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Agents Mulder and Scully uncover a dark conspiracy behind a bizarre series of seemingly unrelated murders in a small town. As the extent of the conspiracy is revealed, Scully's trust in Mulder is put to the test.

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Mulder: Our blind date's not off to a great start. I've been waiting here nearly two hours.

Plain-Clothed Man: I was asked to make sure you weren't followed.

Mulder: It's just you, me and the drug dealers.

Plain-Clothed Man: Well, this area's always been known for its criminal element.

Mulder: Especially when Congress is in session.

Mulder: Is this a school day?

First Boy: We didn't cut!

Second Boy: We got a pass.

Mulder: You got a pass to come in here and eat these people's food and watch their TV?

First Boy: No...

Second Boy: Are we in trouble now?

Scully: How did you get in here?

First Boy: Through the window. They leave it open for the cat.

Mulder: Well maybe you should head back to school. [They move for window] No, no, no, use the front door!

Scully: Mulder. Look at this. There must be hundreds of videos here.

Mulder: Anything good?

Scully: All I see are recordings of cable news shows. They're all dated and in chronological order. You know that's what Patnick was watching at the hospital when he went all wiggy. I wonder if there's any connection.

Mulder: Between what he saw and what he recorded and what did?

Scully: You're the one who's interested.

Mulder: I just watched 36 hours of Bernard Shaw and Bobbi Batista. I'm about ready to kill somebody too.

Scully: Well, recent studies have linked violence on television to violent behaviour.

Mulder: Yeah, but those studies are based on the assumption that Americans are just empty vessels ready to be filled with any idea or image that's fed to them, like a bunch of Pavlovs' dogs, and go out and act on it.

Scully: But they believe that the causal connections are there, Mulder.

Mulder: The studies have also shown causal connections between cow flatulence and the depletion of the ozone layer. What you're talking about is psuedoscience used to make political book.

Mulder: All I know is television does not make a previously sane man go out and kill five people thinking they're all the same guy. Not even Must See TV could do that to you.

Scully: Okay, then how do you explain it?

Mulder: I can't. Not yet.

Scully: Where are you going?

Mulder: I'm going to go get some sleep. Looks like you could use some too.

Scully: No, I'm going to watch the rest of these tapes. Just out of curiosity.

Mulder: You have fun.

Scully: What happened?

Mulder: She claims she looked out the window and saw her husband in the hammock... [Motions to barking dog] With the blonde.

Scully: THAT blonde?

Mulder: Yeah, apparently he was taking a nap with his dog. But Mrs Riddock swears she looked out the window and saw her husband in the hammock with a blonde woman.

[Mulder picks up an extremely ugly ceramic figurine purchased from a home shopping channel]

Mulder: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. What do you think, Scully?

Scully: I think television plays a large part in both of these murderers lives.

Mulder: As it does in almost every American home. But television does no equal violence. I don't care what anybody says. Unless you consider bad taste an act of violence...

Mulder: What does it do?

Frohike: Glad you asked!

Mulder: Bet all you guys were officers in the audio-visual club in high school, huh?

Mulder: It still looks the same.

Frohike: Hold on to your hat, dude. [Adjusts oscilloscope and indicates differing waves] We have touchdown.

Byers: You know the way television works?

Mulder: Yeah, you click it on, you get a picture...

Frohike: But we don't want to talk about it over the phone. Big Brother may be listening.

Mulder: Bring it home, Boys.

Mulder: It's the naked lady in the ice cube.

Frohike: Ah, one of my personal favourites.

Frohike: What happened?

Mulder: Maryland State Police. They think they found Scully.

Frohike: Is she okay?

Mulder: No... um... they think maybe I should come down and ID the body.

Mulder: Mrs Scully, is she here?

Margaret Scully: Uh... no.

Mulder: You haven't been answering your phone.

Margaret Scully: Well, when I hear from her I'll call you.

Mulder: I need to see her. [Pushes through the doorway]

Margaret Scully: Fox, please, go away. Go away.

Margaret Scully: Dana, you're not yourself. He's telling you the truth.

Scully: It's not the truth, Mom. He's lied to he from the beginning. He never trusted me.

Mulder: Scully, you are the only one I trust.

Scully: You're in on it. You're one of Them. You're one of the people who abducted me. You put that thing in my neck! You killed my sister!

Margaret Scully: That's not true, Dana.

Scully: It is.

Scully: ...Everybody was out to get me.

Mulder: Now you know how I feel most of the time.

Mulder: You want me to go first this time? [Last time the motel manager opened a door for Mulder he was shot at]

Motel Manager: Damn straight!

Mulder: [to Mr X] You're a coward. You work in the shadows. You feed me scraps of information, hoping that I can piece it together. You've made me risk my life, you've risked my partners' life, and you never risk your own.

Smoking Man: Have you completed your work?

Mr X: All the personnel and hardware has been removed. But Mulder still has one of the devices.

Smoking Man: That proves nothing. What about Mulders' source?

Mr X: He's been eliminated.

Smoking Man: And his source? Who's he working with?

Mr X: That person remains unknown.