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Scully mysteriously appears in a Washington DC hospital, kept alive almost entirely by machines. Frustrated by his inability to help her, Mulder drives himself crazy trying to find the people responsible. Though his quest for vengeance could make him exactly like those whom he despises.

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Mulder: It's too soon, Mrs Scully. We can't give up.

Margaret Scully: That day in the woods I felt for my daughter. But at this moment, I know how my daughter felt.

Inscription on Scully's tombstone:

The spirit is the truth. 1 John 5:07.

Melissa Scully: I've been told not to call you Fox.

Mulder: By who?

Melissa Scully: Dana. Just now.

Mulder: I need to do more than just wave my hands in the air.

Byers: Good work sneaking out these charts.

Frohike: Tucked them in my pants.

Mulder: There's plenty of room down there.

Langly: You look down, Mulder. Tell you what, you're welcome to come over Saturday night. We're all hopping on the Internet to nitpick the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2.

Mulder: I'm doing my laundry.

Mulder: Will she live?

Byers: Um... her immune system has been decimated and I doubt even a healthy human body has the ability to fight this. Mulder, there's nothing you can do.

Mr X: I didn't expect you here til after visiting hours.

Mulder: There was a man. He took Scully's blood.

Mr X: Forget him.

Mulder: Get that gun out of my face.

Mr X: This high capacity compact Sig Sauer 40 calibre weapon is pointed at your head to stress my insistence that your search for who put your partner on that respirator desist immediately.

Mulder: You ignore my call for help and then you expect me to do what you say. You can go to hell.

Mr X: You got him killed. You got her killed. That is not going to happen to me. You're my tool, you understand? I come to you when I need you.

Mulder: She's not dead.

Mr X: Listen to you. Listen, you're a damn schoolboy, Mulder. You have no idea, no idea.

Mulder: Okay, then tell me. Tell me.

Mr X: I used to be you; I was where you are now. But, you're not me, Mulder. I don't think you have the heart. Walk away, grieve for Scully and then never look back. You will be able to live with yourself, Mulder, on the day you die.

Melissa Scully: She's dying. That's perfectly natural. We hide people in these rooms because we don't want to look at death. We have machines prolong a life that should end. That's a much more unnatural circumstance than any cause of her death.

Mulder: That's very politically correct.

Melissa Scully: That's very human. I love her and this is right.

Margaret Scully: Dana has made our decision.

Smoking Man: If you're having trouble sitting on Mulder, Assistant Director Skinner, I'm sure you know that we would have no trouble.

Skinner: Yeah, come in. Sit down. I called you right up here because of rumours about an incident at the hospital last night?

Mulder: Is this about the tooth that was found in the cafeteria Jell-O?

Skinner: The rumour has it that you were involved? In the laundry room?

Mulder: No sir?

Skinner: A man was executed, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: I was with Scully.

Skinner: Traces of her blood were found at the scene.

Mulder: May I see the police report?

Skinner: There is no police report of this incident, Agent Mulder, and there is no body. You know that.

Mulder: Since I am unfamiliar with any such incident, sir, no, how would I know that?

Skinner: Knock it off.

Mulder: How does it feel? Constant denial of everything, questions answered with a question.

Skinner: I want to know what happened, damn it!

Mulder: Him! That's what happened. Cancer Man! He's responsible for what's happened to Scully.

Skinner: How do you know that?

Mulder: It's a rumour... Who is he?

Skinner: It's not your —

Mulder: Oh, you can have it all, my badge, you can have the X-Files. Just tell me where he is.

Skinner: And then what? He sleeps with the fishes? We're not the Mafia, Agent Mulder. I know it's easy to forget, but we work for the Department of Justice.

Mulder: That's what I want.

Skinner: Agent Scully was a fine officer. More than that, I liked her, I respected her. We all know the field we play on and we all know what can happen in the course of the game. If you were unprepared for all the potentials, then you shouldn't step on the field.

Mulder: What if I knew the potential consequences, but I never told her?

Skinner: Then you're as much to blame for her condition as the Cancer Man.

Captain Scully: Hello, Starbuck. It's Ahab. People would say to me, life is short, kids, they grow up fast, before you know it it's over. I never listened. To me life went at a proper pace, there were rewards until the moment that I knew, I understood, I would never see you again. My little girl. Then my life felt as if it had been the length of one breath, one heartbeat. I never knew how much I loved my daughter until could never tell her. At that moment I would have traded every medal, every commendation, every promotion for one more second with you. We'll be together again, Starbuck. But not now. Soon.

Smoking Man: Don't try and threaten me, Mulder. I've watched presidents die.

Mulder: Why her? Why her and not me?

Smoking Man: I like you. I like her too. That's why she was returned to you.

Mulder: You should be the one to die.

Smoking Man: Why? Look at me. No life, no family, some power. I'm in the game because I believe what I'm doing is right.

Mulder: Right? Who are you to decide what's right?

Smoking Man: Who are you? If people were to know of the things I know, it would all fall apart. I told Skinner you shot the man in the hospital, but I didn't really believe it. And here you are with a gun to my head. I have more respect for you, Mulder. You're becoming a player. You can kill me now, but you'll never know the truth. That's why I'll win. Don't worry this'll be our secret. We wouldn't want others to start rumours.

Skinner: When I started out this room was where they kept the copier.

Mulder: At least back then it wasn't just wasted space.

Skinner: I'm afraid to look any further beyond that experience. You? You are not. Your resignation is unacceptable.

Mulder: You. You gave me Cancer Man's location. You put your life in danger.

Skinner: Agent Mulder, every life, every day is in danger. That's just life.

Mr X: Your plane ticket.

Mulder: Well, we barely know each other...

Melissa Scully: Why is it so dark in here?

Mulder: Because the lights aren't on.

Melissa Scully: Okay...

Melissa Scully: Listen, I don't have to be psychic to see that you're in a very dark place. Much darker than where my sister is. Willingly walking deeper into darkness cannot help her at all. Only the light —

Mulder: Oh, enough with the harmonic convergence crap. You're not saying anything to me.

Melissa Scully: Why don't you just drop your cynicism and your paranoia and your defeat. You know, just because it's positive and good, doesn't make it silly or trite. Why is it so much easier for you to run around trying to get even, than just expressing to her how you feel? I expect more from you, Dana expects more. Even if it doesn't bring her back, at leats she'll know and so will you.

Margaret Scully: Hello, Fox.

Scully: Not Fox. Mulder.

Mulder: How you feeling?

Scully: I really don't remember anything. After Duane Barry...

Mulder: It doesn't matter. I brought you a present. Superstars of the Super Bowls.

Scully: I knew there was a reason to live.

Scully: Mulder. I had the strength of your beliefs.

Mulder: I was holding this for you. [Mulder returns Scully's necklace]