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An injured Bodie captures the leader of a terrorist group but finds himself and his girlfriend trapped by the rest of the gang and unable to alert his colleagues.

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Julia: How's the hand?

Bodie: Terrible. But the eyes are having a great time.

Franz Myer: You English are all insane.

Cowley: Could they travel twenty miles? [Wondering how far away Bodie could have gotten]

Doyle: Thirty the way Bodie drives.

Cowley: You've never told me about Bodie. I made you a team, what, two years ago?

Doyle: Two years and three months.

Cowley: That's long enough.

Doyle: Long enough for what?

Cowley: For him to get up your nose. Irritate you.

Doyle: Oh, he does that all right. Every day he does that.

Cowley: Chalk and cheese, eh?

Doyle: Yeah.

Cowley: Ah, it's worked well, though.

Doyle: Yeah, I've watched his back, he's watched mine, we're both still alive. At least, this morning we were both still alive.

Cowley: Aye. Bodie gets up my nose, too, and so do you. But I want you both to stay alive.

[Julia asks Bodie asked why he should go on risking their lives]

Bodie: I don't know why. Because I hate his kind. Because I hate to lose. I don't know why... Because I say so.

Julia: And what you say goes?

Bodie: Yeah. So long as I'm holding this gun.

Julia: Ironic, isn't it? Here we are, waiting to die because you, Bodie, don't like to lose.

Bodie: I'm doing this to protect you, people like you.

Julia: You live by violence — just like Myer.

Bodie: Yes, well, you fight fire with fire in this job.. .

Julia: And now we're all going to die violently. You're crazy! Crazy!

Bodie: [to Myer] Not so very different, hey? She isn't even on the same planet as you.

Cowley: You did very well, Bodie.

Bodie: Thank you, Sir.

Cowley: But the damage to the side window of my car, that will have to be deducted, of course.

Bodie: Of course, Sir.

Cowley: From my pay. [Doyle grins] Doyle, you are grinning?

Doyle: No, it's just a nervous tic, Sir.