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An Israeli minister is kidnapped and CI5's only clue to his whereabouts is a poorly shot photograph.

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[Doyle tries to get Ruth to go out him]

Ruth: You're as bad as Bodie.

Doyle: Oh, no one's as bad as Bodie!

Bodie: I'm gonna pack this job in.

Doyle: And do what?

Bodie: Live off some rich woman.

Doyle: Oh, they can be very demanding.

Bodie: How do you know?

Doyle: I've tried it. Very boring, very repetitive.

Bodie: Repetitive?

Doyle: Yeah.

Bodie: You little devil.

Cowley: There's something waiting for us in a telephone box.

Minister: I don't like the sound of that something.

Bodie: Half an ear, perhaps? [Doyle laughs]

Cowley: There are times, Bodie, when I find your ribaldry quite distasteful.