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While laid up in the hospital after a skiing accident, an amnesia-stricken Jimmy suspects his doctor is a wanted killer offing his patients.

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Langly: A whole lot of white. That's what I'm getting. I told you this was a stupid place to park. [Their van is snowed in]

Byers: And I told you to dress appropriately.

Langly: I've got 42 T-shirts on. I can't feel my legs.

Byers: Stay focussed. Ten more minutes and we'll have what we need.

Frohike: [on radio] Ice Station Zebra. Ice Station Zebra, do you read me?

Byers: [on radio] Loud and clear. What do you see?

Frohike: [on radio] Nothing yet, but I'm scoping major heat. Somebody's coming. [Walter Stukas skies past] Oh yeah, there's our poacher. He should be on your grid now. Skiing north, towards the border. He's coming your way down the hill, Jimmy.

Jimmy: [on radio] I read you, Zebra. I'm in position. This is Snowflake, by the way.

Langly: I you not to let him pick his own name.

Jimmy: [on radio] I've got two men of Asian extraction, who just arrived by snowmobile.

Byers: [on radio] Those are the buyers. It's up to you now, Jimmy — Snowflake. Make sure you get a shot of the merchandise changing hands.

Jimmy: [on radio] Here me comes. [Walter Stukas heads away from the Asian buyers] Whoa. What's he doing?

Byers: [on radio] What's going on?

Jimmy: [on radio] He just skied off. He's not heading to the meeting.

Frohike: [on radio] Damn it, Jimmy.

Langly: [on radio] Did you let him see your face?

Jimmy: [on radio] He didn't see me. It must be something else. I'll find out what. [Jimmy skies in pursuit]

Dr Bromberg: Mr Bond. Are you with me?

Jimmy: Where am I?

Dr Bromberg: You don't recall having this conversation already? You're in St Jude's Hospital, in Bellingham.

Jimmy: Washington, right?

Dr Bromberg: Exactly. You had a bad accident skiing. I'm your surgeon, Dr Bromberg, I did the ligament work on your leg. It should heal up fine. You have quite a concussion. I want to keep you here a couple more days, make sure you're okay. You up for a visit.

Jimmy: Yeah.

[Dr Bromberg signals the Lone Gunmen to enter and leaves the room]

Jimmy: Hey guys. Guess what? It seems like I have been in some sort of skiing accident.

Byers: We know, Jimmy. We brought you here.

Langly: You remember, don't you? Please tell me, you remember.

Jimmy: I... yeah... I do sort of remember skiing, now that I think about it.

Frohike: But what did you see out there?

Jimmy: I don't know. What?

Langly: Oh god. I can't do any more surveillance out there. I've got thin blood.

Byers: Jimmy, see if this rings any bells for you. There's a poacher up here. A survivalist and ex-con by the name of Walter Stukas.

Frohike: Total anti-government nut job. He did time for murder. He recycles his own urine.

Byers: And he traps and kills Grizzly Bears. Their whole species is threatened, their numbers are diminishing. But this man kills these magnificent animals for their gall bladders.

Frohike: Worth ten times their weight in gold on the Asian black market.

Langly: The Triad smuggles them through western Canada to mainland China.

Frohike: Now, if we can catch them in the act and get the evidence, we can get one hell of a story. And the cops, they can shut him down.

Byers: Jimmy... please... stopping this means a lot to me. You have to remember.

[Nurse Marilyn enters the room]

Nurse Marilyn: So, you're awake. How are you feeling?

Jimmy: Really, really frustrated. If I can't clear my head, a whole lot of bears are going to die.

Frohike: Well, hang in there, buddy. [The Lone Gunmen leave]

Nurse Marilyn: Well, Jimmy, my name is Marilyn. And if there is anything that I can do to make you feel better, you be sure to let me know. So... your girlfriend must have been terribly worried about you.

Jimmy: I don't have one.

Nurse Marilyn: Oh. I have to give you an injection. It's pain medication for your leg.

Jimmy: Okay. [He pulls up his sleeve, Nurse Marilyn shakes her head] Not in the arm?

Nurse Marilyn: Doctor's orders. [Jimmy rolls on his side] Oh my!

Jimmy: Huh?

Nurse Marilyn: Nothing. Now what else can I do for you? Sponge bath maybe. What is it that you want?

Jimmy: Cotton balls. Lots and lots of cotton balls.

Langly: How can anybody live up here?

Byers: Think warm thoughts, like how good it will feel to see this man, Stukas, arrested. Well hello, Mr Stukas. [Walter Stukas has appeared on their monitors]

Langly: He can't see us, can he? [There is a banging on the van and Frohike lets himself in] Ah, crap. It's cold.

Frohike: Sorry. Oh man, what a nut. That guy's so paranoid he makes us look normal.

Byers: What did you find out?

