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A photograph taken just previous to the death of a two year old boy yields evidence of some supernatural intervention which peaks Mulder's curiosity. When another death in the family occurs, the grandmother of the remaining child requests the aid of some Romanian ritualists in order to cleanse the home of evil.

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Mulder: You see this is a helium balloon here, and the one thing I did learn in kindergarten is when you let them go they float up, up and away. But you see this is moving away from him. Horizontally.

Scully: Did you learn about wind in kindergarten?

Scully: So you're saying that a... a ghost killed Teddy Holvey. Has anyone checked the camera that took this photo? The lens or the pressure plate?

Mulder: It all checked out, Scully. I think from the information here, this is clearly some kind of poltergeist activity.

Scully: Mulder, this information is the same reason why I'll see a newspaper photo with Jesus' face appearing in the... the foliage of an Elm tree. It's a chance occurrence of light and shadow.

Mulder: In order to get on those tracks Teddy Holvey had to escape this childproof halter that his mother had tied to a bathroom sink.

Scully: I've seen some pretty slippery two year olds —

Mulder: And so the CME took it home and put it on his own two year old and found that it was physically impossible for the child to reach around and free himself. So unless Teddy Holvey was the reincarnation of Houdini...

Dr Burks: And that would be an X-File in itself.

Scully: Well I think this boy needs as much protection as he can get, but just not from ghosties and beasties. Here take a look at this. Have you ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy?

Mulder: Yeah, my grandfather used to take that for his stomach.

Scully: Well before we do anything I think we should get Charlie out of the house. I just put a call in to a social worker who's going to come down and make a report.

Mulder: The courts are reluctant to intervene in these matters.

Scully: Not when a child is in danger and not after they see two dead roosters in the old woman's bedroom.

Mulder: Really.

Mulder: Before Chuck succumbed to the glamours of academia he did a tour of duty on the old Hippie Trail.

Dr Burks: In 1979 I witnessed a guru named Sai Baba create an entire feast out of thin air.

Scully: Too bad you didn't take a picture. You could have run it through your computer and seen the entire Last Supper.

Scully: Now the coroner's preliminary report states that she died of a heart attack, but those wounds Mulder, I'd swear it looked like her eyes were pecked out.

Head Calusari: The evil that is here has always been. It has gone by different names through history. Cain, Lucifer, Hitler. It does not care if it kills one boy or a million men. If you try to stop us the blood will be on your hands.

Mulder: You've got to get to Mrs Holvey's house.

Scully: Why?

Mulder: That boy you saw leaving with Mrs Holvey. That wasn't Charlie.

Scully: You're saying that Mrs Holvey left here with a ghost?

Mulder: A spirit, a ghost, I'm not sure. But it's what we saw in the photograph. It's what the old woman was trying to protect the family from.

Scully: But Mulder —

Mulder: Whatever it is, it's killed three people and you've got to get to Mrs Holvey before it happens again.

Scully: What are you going to do?

Mulder: Get help.

Head Calusari: [to Mulder] Don't look at it. Look away or it will recognise you.

Head Calusari: [to Mulder] It is over for now. But you must be careful. It knows you.