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When a dummy run for the visit of a Middle Eastern official is found to have been filmed by a foreign student, CI5 suspect a security leak.

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Bodie: Do you feel a drip?

Doyle: [to Cowley] I think he means a leak.

Shelley: Not another one! I already have him.

Bodie: Yeah, he's Forensics. CID. I'm CI5.

Shelley: What's the difference?

Bodie: Well, he's a technician, I'm an intellectual.

Bodie: [to Cowley] How come the bionic golly gets all the best bits?

Cowley: You sure it's a boyfriend? There's a big difference.

Bodie: I know. I think I can remember.

Shelley: What are you majoring in, counter-insurgency?

Doyle: I used to be a Marine.

Shelley: Bet they were sorry when you left.

Cowley: You're a hard man, Bodie.

Bodie: Who do you think you recruited, a cream puff?

Shelley: The water heater was good.

Doyle: Yeah. So was the cabin service.