Frohike: He's completely off grid. Makes his own electricity, no phones, whole lot of spanning.

Byers: He's coming out again.

Frohike: Is that what I think it is?

Byers: Oh god. [Walter Stukas hangs a bear skin over a line] Somebody ought to shoot and skin him.

Langly: Byers, man, I mean, the man's scum. But, come on, why are you taking this so personally?

Frohike: Are you okay, buddy?

Byers: I just want to put a stop to this. But if have to sit here until he decides to sell some more of him merchandise... Let's just hope Jimmy remembers something useful.

Langly: He better be killing himself trying.

[Jimmy is watching America's Most Wanted]

Announcer: [on television] America fights back. And now, John Walsh.

John Walsh: Tonight I need your help capturing one of the slipperiest killers we've ever come across. Richard Millikan is a doctor, an arthroscopic surgeon, but apparently he's forgotten his Hippocratic Oath. The one that says: do the patient no harm.

Jimmy: Whoa.

John Walsh: In one ten month period at one of Denver's busiest hospitals, Dr Millikan had four patients die on his operating table. Bad luck? Hardly. Turns out he was poisoning them.

Jimmy: Man. If you can't trust your doctor, who can you trust?

John Walsh: In the Fall of 1999, 56 year old Melvin Graydo, checked into Denver's Holy Cross Hospital to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery. Little did he know, he'd never be checking out.

Nurse Marilyn: Jimmy, I'm sorry.

Jimmy: Who is that?

Nurse Marilyn: That's Mr Dimsdale. I hate it when he's on my floor.

Jimmy: What? He's been here before?

Nurse Marilyn: Yeah, too many times. And he's always like this. I promise you, I never would have put him in your room if I had anywhere else to put him. So, I'm sorry, but he's in rather poor health, I don't want to get him riled up. Think you can try to ignore him... for me? Oh, oh, I got your supplies, everything you need. [She brings in a large cardboard box]

Jimmy: Oh man. Excellent! Nurse Marilyn, you're the best.

Nurse Marilyn: Thanks, but it's just Marilyn. So what are you going to do with all this stuff?

Jimmy: I can't remember what happened when I had my accident... and I really need to. So I figure if I can re-enact it, then I might remember what I forgot.

Nurse Marilyn: Re-enact?

Jimmy: Yeah. Like on America's Most Wanted, except without the actors. Instead I'll build a model that represents the scene of the crime, so to speak.

Nurse Marilyn: Wow. That's really interesting. [A buzzing has started] I have to go, but if you need anything, you just push my button. The button... [She holds up the call button] Button.

Nurse Marilyn: Good morning. So, how did you sleep?

Jimmy: Really good. This idea of going to the bathroom without getting out of bed, I really think that it's going to catch on in the civilian world.

Nurse Marilyn: Wow! I love your little man.

Jimmy: It's me. It's not quite to scale to the mountain, and I try to bend my knees more when I ski.

Nurse Marilyn: Well I think it's wonderful. In fact, I think you deserve a nice, warm sponge bath.

Jimmy: Oh, don't trouble yourself.

Nurse Marilyn: Nobody checked on you last night.

Jimmy: Uh uh.

Nurse Marilyn: I'm sorry. I know that they were dealing with a little situation.

Howard Dimsdale: A little situation. Ha! Thanks a laugh. Some shmuck died on Bromberg's operating table, that's your little situation.

Nurse Marilyn: Mr Dimsdale, please.

Howard Dimsdale: Tell me something, who dies during arthroscopic knee surgery?

Jimmy: Arthroscopic knee surgery? Dr Bromberg is an arthroscopic surgeon?

Howard Dimsdale: He worked on you, didn't he? What did you think he was? A vet?

Nurse Marilyn: You know something, I have a hunch that there is a big ice cream bar in the residents lounge with your name on it. I will be right back.

Jimmy: Yves.

Yves: I heard you were laid up. How are you feeling?

Jimmy: Busted my leg up pretty good. But the doctor says it will heal fine. Wait a minute, you came all the way out to Washington state just to check on me?

Yves: I was concerned about you.

Jimmy: No offence, but, since when? I always get the feeling that you think I'm kind of an idiot.

Howard Dimsdale: Gee lady, you too?

Jimmy: That's Mr Dimsdale, we're supposed to ignore him. [Nurse Marilyn enters the room]

Yves: Jimmy, I'm perplexed. Why do you think I don't like you?

Jimmy: Wow. Okay. I tell you, I usually have a great sense for when women dig me... [Nurse Marilyn pulls on the cable holding Jimmy's leg, Jimmy screams]

Nurse Marilyn: I'm sorry. [She leaves]

Yves: I had no idea you were so creative. What does this represent?

Jimmy: Well, basically it's to help me remember what happened on the day of my accident.

