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Bodie and Doyle infiltrate an organisation that hires killers to assassinate prima facie nobodies.

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Minister: These cuts are mandatory.

Cowley: I thought you said proposed?

Minister: You must try to master Whitehall jargon. I expect your reports on how you plan to implement them within a week.

Dawson: Yes, Sir.

Minister: Cowley?

Cowley: I'll do my best.

Minister: Now, item two: security. After recent unfortunate events, I think the overall picture is satisfactory.

Cowley: I'm afraid I don't.

Minister: Really?

Cowley: We never seem to learn. Every few months, some new mole, some double agent, some new scandal is uncovered. The papers are full of it. And then the dust settles.

Minister: Go on.

Cowley: Then we go back to the same smug, complacent attitude I'm hearing here today. I'm sorry, Minister, I consider the security situation as far from satisfactory.

Dawson: And what do you propose we do about it?

Cowley: Why don't we purge our intelligence services clean once and for all?

Dawson: You're recommending a strong purgative for all of us, George, eh?

Cowley: Don't get clever with me, Dawson. I'm serious.

Dawson: Then I must take you seriously.

Minister: Extraordinary. Didn't even want a drink.

Dawson: Obviously a busy man.

Minister: So are we all. Frank opinion, Nigel. Off the record.

Dawson: Of what, Sir?

Minister: George Cowley.

Dawson: Well, he's impetuous, headstrong. He's a bit too independent. Too powerful. Not accountable enough to the right people.

Minister: Of course, he's highly thought of.

Dawson: Yes, I understand the PM looks on Cowley with favour.

Minister: He'd make a dangerous enemy.

Dawson: For you, Sir?

Minister: For either of us.

Minister: If I should cross swords with Cowley, for whatever reason —

Dawson: Do you think it could come to that?

Minister: It might. In such a confrontation, where will you stand, Nigel?

Dawson: You could rely on my discretion, and complete support, Sir.