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The murder of a CI5 agent leads to the discovery of a man dying from plutonium poisoning.

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[Arriving at the scene of Fraser's death]

Bodie: Had a drink with him just two nights ago. He had a premonition, you know.

Doyle: Oh, yeah? What about?

Bodie: What do you think? That he was gonna die.

Doyle: That's the safest prediction I've heard in a long time — hope you didn't take any bets on it.

Bodie: [turning away] You know what I mean.

Doyle: [looking after Bodie] Yeah, I know what you mean.

Cowley: Get over there, the pair of you, and stake it out. [The bowling alley]

Bodie: What do we look for?

Cowley: Well, don't ask me, Bodie! That's your job, what you're paid for. Sniff hard, be alert, anything unusual...

Doyle: Yes, sir, we understand, sir.

Cowley: I should hope you do.

Bodie: Stake out. [Cowley glares at him] Running all the way, sir!

Bodie: Okay, where do we start?

Doyle: Start?

Bodie: Hmm.

Doyle: Start what?

Bodie: Dunno.

Doyle: How many stake outs you been on, Bodie?

Bodie: Uh, not many.

Doyle: Yeah, you're lucky.

Bodie: 'n' they were just lookin' at houses.

Doyle: Yeah, well, you just look, listen, 'n' observe.

Bodie: Wha —? Do nothing, you mean?

Doyle: What d'you want to do? Announce we're on a stake out? Maybe we should just yell out, anybody want to confess?

[Doyle suggests that they bowl seeing as they're staking out a bowling alley]

Bodie: Money?

Doyle: You played much?

Bodie: You?

Doyle: I asked first.

Bodie: Okay, loser buys drinks.

Doyle: You haven't played.

Bodie: How do you know?

Doyle: 'Cause if you had, you'd've wanted larger stakes.

Blonde Drug Addict: Got the time?

Bodie: Yeah, if you've got the inclination.

Doyle: How do you score? [Looking at bowling card]

Bodie: I just get lucky, I guess. [Looking at pretty girl]

Bodie: Stake outs are a waste of time.

Doyle: Yeah, well, nine out of ten of them are. Still, look at the bright side.

Bodie: What's that?

Doyle: I'm winning.

Doyle: Tell you what, Benny. Stay here.

Benny: Yeah.

Bodie: And if you're very good, we'll send a lemonade out.

Bodie: You know, I should go to work there.

Doyle: That's not what we're here for.

Bodie: Could be exactly what we're here for.

Doyle: Yeah, all right, go on. Chat her up.

Bodie: That's a very coarse way of putting it.

Doyle: Oh, you mean there's another way?

Bodie: Yes. I prefer interrogation, investigation — on account of the fact that I'm very conscientious about my work. Cheerio.

[Bodie holds Doyle down bodily after he was hit by Martin Taylor]

Bodie: [to Taylor] Terribly sorry! He's terribly sorry. He drinks a lot, you know. I'm trying to sober him up. Carry on with the game.

Doyle: What're you doing?!

Bodie: What are you doing?

Doyle: I'm going to kill him!

Bodie: [rhetorically] He's going to kill him. [to Taylor and Black] He's not well.

Doyle: I got a strike.

Bodie: [to an interested woman bowler from the adjacent lane] He'll be all right in a minute, thank you.

Doyle: All ten pins!

Bodie: Yeah, you have a ten pin strike. And blow your cover, don't you? Eh? Little David like you, smashing a Goliath into a jigsaw puzzle. How'd that look?

Doyle: Very good just now.

Bodie: Well, on stake outs, Raymond, you are a seven stone weakling and let people kick sand in your face. [Doyle shrugs and throws up his hands] Eh?

Doyle: [grudgingly] I'm a seven stone weakling.

Bodie: Hey! Why don't we just, uh... run everybody in?

Doyle: And give Cowley a late night questioning them all?

Bodie: Yeah, that's right. We could go home.

Doyle: Where's Cowley?

Sarah: He's out. Chasing atom bombs.

Doyle: Oh.

Cowley: Well... I always say an organisation is only as good as the man at the top. And you two, you're both damned good. Very damned good.