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During a bombing investigation Doyle is shot and seems unable to decide whether to live or die.

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Bodie: Play around with bombs, you get blown up.

Doyle: Cynic.

Bodie: Pragmatist.

Doyle: I must look that up.

Cowley: [to Colonel Lin Foh] You want to kill each other, go home and do it. Not here.

Cowley: No vendettas, Bodie, no revenge. Whatever happens to Doyle, it was his job — comes with the job.

Bodie: Yeah — bein' a target for some maniac political assassin.

Bodie: He'll make it.

Cowley: Will he? Does he want to? How strong's his will?

Bodie: The strongest.

Cowley: I'm not so sure. He's an idealist — as much as anyone can be, given the job he does.

Bodie: Give Ray half a chance, he'd blame himself for the invention of gunpowder.

Cowley: Have you ever thought of getting out?

Bodie: Yeah — every time I take a physical. Still, what else would I do?

Cowley: What would you do?

Bodie: I haven't thought that far, Sir.