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After a suspect being held by CI5 is killed apparently by Doyle, a public enquiry is ordered and an influential lawyer calls for CI5 to be disbanded. Cowley has a tough fight on his hands to save the organisation.

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Geraldine Mather: William Andrew Philip Bodie...

Bodie: Yeah. All the princes. I was such a regal looking baby.

Geraldine Mather: You left school at fourteen?

Bodie: Yeah, there was nothing more they could teach me.

Judge Hall: Just answer the questions, Mister Bodie.

Bodie: Yes, sir. Sorry, I'm just naturally jocular, it's my Liverpool-Irish background.

Geraldine Mather: Your chief talent is dealing with death, violence, mayhem. How many men have you killed, Mister Bodie?

Bodie: I can't remember.

Geraldine Mather: You can't remember?

Bodie: If you throw a grenade into the bush how do you know how many guys you kill? In the jungle.. .

Geraldine Mather: The jungle! Yes, I think that's where you belong!

Cowley: I founded this organisation. But I didn't — you did, society did... I wish to God you would make my job and my organisation redundant. I wish you would make the streets clean again. I wish you would give every man the right to be and to feel safe again. But that's not to be, not yet. Until then you need us. Like it or not you need CI5.

Cowley: One man died and you want to close down the whole hospital... because that's what we are: the surgeons. A messy and sometimes bloody job and, yes, the knives are sharp. We have to operate quickly — and even clumsily on occasion — to cut out the disease. The disease hurts but so does the surgeon's knife! Which would you prefer?