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Despite Scully's absence, Mulder finds the strength to continue his work on the recently reopened X-Files. When he recognises a Los Angeles killing as the work of the Trinity murderers, a trio of killers with a fetish for drinking blood, it gives him work in which to immerse himself.

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[Reading quote from John 52:54 that is written on the wall in blood]

Mulder: He whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. They have the same feeble, literal grasp on the Bible as all those big-haired preachers do.

Mulder: I work alone.

Commander Carver: An FBI agent without a partner?

[Mulder is looking for the Son, when he is startled by the guard and pulls his gun]

Guard: Easy, man! Easy! Sorry, man. I didn't know you were there. Damn freak night watchman down there always breaking the light bulbs.

Son: I'll only talk to him... [Pointing to Mulder]

Detective Gwynn: [to Mulder] Lucky you.

Son: When a snake eats a fly, it's not murder. It just is.

Mulder: Frogs eat flies... Are you dead?

Son: I never will be.

Mulder: You believe that?

Son: Don't you want to live forever?

Mulder: Not if drawstring pants come back into style.

Son: Look, what nobody knows is that there is no after-life. I know this, but listen, listen. I know this, because, when we prolong our lives by taking theirs, all I see is such horror, in their eyes. And that's because at that moment, they're face to face with death and then suddenly they realise there's nothing else. There's no heaven, there's no soul; there's just rot and there's just decay. And I will never ever ever ever have to face that.

Mulder: It's a stiff price though. Look at yourself, drinking blood, living in darkness, unable to see your reflection in a mirror. Or is that just a myth? [Mulder pulls out mirror and sees the Son's reflection]

Son: I can't be seen in a mirror. Look, anything worth anything has a price. And when I'm standing next to your death bed looking as young as I look right now and I see that fear in your eyes at that moment of death, then, then tell me the price is too stiff.

Mulder: It's more likely I'll be looking into your eyes at the moment before they lead you into the gas chamber. But that's a moment you won't have to face if you tell me where the others are.

Son: Why would I? They're the only ones that can kill me.

Mulder: Well if you are what you say you are, I know what can kill you.

Mulder: It'd be very easy to cover those windows. Just tell me where the other two are. In another couple of hours, there'll be no escaping the sun, Son.

[Mulder leaves the cell]

Mulder: If he wants to talk, cover the windows and call me.

Detective Gwynn: What if he turns into a bat and flies out through the bars?

Mulder: That man is clearly delusional, but I get the sense that not even he believes his own claims. For now we've got to play along with his beliefs. I'm hoping that the sunlight will give him an excuse to talk.

Detective Gwynn: Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?

Mulder: I didn't check into a hotel room. I don't sleep anymore.

Mulder: I'm familiar with proferia. It's an affliction that causes lesions and blisters when skin is exposed to sunlight, not fourth degree burns. Sufferers may have a haema deficiency which can be supplemented by a small ingestion of blood, not the kind of blood-thirst that this man had. It's probably ignorance of proferia as a disease that led to the creation of vampire myths in Asia in the middle ages. I had dismissed the possibility of the actual existence of such a creature as myth.

Dr Browning: You are really upsetting me... on several levels.

[Dr Browning uses a light bulb to reveal ink burned into the Son's hand]

Dr Browning: An old coroner's trick.

Mulder: I can make a quarter appear from behind your ear.

Kristen Kilar: Are you about to ask what a normal person like me is doing in a place like this?

Mulder: How do you define normal?

Kristen Kilar: Misha, red wine... I don't. How do you?

Mulder: All I know is... normal is not what I feel.

Kristen Kilar: You've lost someone. Not a lover... a friend.

Kristen Kilar: My name's Kristen. It's a normal name.

[Kristen pricks her finger and raises the blood to Mulder's lips. He stops her]

Mulder: AIDS... Aren't you afraid?

Kristen Kilar: [laughs] I wish I could die.

Detective Gwynn: All this time I've been putting raspberry sauce on ice cream...

[Mulder examines fingerprints on a tin of raspberry sauce]

Mulder: Check these prints immediately. One will be the victim's, the other should be the woman we're looking for.

[Kristen fingers Dana's necklace that Mulder now wears]

Kristen Kilar: Are you trying to ward me off?

Mulder: It's from someone I lost.

Kristen Kilar: Well, I hope you find her.

[Mulder attempts to shave in the bathroom when Kristen walks in with towels]

Mulder: No mirrors...

Kristen Kilar: I don't like the way I look.

Mulder: It makes this hard...

Kristen Kilar: I'll do it.

Son: Kill him and we'll be together. You've got to drink the blood of the Spirit.

Kristen Kilar: But he's not —

Son: He is. The Spirit is one who believes. He knows we're possible.

[Kristen pours gasoline through her house. The Son is still tied where Mulder left him]

Son: You can't kill us. You're not one of us.

Kristen Kilar: But I will be. [She touches the wound on her head and licks the blood from her hand] I'm tasting the blood of a believer.

Son: But you haven't taken a life.

Kristen Kilar: I'll take mine. [She drops a lit match to the floor]

Fireman: Mulder. I'm sorry. They found four bodies. All dead.

Mulder: The remain?

Fireman: The fire was extremely hot. It was just ashes and bones.