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A newly-released convict plans to make a fortune by holding a hospital's post-operative ward to ransom.

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Doyle: It must have been an inside job. An operation as smooth as that, they'd need help.

Bodie: Right.

Doyle: So, what do we do, just go through the list?

Bodie: You must be joking, there's about two thousand names here. That's excluding civvy staff, the training wing. About thirty thousand people must get through this place every year.

Doyle: Well, what've we got? A box of grenades, plus launchers —

Bodie: Hang on, got a list here somewhere. Yeah, a launcher, two SLRs, four pistols, one Stirling, uh, one general purpose machine-gun.

Doyle: How much ammo?

Bodie: A lot. You know, what mystifies me is how they didn't take more weapons. Size of the lorry they nicked. I mean, they left lots in the armoury, you know.

Doyle: Yeah, unless they were tooling up for one specific job.