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When the Arctic Ice Core Project's final transmission is a crazed scientist saying 'We are not who we are', Mulder and Scully become part of an investigative team sent to the Alaskan site. Upon arrival, they discover that the unearthing of an unearthly parasite could spell trouble for them as well.

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Scully: What happened up there?

Mulder: So far nobody's been able to reach the compound because of bad weather. Obviously, they think we're either brilliant or expendable, because we pulled the assignment.

Mulder: The National Weather Service reports a three day window to get in and out before the next Arctic storm. Bring your mittens!

Mulder: San Diego? Do you get much of a chance to study ice down there?

Dr Murphy: Just what's around the keg.

Dr Hodge: Can I see some identification?

Mulder: What for?

Dr Hodge: I want to make sure we are who we say we are.

Dr Hodge: Oh, can we see some credentials?

Bear: Credentials? The only credentials I have is that I'm the only pilot willing to fly you up there. You don't like those credentials, walk.

[A stool sample is requested from everyone]

Mulder: Okay. Anyone got the Sunday morning sports section handy?

Mulder: We we're told we'd have three clear days of weather. Over.

Radio Operator: Welcome to the top of the world, Sir. Over.

[The men start to strip for a physical exam]

Mulder: Before anyone passes judgement, may I remind you, we are in the Arctic.

Scully: At least everyone's okay.

Mulder: Don't forget... the spots on the dog went away.

Mulder: PUT IT DOWN.


Mulder: SCULLY. For god sakes, it's me.

Scully: Mulder, you may not be who you are.

Scully: Two worms in one host will kill each other.

Mulder: You give me one worm, you'll infect me.

Scully: If that's true, then why didn't you let us inspect you?

Mulder: I would have, but you pulled a gun on me. Now I don't trust them, I want to trust you.

Mulder: It's still there, Scully. 200,000 years down. In the ice.

Scully: Leave it there.