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The daughter of a man Doyle put in prison claims to have new evidence to exonerate her father. Doyle agrees to re-open the case, but is his burgeoning relationship with the girl clouding his judgement...?

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Bodie: Have I ever let you down?

Doyle: Yes, you have, as a matter of fact... Now, listen, this bird... she's not that gymnast is she, the big one? I don't want that any more. I've had enough of that.

Bodie: Yeah, well, never mind that.

Doyle: No, this is on me.

Bodie: You paid last week.

Doyle: Well, then you pay.

Doyle's Girlfriend: Will you two stop arguing?

Doyle: Well, you pay, then. That's settled, then. She's gonna pay. That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Bodie: Look, I don't know what this is about, but to hold a grudge —

Doyle: He killed my partner. Syd Parker. A good copper and a good friend. Bill Haydon stuck a bullet right through the middle of him. Now tell me, Bodie, how would you feel about that?

Bodie: I don't know.

Doyle: Sorry, mate.

Bodie: That's okay.

Bodie: You're pleased with yourself, aren't you? Yeah, of course you are — regular bloody Sherlock Holmes.

Doyle: Yeah, all right, don't hang about — put your foot down — Watson.

Doyle: I never knew you were such an outdoor type. I mean, fishing and Bodie. They don't exactly go together, do they? You know what I mean?

Bodie: That's very wounding. I'm a deeply sensitive man with an enduring interest in the countryside. Besides, there's a pub down the road with two beautiful barmaids.

Doyle: Oh, that kind of fishing.