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When a CIA agent is murdered, CI5 attempt to set up a fake arms deal with the terrorists responsible. But the group uncover the ploy and take Bodie as a hostage.

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Cowley: Ah, doesn't tally. We've got an address for her, North 5.

Doyle: Yeah, it's probably a safe house. Bedsit. Pretty colourful area.

Cowley: Ah, stay on it. We're checking up on the other girl.

Bodie: She looks as mean as my bank manager. He's a Scot, you know.

Cowley: Ach, now, Bodie, I never thought you would have supported that popular misconception of the Scots. You couldn't find a more generous race.

Bodie: Really. So it's not true, then, Sir?

Cowley: Not a word of it.

Bodie: Yeah. Remember that, come Christmas.