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As Agents Mulder and Scully continue to investigate a bizarre illness that originated with the discovery of a mysterious World War II wreckage buried at sea, several government figures try to thwart their efforts.

Part two of two

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Sick Crewman: That thing is still down there. The Navy'll deny it. But you've got to make sure the truth gets out. I can trust you to do that, can't I, Mr Mulder?

Young Smoking Man: You can trust all of us...

Scully: I thought I asked for guards to be posted outside?

Agent Caleca: We put in a request with the DC police.

Scully: This wasn't a random shooting. I want guards posted here and I want them here now.

Agent Fuller: I think it's a matter of pulling men off something else.

Scully: I've heard the excuses. I don't care if you and Agent Caleca have to stand out in the hallway yourselves. This man has to be protected. Okay?

Smoking Man: What's the prognosis?

Navy Doctor: It's just a matter of time. This kind of absorption will have a rapid effect on cellular activity, giving rise to the onset of massive and malignant cancers.

Smoking Man: He anyone been in to see these men?

Navy Doctor: No. Your orders were to isolate them. But I think we should get a specialist in here because... frankly I've never seen anything like this.

Smoking Man: I have.

Navy Doctor: Do you know what caused this?

Smoking Man: Have the bodies destroyed.

Navy Doctor: But sir, these men aren't dead yet!

Smoking Man: Isn't that the prognosis?

[Mulder wakes up in hospital to see Scully sitting by his bedside]

Mulder: I guess I'm not dead.

Scully: Well it may not be the best time to tell you but, you're not the only one in the hospital. Skinner's been shot.

Mulder: What's his condition?

Scully: A bullet perforated his small intestine. The doctor seems to think he'll be fine.

Mulder: Who shot him?

Scully: I'm not sure. But I have an idea.

Mulder: What are those?

Scully: PCR results. This one belongs to the man who shot Skinner.

Mulder: And who does this one belong to? [Mulder holds to two transparencies together. They are a perfect match]

Scully: The man who shot Melissa.

Scully: Hi. How are you feeling?

Skinner: Like someone's been inside my stomach redecorating.

[Scully enters office and notices Gauthier's deep sea diving suit]

Mulder: It looked great on me in the store.

Mulder: I don't think this is just ordinary diesel oil, Scully. I think it's a medium. A medium being used by some kind of alien creature that uses it to body jump.

Scully: So you're saying that this stuff has intelligence?

Mulder: I think that it came off of whatever they pulled off the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It's been waiting down there for 50 years for another host, another body, to bring it up to the surface.

Scully: Waiting to jump into the diver and then into the diver's wife?

Mulder: And then into Krycek.

Scully: Krycek?

Mulder: I think that Mrs Gauthier went to Hong Kong under the control of this thing to find Krycek. I know... I know how it sounds.

Scully: Is anybody not looking for Krycek?

Mulder: No. But I think the $64,000 question is, what is this thing looking for. You know, now that it's in Krycek, what does it want.

Well-Manicured Man: My advice to you, sir, is to understand the priorities here. Get this shooter out of the country as quickly as possible. If the Assistant Director IDs him, our well placed operatives won't be able to stand in the way of your arrest. Compromising beyond repair the secrecy of our work and the security, as you so arrogantly assert, of our project's future.

Smoking Man: I'll handle it.

[The Lone Gunmen retrieve a package from the Capitol Ice lockers]

Frohike: Nothing to it.

Byers: You should call upon our services more often.

Langly: We show talent for these G-man activities.

Mulder: You mean if I want somebody whacked on the knee with a lead pipe?

Frohike: Only if you want the job done right.

Mulder: It's gone. [The DAT tape is missing from the package]

Frohike: I've got something here. Writing. Somebody wrote on the top of the package and left an impression.

Mulder: Let me see that.

Byers: Your guys at the FBI turned a major serial murderer with a vestigial pen impression.

Mulder: It does look like something.

Langly: Your site crime guys at the Bureau have a laser there that can measure any change in the surface down to a few nanometres.

Byers: Actually they can lift a perfect impression using magnetic toner and a sheet of mylar. An electrostatic device is applied to the specimen and renders the information by drawing the toner from the indentations to the mylar surface.

Frohike: Actually —

Mulder: Actually it's a phone number. New York City area code. 555-1012. [Mulder hands Frohike the pencil that he has used to make a rubbing of the impression] Now don't drop that. It's a finely calibrated piece of investigative equipment. I'm going to make a phone call...

Frohike: I'll be damned.

Agent Fuller: Well we got a name to go with the face. [Skinner's attacker]

Scully: Beautiful.

Agent Fuller: His name is Luis Kardinal. Native of Nicaragua. School of the America's alumni. Career mercenary. Apparently he impressed a lot of people with his marksmanship during the Iran-Contra deal.

Scully: I'll bet.

Scully: Keep looking for him.

Agent Fuller: We've pretty much exhausted our avenues.

Scully: What's it going to take?

Agent Caleca: At this point? Other than a sign from god?

Scully: I've seen stranger things believe me. [Scully leaves the room]

Agent Pendrell: I believe she has.

Well-Manicured Man: I trust we're alone.

Mulder: We're all alone in New York City, sir.

Scully: Mulder, it's me. Where are you?

Mulder: I'm at the airport in New York.

Scully: What are you doing?

Mulder: I'm looking for my rental car agreement.

Scully: What are you doing in New York?

Mulder: I'll tell you when I see you.

Scully: Mulder, your instincts were right about Skinner. We just arrested a man for what looks like attempted murder.

Mulder: Who?

Scully: It's him, Mulder. The man who shot my sister.

Mulder: Look, Scully —

Scully: Mulder, listen to me. He says he knows where Krycek is. I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but he says that he's headed towards an abandoned missile site in North Dakota.

Mulder: I want you to meet me at the DC airport in an hour. I want you to get two tickets on the first flight to North Dakota.

Scully: What's in North Dakota?

Mulder: The salvaged UFO.

Scully: There must be 200 silos out here. And if I'm correct they were all filled with concrete in accord with the disarmament treaty when the base was decommissioned.

Mulder: I didn't sign any disarmament treaty. [Pulls out gun]

[Mulder and Scully are standing inside an empty silo]

Scully: Where's the concrete?

Mulder: Apparently nobody else signed that treaty either.

Scully: One down, 199 silos to go.

Mulder: Actually I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to... thank you for everything you did.

Skinner: You mean getting shot in the gut?

Scully: I think the dead are speaking to us, Mulder. Demanding Justice. Maybe that man was right. Maybe we bury the dead alive.