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The confession of a dying man re-opens a twenty year old police corruption case in which the main prosecution witness was murdered by the police officers supposedly protecting her. Somebody then sets about silencing the officers.

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Bodie: You have to spend a whole year in CI5 before you get to call Mister Cowley The Cow.

Doyle: And even then, not um... well, not actually in the building.

[Bodie and Doyle are teasing new agent Tony Miller]

Doyle: He's [Cowley] got ears like a hawk.

Bodie: Eyes.

Doyle: What?

Bodie: Hawks have eyes.

Doyle: Yeah, well, this is true, but they also have very good ears. I mean, did you ever see a hawk wearing a deaf aid?

Bodie: That's ridiculous.

Doyle: That's ridiculous, but it's true.

Bodie: Would you push a girl out of a window for two million?

Doyle: Is that a definite offer?

Neil Turvey: CI5 — sort of police.

Bodie: Not even close. Police can be corruptible.

[Discussing Neil Turvey's sudden forgetfulness]

Doyle: He's forgotten.

Bodie: Amnesia.

Doyle: Convenient — amnesia.

Bodie: You know, that's sometimes brought on by a blow on the head.

Doyle: And sometimes miraculously restored the same way.

Doyle: Rotten. Depraved. Influenced by bribery. That's corruption. I was looking it up in the dictionary. I could go on — to infect, to taint, to destroy purity —

Bodie: You should have asked me. My definition's much simpler. Corruption? That's where the worms are.

Lord Derrington: My irreverence shocks you?

Cowley: Oh, nothing shocks me.

Neil Turvey: You must be mad!

Bodie: You have to be mad in this job or you go insane.

Neil Turvey: What kind of men are you?

Doyle: The kind of men who catch your kind of men.

Filing Clerk: That's funny.

Bodie: Careful. You might break a rib laughing.