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An old colleague of Cowley's is arrested for being a double agent, which, in turn, implicates Cowley.

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Doyle: Rapworth, Sir.

Cowley: Rapworth?

Doyle: Uh-hm.

Bodie: Mr Manton wants you there right away, Sir.

Cowley: Och, what the Devil does he want? Tell him I'll come along right after the security meeting.

Doyle: Uh, no. Right away, Sir.

Bodie: Those are the orders, Sir.

Cowley: Orders? I give the orders around here.

Bodie: Yeah, well, this is above your head, Sir. The very top, actually.

Doyle: Got to take you in, Sir.

Cowley: You mean, you're arresting me?

Bodie: Well, we'd rather you looked upon it as a friendly escort, Sir.

Doyle: Yeah.

Cowley: Right. [He moves towards his car]

Doyle: Uh, no. Our car, Sir.