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An old girlfriend of Bodie's unwittingly involves him in an assassination and he finds himself on the run from CI5.

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Doyle: Can't believe it. That guy's still on the phone. We're going to miss them.

[Bodie, engrossed in the newspaper, doesn't respond. Doyle sits down and pull out his radio]

Doyle: Give me some cover.

[Bodie holds up the newspaper to shield Doyle from the rest of the garden patrons]

Doyle: [into radio] 4.5.

Julia: Receiving you, 4.5.

Doyle: Hello, Julia, sweetheart. Listen, will you call this number for me? 903 8676.

Julia: 903 8676.

Doyle: That's right. Tell Christine to phone her friend and tell her that we'll meet them at Dino's Wine Bar, 7.30.

Julia: This is strictly against regulations.

Doyle: I'll make it up to you.

Julia: You're all mouth and trousers, 4.5.

Doyle: Careful, I'm licensed to thrill.

Julia: Ha ha. I'll call you back.

Doyle: Oh, hey, wait a minute. Listen, this message is for Christine. So, uh, if a fella answers the phone, you're a friend, okay?

Julia: I don't think I'd like her.

Doyle: You're right, you wouldn't like her at all. Bye bye.

[Doyle puts away the radio and looks at Bodie who is still staring at the open newspaper]

Doyle: Julia. Nice, eh?

[Bodie doesn't even glance his way. Doyle pulls down a corner of the paper to see what Bodie is reading]

Doyle: Hey, what is this? An up-market Page Three?

[The page has a large picture of Marikka in a t-shirt under the headline East German Star Visits London]

Doyle: All the nudes that's fit to print? All the nudes that's —

Bodie: [finally responding] Page Three?

Doyle: Forget it.

Cowley: Have you been seeing much of Bodie socially these days?

Doyle: Not my idea of a date.

Cowley: No. Is he still seeing that Welsh schoolteacher?

Doyle: What Welsh schoolteacher? Another half?

Cowley: I will. Bodie had a secret meeting with a suspected East German agent. Willis' man had the suspect under observation, that's how we know. I've seen the photographs.

Doyle: When was this meeting?

Cowley: Last night. Why? [Doyle shrugs] I want you to keep an eye on him.

Doyle: It'll be hard.

Cowley: It'll be harder. Willis has got him under total surveillance as well.

Doyle: Yeah, well, they're going to be watching him, aren't they, not me.

Cowley: Check in as from now on Alpha Charlie frequency. All communication from you will be recorded whether I'm speaking with you or not.

Doyle: When do I start?

Cowley: Immediately.

Doyle: Yeah, I'm going to need a photograph of this agent in case Bodie wants to contact him again.

Cowley: It's not a him. It's a her.

[Cowley hands Doyle a surveillance photo]

Doyle: Well, you've got to hand it to the lad. If he was going to the electric chair, he'd have Miss Universe pulling the switch.