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A new high-technology rifle is being tested by Doyle. But the weapon is stolen and tested on him.

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[Bodie aims laser sight at Cowley, then hears someone approach and swings around with the 180° braced and a ferocious pout on his face]

Ruth: [exasperated] Haven't you boys got something better to do?

Doyle: [to Kathie Mason] That's Bodie. We're giving him a lift.

Bodie: Oh, only if you're going my way, yeah.

Bodie: I always wanted to be a racing driver! [As the Porsche drives past them]

Kathie Mason: Are you two always like this?

[Bodie's date has passed out on the table]

Doyle: I think she wants to go home to bed.

Bodie: I should be so lucky.

[Doyle's car has just blown up]

Bodie: Can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?

Doyle: Somebody just tried to kill me!

Bodie: Oh, yeah? I thought they hated the car.

Cowley: I want that gun back. I don't care what you have to do to get it. And if you could avoid getting yourselves killed I'd be grateful.

Doyle: So would we.

Cowley: Replacements can be very expensive.

Kathie Mason: Your friend has a sense of humour. [The gunman]

Doyle: Yeah, we nearly died laughing.

[In Cowley's office, late at night]

Ruth: Will Doyle be all right?

Cowley: He'd better be, he's had fair warning.

Ruth: Back another year?

Cowley: Back another year.

Martell: Amazing to think the Vikings used to sail up here a few hundred years ago. Raid our cities...

Doyle: Rob all the women, rape all the men.

Martell: If you like that sort of thing.

Bodie: Yeah, well, watch your back.

Doyle: You watch it!

Cowley: [to Doyle] We'll just have to jog your memory.

Bodie: While you've still got one left to jog.

Bodie: You'd better tell me, my lovely, because if anything happens to Ray I'm gonna find your sadistic boyfriend —

Kathie Mason: Husband.

Bodie: Husband — and kill him. Very slowly. And then to save you the pleasure of spending the rest of your miserable life in jail, I'm gonna do the same for you. Great joy.

Kathie Mason: Did you hear that, Mister Cowley?

Cowley: I never heard a word, Miss Mason. Not a single word.

Bodie: His eyesight's not very good either.