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After a pusher murders a drug-addict, his hastily-discarded gun is found by a young boy. The pusher must get to the boy while being pursued by his own people.

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Inger: Hallo.

Doyle: Hallo.

Inger: I'm Inger. You're this one's partner, aren't you?

Doyle: Yeah.

Inger: I've heard about you.

Doyle: All bad, of course.

Bodie: Of course.

Inger: Paul stole the rest of my money. Needed a fix, I imagine.

Bodie: Yeah, well, stealing's a reflex with them, isn't it.

Doyle: If he wanted it that bad, how d'you know he wasn't spinning you a line about the shipment?

Inger: I got the impression that he'd become involved because of his dependency. He wanted me to try and help him kick the habit. Not sell the information or steal from me. He wouldn't have behaved as he did if he wasn't on the level, would he?

Doyle: You had much to do with addicts?

Inger: I'm a teacher, not a social worker.

Bodie: If he is on the level, when's the shipment due?

Inger: Friday.