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Agent Mulder's search for an informant inside a cult compound leads to a suspect to whom he may have an unexpectedly close personal connection.

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Melissa Reidal/Sarah Kavanaugh: I am he that liveth and was dead. And behold, I am alive forevermore.

Agent Riggins: The ATF intelligence reports were weak. I mean , our man Spooky found Ephesian in a bunker ATF didn't even know was there.

Skinner: Ephesian had six women o the verge of suicide. You witnessed it. My concern is that the temple members are released any subsequent Federal investigation will ignite Ephesian's paranoia to such a degree that we won't have another Waco on our hands. We'll have Jonestown.

Scully: Time is flying and we've got six wives to question. My estimate is twelve more hours of fire and brimstone and not a second about Sidney.

Scully: You didn't even have the courage to tell Skinner what you really believe. That Melissa Riedal is being invaded by her past life incarnations.

Mulder: Because he wouldn't believe me.

Scully: I don't believe that you feel responsible for those fifty lives. Or Melissa Riedal. You are only responsible to yourself, Mulder.

Melissa Reidal/Sarah Kavanaugh: [to Mulder] 26th of November, 1863. I was here. As were you. This is the field where I watched you die.

Mulder: She wants to talk, Scully. It's a matter of getting it out of her.

Scully: No, it's about regressing her to a past life. Don't do this to her, Mulder. This poor woman's mind — her life — is in shreds. Just being married to Ephesian indicates that she is susceptible to suggestion.

Mulder: YOU WERE THERE, SCULLY! You saw it! You heard it! Why can't you feel it? How could I know about a bunker in a field where I've never been?

Scully: And why is it that Vernon Ephesian is reported by you a paranoid sociopath because he believes that he lived in Greece a hundred years ago and you're not even though you believe you died in that field?

Mulder: Dana? If... early in the four years we've been working together... an event occurred that suggested... or somebody told you that we'd been friends together... in other lifetimes. Always. Would it have changed some of the ways we looked at one another?

Scully: Even if I knew for certain, I wouldn't change a day... Well... maybe that flukeman thing. I could of lived without that just fine.

Melissa Reidal/Sarah Kavanaugh: [to Mulder] Your eyes may have changed shade, but it cannot colour the soul behind them. We've come together in this life, this time, only to meet in passing. It is so heartbreaking to wait... I miss you.

Scully: There's nothing that we can use to prove this is the truth.

Mulder: There's one way. [Mulder wants to regress to his past lives]

Scully: Mulder, Ephesian's arrainment is in two hours, there is no time to be doing this.

Mulder: Wouldn't you do it Scully? Wouldn't anybody?

Mulder/Jewish Woman: The souls come bck together. Different, but always together. Again and again to learn.

Mulder/Jewish Woman: Evil returns as evil, but love... love. Souls mate eternal.

Mulder/Sullivan Biddle: She doesn't know. She doesn't know... that I'm waiting for her. That we will live again. That we will live again.

Mulder: At times I almost dream. I too have spent a life the sage's way. And tread once more familiar paths. Perchance I've perished in an arrogant self-reliance an age ago, and in that act of prayer for one more chance went up so earnest, so... Instinct with better light let in by death that life was blotted out not so completely, but scattered wrecks, enough of it to remain dim memories. As now, one seems once more... the goal in sight again.