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The extradition of a spy to Britain is to be kept secret, but the Bulgarians who sent him seem to be doing everything to make his arrival public. When the man is murdered, CI5 suspect his daughter.

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Cowley: How is he?

Bodie: He's tired, old, and he's just been shot at.

Doyle: They shot at the car.

Bodie: And missed Batak by inches.

Doyle: Okay, the first one was on target. But the others, once you got out, were all over the place.

Bodie: Don't have to tell me; I felt them.

Doyle: And if a real professional had done that, he'd have stayed on target, wouldn't he, and sprayed the back of the car?

Bodie: Yeah. He'd also have chosen a better place.

Cowley: And the point is, whether or not it was a serious attempt to kill him, it was a successful attempt to get his name wired around the world.

Bodie: We're still denying it, aren't we?

Doyle: Until when?

Cowley: Now that the suspicion is out, hundreds of agents throughout the world are going to be in great danger.

Doyle: Until we confirm it, one way or another.

Bodie: So what are we waiting for?

Cowley: These are some of the returns we've had on some of Batak's answers. They don't all check out.

Anna: Are you another journalist, like him?

Bodie: He's a music reporter.

Anna: Oh. And what are you?

Bodie: Fashion. Haute couture.