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A Lieutenant-Colonel has disappeared with vital NATO secrets.

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Doyle: Commissioned to the 16th Rifles. Saw action in Aden and the Far East. Oh, here we are: volunteered for the SAS; three tours of duty in Northern Ireland. Two commendations. He was captain at Staff College. G2 ops. Promoted to major, transferred to BAOR. Whew, he was a lieutenant colonel at thirty-seven. He's made Battalion Commander of the 31st Tank Regiment.

Bodie: Wasn't an outsider on the promotion stakes, was he?

Doyle: No, he's gone through these ranks like food through a goose.

Bodie: That's downwards.

Doyle: Horizontal.

Bodie: It's fast, anyway.

Doyle: That's fast.

Bodie: All right, let's get off the glittering career and get on with the juicy bits, then.

Doyle: What, psychiatric?

Bodie: Yeah.

Doyle: Okay, what heading do you want? Uh. Psychomorphological or psychopathological?

Bodie: Got anything on the girlfriend?