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After a space shuttle launch is aborted and evidence of some bizarre sabotage is found, a NASA worker asks Mulder and Scully to take a look around. Meanwhile, the former astronaut who is in charge of the mission is apparently haunted by something he encountered during a spacewalk on a previous mission.

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Mulder: ...to deny us evidence.

Scully: Evidence of what?

Mulder: Alien civilisation.

Scully: Oh. Of course.

Mulder: You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid Scully?

Scully: Guess I missed that phase.

Scully: Didn't you want to get his autograph?

Mulder: I have to admit, that fulfilled one of my boyhood fantasies.

Scully: Yeah, it ranks right up there with getting a pony and learning how to braid my own hair.

Mulder: Come on Scully, you have to admit that was exciting. Mission control, the countdown.

Scully: It's an oxygen leak. Even I can figure out what happens when you run out of oxygen.