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A returning British traitor must be found before his vengeful old colleagues kill him.

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Doyle: I wonder just how good they were.

Bodie: Who?

Doyle: The old brigade. The spies that came in from the cold — Brigadier Stadden's mob.

Bodie: It's all dark corners, back alleys, grey dust.

Doyle: Cowley reckons they were good. He was just starting, then.

Bodie: Never send a boy on a man's errand. They'll pinch his bike. George Cowley, Words of Wisdom, Chapter One. You know, Cowley came in just after Darby went missing, which means Darby pinched his bike.

Doyle: Yeah, well, I wish Cowley had stayed right where he was. He knows this general surveillance gets right up my nose.

Bodie: Ah, relax.

Doyle: What, lift my mind onto a higher transcendental plane?

Bodie: Yeah. Like who won the two-thirty at Haydock.