you have never remembered my birthday in the four years I've known you.

Mulder: That's the way I like to celebrate them, every four years. It's like dog years that way.

Scully: Dog years? Thank you.

Mulder: You're welcome. Oh, I got something for you.

Scully: Oh, you've got to be kidding me...

Mulder: It's just something that reminded me of you.

Scully: What? An alien implant?

Mulder: Two actually. I made them into earrings.

Scully: Oh, please tell me this isn't leading to something really embarrassing.

[Mulder has just informed an NTSB briefing of the possibility of Flight 549 being forced down and that UFOs may have been involved]

Scully: You sure know how to make a girl feel special on her birthday.

Mulder: Nine minutes, Scully. Do you remember the last time you remember seeing nine minutes?

Scully: Are you accusing these men of covering evidence?

Mulder: These men? No. These men are trained to identify moving parts; hydraulics, electronics. They're trained to reconstruct those parts in the past and arrive at the present, but they can't do that because someone has stolen the past from them. Nine minutes of it. Nine minutes that became a lifetime to those passengers and now for their families. Someone has got to figure out what happened in those nine minutes. Somehow we've got to get that back.

Sergeant Gonzales: What did you tell them? [Mulder and Scully]

Sergeant Frisch: What I was supposed to say.

Sergeant Gonzales: Somebody's going to figure out what's going on.

Sergeant Frisch: I don't ask. I don't know. I don't want to know.

Sergeant Gonzales: They find out the truth, you think anybody's going to take the heat for us?

Sergeant Frisch: I'm not the only liar here.

Sergeant Gonzales: They come back here to talk to me, I'm telling the truth. I'm not going to have no blood on me.

Motel Manager: Look at this! [Sharon Graffia's motel room is trashed] I don't know what kind of game she was playing in here. She blew the door right out of the jamb. I doubt insurance will cover it.

Mulder: Does your policy cover the acts of extraterrestrials?

Scully: We'll take care of it.

Mike Millar: What happened here?

Mulder: You're the experts. Why don't you bring your team down here and work it out?

Mike Millar: They've got their hands full.

Mulder: Yeah, coming up with all that inconclusive evidence.

Bruce Bearfield: Have you worked at this depth before?

Mulder: Not exactly.

Bruce Bearfield: What exactly is your experience?

Mulder: Once I got a quarter off of the deep end of the Y pool.