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Agents Mulder and Scully's search for a man who seems to possess strange powers leads to the discovery of a dangerous secret from Mulder's past. The secret could bring Mulder and Scully to the brink of exposing the truth about alien existence.

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Jeremiah Smith: You have to understand something. I must perish. Whatever the consequences to that end they are incalculable to the preservation of the larger plan.

Mulder: The larger plan? You mean colonisation.

Jeremiah Smith: Hegemony, Mr Mulder. A new origin of the species.

Mulder: I don't understand.

Jeremiah Smith: I can show you.

Scully: [answering mobile phone] Scully.

Mulder: Scully, it's me. Where are you?

Scully: I'm right where you left me, Mulder. [Eight hours previously] I'm sitting here in my car.

Mulder: Why?

Scully: Because you wouldn't answer your phone and because I didn't know what else to do. [Scully has the bounty hunter sitting in the backseat of the car with a spike to her neck]

Mulder: Samantha, it's me. It's me, Fox, your brother. Do you remember me? [to Jeremiah Smith] What's wrong with her?

Jeremiah Smith: She has no language.

Mulder: What do you mean?

Jeremiah Smith: She's a drone, Mr Mulder, a worker.

Mulder: How did they get here?

Jeremiah Smith: They're stationed here. They're part of an agrarian work force.

Mulder: Who takes care of them?

Jeremiah Smith: They take care of themselves. Parenting is unnecessary, a needless division of energy.

[Mulder looks around the small cluster of houses at duplicates of his young sister and a young Kurt Crawford]

Mulder: They're clones.

Jeremiah Smith: Serial ova-types. You seen enough, Mr Mulder? We can't stay around here much longer.

Mr X: If you want to involve yourself, Agent Scully, you might do well to give this information to your partner.

Scully: Not until you give me some information first. These are data entries taken from Social Security records —

Mr X: You're going in the wrong direction, Agent Scully.

Scully: — all beginning with the letters SEP. You know what these are. Confirm or deny.

Mr X: Smallpox Eradication Program.

Scully: Smallpox?

Mr X: Don't unlock doors you're not prepared to go through, Agent Scully.

Scully: What's that supposed to mean?

Mr X: Leave it alone.

Skinner: I'm not a scientist, Agent Scully, and I don't know that many people in this room...

Scully: What I'm saying is that I think this protein is a tag. Some kind of genetic marker that was applied to me when I was inoculated against Smallpox as a child.

Senior FBI Agent: Why you?

Scully: Not just me, all of us. Quite possibly anybody who's been inoculated over the last 50 years.

Second FBI Agent: Agent Scully, frankly this sound like something we might have expected from Agent Mulder.

Scully: I had my doubts and I'm still not certain, but I performed the same procedure on Agent Pendrell. The location of the protein from his biopsy should be identical to mine, but it's slightly different. Which might correspond to the alpha-numeric entries collected at the Social Security administration.

Skinner: So what you're saying, Agent Scully, is we're being catalogued, tagged and inventoried. By who?

Scully: I don't know, but it would have to be a government agency.

Senior FBI Agent: And to what purpose?

Scully: I don't know that either and I think the only man who might be able to give us that information is Jeremiah Smith.

Mulder: [on phone] I'm going to need some protection, Scully.

Scully: Oh believe me, Mulder, you're going to have it.

Mulder: What do you mean?

Scully: There's a lot of people who want to talk to Jeremiah Smith.

Bounty Hunter: [to Mulder] Everything dies.

Mulder: I've seen too many things not to believe.

Scully: I've seen things too, but there are answers to be found now. We have hope that there's a place to start. That's what I believe.

Mulder: You put such faith in your science, Scully, but... the things I've seen science provides no place to start.

Scully: Nothing happens in contradiction to nature; only in contradiction to what we know of it. So that's a place to start. That's where the hope is.

[A dying Mr X writes SRSG in his own blood on the floor outside Mulder's apartment]

[Mulder has been asking the various Special Representatives of the Secretary General at the UN about the farmland in Canada where he saw his sister]

Marita Covarrubias: Can I ask why this is so important to you?

Mulder: I've suffered... I've suffered some very personal losses recently... and I was hoping... that...

Marita Covarrubias: Not everything dies, Mr Mulder.

[The Smoking Man explains to the Bounty Hunter why he should heal Mrs Mulder]

Smoking Man: If his mother were to die, he would...

Bounty Hunter: Be what?

Smoking Man: You see, the most ferocious enemy is the one who has nothing left to lose and you know how important Agent Mulder is to the equation.