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It seems that Cowley is lining his pockets by selling nerve gas to the East Germans.

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Dr Forbes: Well, you're in pretty good shape for a man of your age.

Cowley: Good to hear.

Dr Forbes: But it can't go on indefinitely.

Cowley: What can't?

Dr Forbes: The pace, the tension. Your way of life.

Cowley: But you're giving me a clean bill of health?

Dr Forbes: No.

Cowley: What?

Dr Forbes: Now, we've been all through this before, George.

Cowley: And I've taken your advice.

Dr Forbes: So you tell me. The facts speak for themselves.

Cowley: And what do they say?

Dr Forbes: For a man of a sedentary occupation, reasonable expectations. But we can use the word sedentary when referring to, say, a spider lying in wait for the prey to fall into the web. And that's the trouble, George. You've spent far too long a time coiled, ready to spring.

Cowley: Och, how do you teach an old dog new tricks, Jim?

Dr Forbes: You don't. The wise old dog lets the young pups do all the work.

Cowley: And the young pups become impatient. They want to be top dog.

[Plumb is playing a tape recorder]

Hahn: [to tape] Civil rights: what an emotional phrase.

Cowley: [to tape] But I am not an emotional man. So all that remains is for us to agree a price.

Bodie: Why us? You've got your own heavy brigade.

Plumb: Because you're part of his organisation. You are above suspicion. And, anyway, I have your orders, properly authenticated. Good day.

Bodie: You weren't a Boy Scout, were you?

Doyle: No, I took dancing lessons.

Bodie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's a pity; helps you to untie knots. I bet Cowley was a Boy Scout.

Doyle: Yeah.