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A recent rash of killings in the small town of Franklin, PA brings Mulder to profile the murderers. A task made more difficult by the fact that none of them had any previous history of violence and all died at the end of their berserker rages. The only clues he has is some destroyed electronics and an unknown organic substance.

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Postal Machine: [to Ed Funsch] KILL. KILL. KILL 'EM. KILL 'EM ALL.

Elevator: [to real estate agent] NO AIR. CAN'T BREATHE. KILL 'EM ALL.

Sheriff Spencer: Things like this aren't supposed to happen here.

Mulder: A 42 year old real estate agent murders four strangers with his bare hands. That's not supposed to happen anywhere.

Sheriff Spencer: Played softball with this guy over Labor Day. He was one of those nice guys. Couldn't play and didn't bitch about being stuck in right field...

Mulder: What's wrong with right field?

Sheriff Spencer: Always the first one to shake hands at the end of the game... didn't matter whether he won or lost...

Mulder: Gotta have an arm to play right field...

Sheriff Spencer: Bought a round of beers afterwards even though he didn't drink...

Mulder: I played right field.


Mulder: There have been reported abductee paranoia in UFO mass abduction cases...

Scully: [reading Mulder's emailed case study report] I was wondering when you'd get to that.

Mulder: ...I find no evidence of this to be the case.

Diagnostic Engine Tester: [to Bonnie McRoberts] LIAR. HE'S A LIAR. HE'LL RAPE YOU. HE'LL KILL. YOU KILL HIM FIRST.

Larry Winter: Agent Mulder? Larry Winter, County Supervisor.

Mulder: [holding up gloved hand] Pardon my rubber.

Mulder: Mrs McRoberts?

Bonnie McRoberts: Yes?

Mulder: This is Sheriff Spencer. I'm Agent Fox Mulder with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. May we come in?

Bonnie McRoberts: I'm late for work.

Mulder: You can blame me. Been having some car trouble?

Bonnie McRoberts: That's my husband's department.

Mulder: May I speak with him?

Bonnie McRoberts: He just took the car to Pittsburgh for a business meeting. Is it okay if I have my breakfast?

Mulder: It's the day's most important meal.

Microwave: [to Bonnie McRoberts] HE KNOWS. KILL 'EM BOTH.

Television in Department Store: [to Ed Funsch] BEHIND YOU. [Gun display in sporting goods department] DO IT!

Frohike: Hmm... [Examining the fly that Mulder brought]

Byers: In our April edition of The Lone Gunman we ran an article on the CIA's new CCD-TH 2138 fibre-optic lens micro video camera.

Langly: Small enough to be placed on the back of a fly.

Mulder: Imagine being one of those flies on the wall of the Oval Office...

Frohike: Been there... Done that...

Byers: That is an Eurasian Cluster Fly. They infest vegetation like, uh, apples or cherries and can inflict a great deal of damage to crops.

Langly: This one's probably been irradiated to control propagation.

Byers: Or, agents of competing South American agricultural corporations posing as Franklin City employees are releasing fertile flies to destroy the crop.

Frohike: [dunks fly in Petrie dish, fly fries] Nope. This bug's been nuked.

Mulder: [patting Byers on back] It was a fine effort, though. Have you ever come across this chemical compound?

Langly: LSDM. Obviously you haven't read our August edition of TLG?

Mulder: Oh, I'm sorry, boys. It arrived the same day as my subscription to Celebrity Skin.

Byers: Come over here.

Frohike: [playing with night goggles] So, Mulder? Where's your little partner?

Mulder: She wouldn't come... She's afraid of her love for you.

Frohike: She's tasty.

Mulder: You know, Frohike, it's men like you that give perversion a bad name.

Mulder: Hey, Frohike! Can I borrow these? [Night goggles]

Frohike: If I can have Scully's phone number.

Larry Winter: I checked up on you. You have a pension for... spooky evidence.

Mulder: Don't start with that tired crap. Don't start diverting blame.

Mulder: Scully, are you familiar with subliminal messages?

Scully: You mean like sex in ice cubes of liquor ads? That's paranoia.

[Sheriff Spencer leaves while Mulder's telling Scully about subliminal messages]

Mulder: He's probably one of those people that thinks Elvis is dead...

Scully: Mulder, I was wrong. Exposure to the insecticide does induce paranoia.

Mulder: I think this area is being subjected to a controlled experiment.

Scully: Controlled by who? By the government, by a corporation, by Reticulans?

Scully: But why, Mulder? Why would they intentionally create a populace that destroys itself?

Mulder: Fear. It's the oldest tool of power. If you're distracted by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above.

Television: [to Ed Funsch] BLOOD.

Calculator: BLOOD.

Digital Watch: KILL.

Scully: This is odd... [examining ripped-out doorbell]

Mulder: Frustrated Jehovah's Witness?

Bus Display: [to Ed Funsch] THEY'RE WAITING. GET OFF.

College Marquee: [to Ed Funsch] UP. [Clock tower]

Mobile Phone: [to Mulder] ALL DONE BYE BYE