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When the son of a South American president is assassinated, CI5 move in to protect his daughter.

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Doyle: 4.5 to Base. Over.

Cowley: Doyle. Where are you?

Doyle: Watching cricket, Sir.

Cowley: Cricket? What the devil are you doing watching cricket?

Doyle: Well, it's quite a popular sport, Sir.

Cowley: I know that, Doyle. Where're you watching? And where is Bodie?

Doyle: Lockleys. Bodie's playing for his old mob. Hey, Bodie's just scored another four. It's against Met Police, Sir.

Cowley: Well, it's a pity you weren't watching polo. Francisco Cabreros, son of the President of San Ebress, has been assassinated on the field at Highley. I want you both out here. Fast.

Doyle: On our way. Out.