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Mulder tracks a series of religiously motivated murders. Each of the eleven victims claims to have been stigmatic, all turned out to be frauds. When Mulder and Scully discover a little boy displaying inexplicable wounds of religious significance, they try to protect him from the killer they know will be coming.

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Reverend Findley: I once gave counsel to a little girl. She was very distraught because her older brother had told he that Moses hadn't really parted the Red Sea. He said that high winds and ocean currents had been responsible.

Reverend Findley: Most people today tend to vest themselves in science and cynicism. They expect proof for all they see. Miracles are wondrous by nature, they need no rationale. No justification. You must witness the miracles of the lord without question. [He raises his hands and blood flows from his clenched fists] My blood flows as a test of your faith. Open your souls to the divine possibilities. It is then and only then that you will truly understand the awesome powers of the almighty lord.

Mulder: No, I think this is a case of too much faith. [Mulder tastes the blood pooled under the victim] And too much sugar.

Scully: Any clue as to the motivation?

Mulder: Either we're dealing with a psychotic religious fanatic who's hell bent on exposing these kind of frauds or a less programatic psycho who harbours a resentment towards the church. Or maybe it's just a... very disgruntled altar boy.

Scully: Well that narrows down the field.

Mrs Tynes: Kevin Kryder. I assume, Kevin, that in the last 24 hours you've become quite the math wizard. Why don't you come on up to the board and share with us your gift with numbers?

Carina Maywald: I love my job... [After dealing with a furious parent]

Scully: Did you get a composite?

Mulder: Yeah, looks like Kevin was abducted by Homer Simpson's evil twin.

Scully: This isn't the killer, Mulder.

Mulder: I think that's a safe assumption.

Owen Jarvis: I was only asked to protect the boy.

Mulder: By who? Who asked you to protect him?

Owen Jarvis: God.

Mulder: That's quite a long distance call isn't it?

Owen Jarvis: He who has ears, let him hear.

Mulder: And he who has a tongue, let him speak.

Scully: Mr Jarvis, my religious convictions are hardly the issue here.

Owen Jarvis: But they are. How can you help Kevin if you don't believe? Even the killer, he believes.

Mulder: And you wonder why I sleep in on Sundays.

Kevin Kryder: [to Scully] Are you the one that was sent to protect me?

Mulder: Any revelations?

Scully: Mulder, would you do me a favour? Would you smell Mr Jarvis?

Mulder: You want me to smell him? What am I supposed to be smelling?

Scully: You don't detect a faint floral odour? Mulder, this man's body is in no way decomposing normally. In catechism we learned of incidences like this, so called incorruptibles, whose bodies wouldn't decay and who emitted a smell of flowers.

Mulder: You're serious?

Scully: Saint Cecilius. Saint Francis.

Mulder: And now you're suggesting that this is Saint Owen?

Mulder: He was rather abnormal in life, maybe he's decomposing abnormally.

Scully: Well isn't a saint or a holy person just another term for someone who's abnormal?

Mulder: Do you really believe that?

Scully: I believe in the idea that god's hand can be witnessed. I believe he can create miracles, yes.

Mulder: Even if science can't explain them?

Scully: Maybe that's just what faith is.

Mulder: Well I wouldn't let faith overwhelm your judgement here. These people are simply fanatics behaving fanatically using religion as a justification. They give bona fide paranoiacs like myself a bad name. They are no more divine or holy than that ketchup we saw on the murdered preacher. And I think that once you've finished your autopsy, you'll come to the same conclusion.

Mulder: You never draw my bath. [After Scully draws Kevin's bath]

Scully: How is it that you're able to go out on a limb whenever you see a light in the sky but you're unwilling to accept the possibility of a miracle? Even when it's right in front of you?

Mulder: I wait for a miracle every day... but what I've seen here has only tested my patience, not my faith.

Simon Gates: The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon will turn to blood. Because of you, son.

Kevin Kryder: Is that why you want to hurt me?

Simon Gates: It's not a question of wanting. You have to die, Kevin. For everyone, for the new age to come. You understand that, don't you? The others were all false prophets. You are the only true one among the twelve.

Scully: Stop! Federal Agent! I'm armed! Let him go. Let him go and we'll talk about it.

Simon Gates: There's nothing to talk about. I was called upon.

Scully: Maybe I'll see you again sometime.

Kevin Kryder: You will.

Priest: Sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth. Why does that surprise you?

Scully: Mostly it just makes me afraid.

Priest: Afraid?

Scully: Afraid that god is speaking. But that no one's listening.