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The police think a young girl who claims she is being followed is crying wolf.

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Sergeant Watson: And you say the man wore a mask?

Susan: A ski mask, yes.

Sergeant Watson: And that it's happened before?

Susan: Every night for a week or more, if I've been getting back late, I've heard the footsteps.

Sergeant Watson: Just the footsteps?

Susan: Until tonight. Tonight, he called out my name. And then, by the lift, the man in the mask.

Sergeant Watson: Have you reported this before?

Susan: No.

Sergeant Watson: Why not?

Susan: How do you report hearing footsteps?

Sergeant Watson: You must have been frightened. People following you —

Susan: Contrary to what you're thinking, Sergeant, I don't frighten easily.

Sergeant Watson: I'm not thinking anything, Miss Grant.

Susan: Yes, you are. You're thinking that I'm some kind of attention-seeking hysteric who's making this up.

Sergeant Watson: These late nights — are you often out late?

Susan: No more than most people.

Sergeant Watson: And tonight? Where were you tonight?

Susan: At dinner with a friend.

Sergeant Watson: A man friend?

Susan: No, a woman friend. A colleague of mine.

Sergeant Watson: Do you have men friends?

Susan: Yes.

Sergeant Watson: Any man in particular?

Susan: Not at the moment.

Sergeant Watson: Well, I'll, I'll make a report, of course, but, uh —

Susan: But, uh, since I wasn't mugged, molested, or murdered, there's not much you can do about it, right?

Superintendent: So you thought she was crying wolf? Did she strike you as the nervous type?

Sergeant Watson: No, sir, not particularly. But there've been no other reports in that area. None of the other residents have seen anything. Nor any of the staff.

Superintendent: Well, leave it with me. Thank you, Sergeant.

Sergeant Watson: Sir.

Superintendent: Well, Major Cowley, I must say your interest intrigues me.

Cowley: I know what you're thinking, she comes from a family with money and influence. I happen to think she's not crying wolf.

Bodie: Nine W?

Doyle: Yeah, that's the answer. Now, you've got to think of a question that goes with the answer Nein, W.

Bodie: Go on, amaze me.

Doyle: [in German accent] Excuse me, Herr Wagner, do you spell your name with a V?

[Susan is backing into a parking space when Bodie rear ends her]

Susan: You could see that I was backing in. I was making all the right signals and —

Bodie: Sorry, it was my fault, okay?

Susan: You're admitting it?

Bodie: Yeah, well, what else can I do? I should be able to fix that for you no problem.

Susan: Really?

Bodie: Uhmm. And the space is yours.

Susan: Thank you.

Doyle: Yes, well, that's one way of making friends. She looks pretty self-assured for a neurotic.

Bodie: My charm overwhelmed her, you see.

Doyle: I see.