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East European officials employ a hitman to eliminate a reporter who is about to publish a damning report on their new fighter plane said to be a potential death-trap.

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Doyle: Here. You're missing something.

[A blonde woman is putting a flyer into the Hopes' mailbox]

Bodie: Let's have a look. Whatever she's selling, we need it.

Doyle: She'd stiffen up your chewing gum for you, wouldn't she? Pound over penny, she's selling double-glazing.

Bodie: Nah, she's a twenty-four hour plumber, mate. They're the rage around here, you know.

Doyle: Hey, where's Cowley?

Bodie: He's gone to a funeral.

Doyle: Oh, another one?

Bodie: Yeah, that's what I said. We were not amused.