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The mysterious assassin of a high-ranking military official has Mulder and Scully racing against the clock to stop a seemingly unstoppable assassin.

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[Mulder and Scully talk to Skinner after a case briefing]

Scully: Was that for the benefit of the General or have you been able to develop a real strategy?

Skinner: Right now I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Mulder: You mean there's no procedure outline for an invisible assassin?

Skinner: You heard his story, Mulder?

Mulder: Yeah, I found his story compelling personally, but then again, I believe the Warren Commission.

[An armed response team surround Denny Markham's compound]

Mulder: There goes the neighbourhood.

Scully: You don't believe him do you?

Mulder: What if he's telling the truth?

Scully: A phantom POW left for dead comes back to avenge the injustices?

Mulder: Maybe the war ain't over, Scully.

Mulder: Don't let them do this.

Skinner: Let it go, Agent Mulder. You did your job.

Mulder: So did Nathaniel Teager.

Skinner: You found the man that you were looking for, but now he's dead. It's over.

Mulder: Is that what you believe? Is that what you really believe? They're not just denying this man's life, they're denying his death. And with all due respect, Sir, he could be you.