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Bodie and Doyle are assigned to escort a foreign official during a secret visit to Britain, but enemy assassins seem to know his every move.

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Bodie: [to Charlie] Your name is Sam Houseman. You work for Escorts Unlimited. You love your job. [shows his own fake ID] Dave Bentley. Wait 'til you see his.

Doyle: [shows his ID] And Mark Layton.

Charlie: We don't have to use these names, do we?

Bodie: Yup.

Doyle: Only if we're tortured.

Charlie: Ah, well, that's all right, then. What is this job? This job I love?

Bodie: Well, this point here is C, and first we have to find A, and then B.

Charlie: Ah, A, B, C. Where is A?

Doyle: We don't know yet.

Bodie: But, you see, we're picking someone up. He's going to tell us.

Charlie: He wouldn't happen to be coming by boat, by any chance?

Doyle: He's wasted in this job.

Bodie: Well, he hasn't discovered vodka, has he?

Charlie: Look, this geezer we're picking up. Who is he?

Doyle: We don't —

Charlie: We don't know.