Yves: You don't remember?

Jimmy: I get flashes here and there. Like, I remember I had Pop Tarts in the morning, but I can't remember what kind.

Yves: Jimmy, all the best. Have a swift recovery. [She leaves and Nurse Marilyn returns]

Jimmy: Don't I get a kiss?

Nurse Marilyn: Time for your injection.

Jimmy: Wait, don't I get ice cream?

[Nurse Marilyn rolls Jimmy on his side and injects him, none too gently, Jimmy screams]

Byers: Guys, wake up. Frohike. Frohike.

Langly: Whoa. Why does he have a rifle.

Frohike: He can't know we're here, right?

[Shots sound close to the van, the Lone Gunmen dive out into the snow]

Frohike: Get off of me.

[They investigate the shots and find Walter Stukas shooting cans]

Frohike: He wasn't shooting at us.

Langly: Wow. Don't I feel lucky.

[A courier van pulls up outside the compound]

Frohike: What do you figure? Does Mr I-Hate-Civilisation have a penpal?

Byers: I'd certainly love to find out.

Enter Delivery Address:
Route 3 Union Trail, N. Diablo,
Washington, USA.
phone: (564) 555-0156
Shipping Address:
Shiny Health Medical Group
10131 Shaoguan Blvd.,
E, Shanghai, Shanghai, China.
phone: 086-21-5559192

Byers: Shiny Health Medical Group.

Langly: From Sha — Shang —

Frohike: Shanghai, China. I bet their motto is; A Grizzly gall bladder a day keeps the doctor away.

Byers: Those are our buyers all right. What would they be sending by overnight letter to our poacher?

Frohike: The location of their next meeting?

Byers: That's what I'm guessing. Which is why we've got to steal a look.

Langly: [answering phone] Yeah.

Jimmy: It's me. I'm on to something big.

Byers: You remember what happened?

Jimmy: No. How could I? I broke my diorama. Listen, guys, my doctor is a killer. He was on America's Most Wanted. He's got a different name and hair and all, but I think it's really him.

Byers: What proof do you have?

Jimmy: I got this. [He holds up a lollipop]

Byers: You're on the phone, Jimmy.

Jimmy: It's a sucker. The guy eats suckers. [Langly disconnects the call] Guys? I think we have a bad connection. Guys?

Jimmy: Mr Dimsdale, you can't go through with this operation.

Howard Dimsdale: Why not?

Jimmy: Because I have reason to suspect that that man is a murderer. There was a story on America's Most Wanted, a doctor, named Millikan from Denver. He poisoned four of his patients and then disappeared. I think that Bromberg may, in fact, be this Dr Millikan.

Howard Dimsdale: Just how hard did you fall out of bed?

Jimmy: Listen, they said that this Millikan has a sweet tooth. See. [Holding up lollipop] And that he probably changed his appearance. So, I snuck in and checked out his records. He's been here just under a year. That's fits perfect with when Millikan disappeared from Denver.

Howard Dimsdale: Okay, Dick Tracy. There's the phone, call the cops.

Jimmy: I still don't have any proof.

Byers: We have to get in there. We have to read that letter he received. That's our only hope.

Langly: Good luck. The guy doesn't wander 20 feet from the place.

Frohike: Maybe we should just pack it in for a while.

Byers: Go if you have to. I'm staying 'til I've got him dead to rights.

Langly: Byers, we want to get the guy too. But what is with you and this story? Why are you taking it so personally?

Byers: Do you remember Gentle Ben?

Frohike: The TV show?

Byers: I loved it as a kid. Gentle Ben had this huge furry neck. I couldn't even have gotten my arms around it. But I wished so badly I could hug him. I wished I could have had him as my pet. Then, when I was twelve years old, my family and I went camping. We saw a Grizzly for real.

Langly: Cool.

Byers: No. I was petrified. He was a rogue male. We watched him overturn a dumpster the size of a car.

Frohike: Not so gentle Ben.

Byers: He wouldn't leave, so the park rangers had to shoot him. And afterwards, I remember looking at him lying there and I realised, once he was gone there would be no more like him.

Frohike: Hey, I think I know something that'd get that joker out of his cabin.

Yves: Someone wants to murder him? Frankly I have no trouble believing that. But as for the rest of it, killer surgeons and so forth...

Jimmy: Yves, there's not a lot of time.

Yves: What do you want me to do?

Jimmy: Computers. Hack into the memory banks of the... you know. Do the thing with internet. Look up the file with the — on the computer, so that we can bust the guy.

Howard Dimsdale: You know, I can't set the clock on my VCR. Yet I'm fairly certain, what you just said is a whole bunch of crap. Why are you with him?

Yves: I'm not with him.

Howard Dimsdale: Well leave me out of your dementia. I want my new hip. [Nurse Marilyn opens the door]

Nurse Marilyn: Mr Dimsdale. You have a visitor, your son. Oh, just so you know, I'm changing next of kin on your form.

