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Mulder pulls some strings to be assigned to a case involving the disappearance of 30 loggers in Washington state. They discover that the loggers, in illegally cutting down a tree, faced a punishment far worse than what the judicial system would have done. Now the two agents must try to avoid the same dark fate.

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Mulder: Take a good look, Scully.

Scully: What am I looking at?

Mulder: 30 loggers working a clear-cutting contract in Washington state. Rugged, manly men in the full bloom of their manhood.

Scully: Right, what am I looking for?

Mulder: Anything strange, unexplainable, unlikely... boyfriend?

Scully: And you suspect what? Bigfoot?

Mulder: Not likely. That's a lot of flannel to be choking down even for Bigfoot. Come on, Scully. It will be a nice trip to the forest.

[Inspecting the radiator of a vehicle that has been filled with rice]

Scully: Well, you're right about one thing.

Mulder: What's that?

Scully: It definitely wasn't Bigfoot.

[Inspecting the desiccated loggers corpse found in the cocoon]

Scully: It's a male.

Mulder: Barely.

Larry Moore: I'd say it's some kind of spider's nest or insect cocoon.

Scully: What kind of an insect could have gotten a man all the way up in that tree?

Mulder: Itsy bitsy spider...

Doug Spinney: If we stand around here talking, there'll be nothing left to say. I'd start thinking about getting that generator started. Darkness is our enemy.

Doug Spinney: You don't want to go out in the night. Take my word on that. It's out there.

Steve Humphreys: What? I go out that door, something's going to attack me, eat me alive and spin me in its web?

Doug Spinney: Yes.

Steve Humphreys: What, it's too polite to come in here and get me?

Doug Spinney: For some reason it's afraid of the light.

Scully: What do you think?

Mulder: I think I'm going to suggest we sleep with the lights on.

Scully: These bugs aren't moving any more. They're either dead or they're asleep.

Doug Spinney: It's the light. They don't like the light.

Scully: That's weird. I mean usually bugs are attracted to the light.

Doug Spinney: These obviously are not your ordinary bugs, to say the least.

Mulder: There's actually this lake where they've discovered a kind of an amoeba that can literally suck a man's brains out.

Scully: Oh, brain sucking amoeba.

Mulder: And I told her it would be a nice trip to the forest.

Mulder: And if they're not...

Clean-Suited Man: That is not an option, Mr Mulder.