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Mulder and Scully check out the curious murder of a man in Connecticut. When they discover that another man in California was killed simultaneously in the same manner, the uncanny resemblance of the two men's daughters seems more than coincidental. So, when the first child disappears, the two decide to keep an eye on the remaining child. What they find isn't alien, but rather something much more familiar.

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Scully: Death by Hypovolemia. 75% blood loss. That's over four litres of blood.

Mulder: Could say the man was running on empty.

Mulder: Are you at all familiar with the phenomenon of cattle mutilations?

Scully: Hmm?

Mulder: Since 1967 over 34 states have reported unsolved cases of cattle mutilation. The trace evidence is remarkably similar. Incision marks of surgical precision. The area around the mouth and often the sexual organs has been removed. There's a substantial degree of blood loss without a trace of blood at the scene.

Scully: How can that be?

Mulder: Exsanguination. If you were to stick a needle into the jugular of any living creature the heart itself would act as a pump. These animals had their jugulars punctured in the same way as the man from Greenwich, Connecticut. Only this is the first time I've ever seen it on a human being

Scully: But there was no sign of a struggle. I mean, how can a man just sit through a bloodletting?

Mulder: The ME found traces of Digitalis. That's a South American plant that can be used as a paralytic drug.

Scully: What a minute, these X-Files indicate that this is a UFO related phenomena. Often there are sightings in the sky near the incidents, surface burns —

Mulder: Witnesses often report time loss. We've seen this in abduction cases. That might explain why the girl can't remember anything.

Scully: Mulder, why would alien beings travel light years to Earth in order to play doctor on cattle?

Mulder: For the same reason we cut up frogs and monkeys. Besides they seem to have stepped up their interest.

Mulder: That's a nice bunny, Teena. Teena, can we talk about what happened that day? About what happened in the backyard? [Teena nods] Yeah? Do you remember any strange sounds or lights or anything like that?

Teena Simmons: There was red lightning.

Mulder: Can you tell me about the red lightning?

Teena Simmons: I can't remember. It all went dark.

Mulder: Have you ever seen anything like that before? [Teena nods] You have? When?

Teena Simmons: The men from the clouds, they were after my dad.

Mulder: Why were these men after your dad?

Teena Simmons: They wanted to exsanguinate him.

Scully: Time of death was estimated at 2:30 pm. Same day, only three hours earlier than the Simmons murder.

Mulder: That's Pacific Standard Time. That makes it the exact same moment.

Scully: It appears as if we have two serial killers working in tandem.

Mulder: No. Serial killers rarely work in pairs and when they do they kill together not separately.

Scully: Mulder, nothing beyond your leading questions to Teena Simmons substantiate a UFO mutilation theory.

Scully: She was kidnapped from the social services home around 11:00pm last night. Looks like someone was afraid she might remember too much.

Mulder: Someone or something Scully?

Scully: Connecticut state troopers set up roadblocks within half an hour. Nothing.

Mulder: Maybe they weren't looking in the right direction. [Pointing up]

Mulder: And one girl was just abducted.

Scully: Kidnapped.

Mulder: Puh-tay-toe, puh-tah-toe.

Scully: Mulder, you're rushing me out of the room.

Mulder: No I'm not.

Scully: Do you have a girl coming over?

Mulder: What's a girl? I've got a movie I want to watch on TV. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.

Mulder: What are you doing here?

Deep Throat: Thought we might take in a Warriors game

Eve 6: Unlock the chains... then we'll talk.

Mulder: They're probably there for a good reason.

Eve 6: No. Bad reason. I paid too much attention to a guard. Bit into his eyeball... I meant it as a sign of affection.

Eve 6: This replication of chromosomes also produces additional genes. Heightened strength, heightened intelligence...

Mulder: Heightened psychosis.

Eve 6: Saved the best for last.

Mulder: He remembers this kid. She told him he should use chlorine to eradicate the dynoflagelates in the swimming pool. That sound like someone you know?

Scully: That's it.

Mulder: Back off, I'm a Federal Agent.

Trucker: Yeah, and these are America's Most Wanted. Hands in front. Now let the girls go.

Woman: Get in the truck girls. Get in. I'm going to call the police.


Mulder: Forget your sodas?

Cindy Reardon: We didn't do anything wrong.

Teena Simmons: We're just little girls.

Mulder: That's the last thing you are.