Mr Dimsdale's Son: Well, are you going to invite me in?

Howard Dimsdale: No. Go away.

Mr Dimsdale's Son: Come on, Pop.

Howard Dimsdale: Go away.

Yves: This is the man you want to help?

Jimmy: Richard Millikan. That's his real name. Not Bromberg, but Dr Richard Millikan. The Denver Doctor of Death. In disguise and murdering anew. [He grabs Dr Bromberg's wig and holds it aloft]

Dr Bromberg: Mr Bond.

Jimmy: Huh. Huh. Huh. And he's only been here a year, before that I couldn't find any record of him. And he likes suckers. And here's the woman with the proof. Go ahead, show him the proof. You mean you don't have any proof?

Dr Bromberg: I have Alopecia. I lost all the hair on my body. Last year I was doing volunteer surgical work in Africa. And yes, I do like suckers.

Jimmy: I'm going to — [He falls over, smashing the cast on his leg]

Dr Bromberg: Greg, I hope you didn't have any dinner plans.

Byers: This is the place, huh? The address Stukas received by overnight mail?

Frohike: I guess when you're selling gall bladders it's better than the Airport Hilton.

Byers: Big wide open space. Probably do their deal right in this area. We need to find the perfect vantage point to catch it all on film.

Frohike: Bingo. You sure you read that letter right.

Langly: I'm positive. The deal goes down here at six tonight.

Byers: Which gives us just about two hours before they show up.

Langly: Let's get to work.

Howard Dimsdale: Boy, did you make an arse of yourself.

Jimmy: I really don't want to talk about it.

Howard Dimsdale: Seriously, what got into you? Why do you care?

Jimmy: Why wouldn't I care? You're another human being. Oh sure, you're a complete jerk, but anybody can see what's wrong with you. You're scared.

Howard Dimsdale: You're crazy.

Jimmy: No, I got you pegged. All that griping to the doctors and nurses. You just want somebody to pay attention to you. You're scared of being alone. You know what's sad, is that's what you worry about and you've got a son.

Howard Dimsdale: Let me tell you about my son. You know what he does for a living? He's a stockbroker, a Wall Street tycoon.

Jimmy: Wow. Congratulations.

Howard Dimsdale: He's what's wrong with this country. He's a greed monger, sticking it to the little guy. What kind of self-respecting union man would even want to talk to a guy like that?

Jimmy: One who doesn't want to die alone.

[Yves is waiting for the lift when she catches an update on the America's Most Wanted story]

News Reader: [on television] After the story was featured of the television program America's Most Wanted Police received several tips, one of them has led authorities to re-examine this bizarre murder case. A mortuary worker, who saw the show, recognised Dr Millikan as a John Doe who was interred last Spring. Police now believe the missing surgeon was not the Doctor of Death. He was poisoned by the real killer using a common anaesthetic, Lydocaine. Police are now widening their search for this killer.

Walter Stukas: Who the hell are you?

Byers: I'm an investigative reporter. I'm here to put you out of business. I suppose there's no point in telling you that what you do is obscene... immoral. Just know you won't be doing it much longer.

Walter Stukas: You're right. I'm running out of Grizzlies. Who else is here? Are you alone?

Byers: No. The Police are outside. This whole building is wired for sound and we're being recorded.

Walter Stukas: He's alone. Say hello to the bears for me.

[Suddenly the place is swarming with armed Police]

Dr Bellucci: Hi. I'm Greg Bellucci. How are you doing? Anaesthetic kicking in? Feeling better than earlier I hope. You know, that was quite a story you told. But how are you now? Nice and dreamy? All's right with the world? Sucker.

Jimmy: Skiing. I'm skiing along. I skied into a tree. It was you. You were there. Hey guys, I remember now. The third skier was Yves. She was the one that met up with the poacher.

Byers: We know already, Jimmy. Thanks.

Frohike: She tipped off the RCMP. Turns out she had her own little sting going.

Langly: One that she could have told us about from the start. I nearly died of frostbite out there. What is it with you? Why don't you share?

Byers: Let's not forget she saved Jimmy's life.

Jimmy: You did?

Yves: You were right about the Denver Doctor of Death. You were just mistaken about which doctor it was.

Frohike: This Bellucci guy came here from Denver two months ago. That's been his MO all along.

Langly: Frame another doctor for the murders he commits, then kill that doctor, make him disappear once the heat is on.

Jimmy: Where is he now?

Byers: In custody. Facing murder charges in two states.

Jimmy: You saved my life. You like me. You really, really like me.

Howard Dimsdale: Go figure.

Mr Dimsdale's Son: Pop, you ready?

Howard Dimsdale: Take care of yourself, you big dope.